Galaxy Strike Force: Squadron (Galaxy Shooter)

Galaxy Strike Force: Squadron (Galaxy Shooter) APK

com.galaxystrikeforce.airfighter.spacefighter - Galaxy Strike Force: Squadron (Galaxy Shooter)

Air fighter jet shooting combat games on mobile devices are now the majority of young love. Images of space fighter pilot games are designed in a unique style. With the combined power of spaceship shooting game classic resistance technology the latest smartphones. Experience aerial shot extreme air force fighter plane games and rules with new interactive play high.

Galaxy Strike Force in 2017 the latest engine added a gorgeous graphics. Squadron strike force controller super intuitive touch screen and powerful upgrade system will make you fascinated. Can sit fired fleet spaceship battle games free for hours.

The battle space agencies and many wars take place weekly with new levels while you're fighting with galaxy war battle space games free. Best fighter games air battles currently attracting more people to actively play with collections fighters ... The same series of victories will make both regular players and professional players must waiting while you are upgrading your ship and give customs more deeply into the battlefield on space galaxy fighter games.

Highlight of Air Combat Sky Fighter:

- Do you immerse in the vivid images with the level tasks to complete?
- Many of the commanders fight extreme with the legendary strategy game engine
- Upgrade shields, guns, missiles, bullets lasers, super bombs galaxy on fire alliances
- Many fierce battle scenes in air jet fighter
- Improve your scores with shooting plane
- Beautiful graphics
- Hundreds of a jet plane shooting games screen is updated continuously
- Especially when the network lost power, you can still have fun with the spaceship battle offline
- All free

Are you ready for the fight of his life with air force jet fighter free games 2017 - legendary game best fleet today yet? Quickly download fighter plane shooting games to mobile phone anti-aircraft to explore the adventurous performances, yet beautiful graphics!

Strike Force - Arcade shooter - Shoot 'em up

Strike Force - Arcade shooter - Shoot 'em up APK - Strike Force - Arcade shooter - Shoot 'em up

Alien Attack is coming. Reload your spaceship cannon and surprise the enemies with a destructive missile. Use your skills and agility to fly through the deadly enemy territory, defeat all the alien shooter and rescue your falcon squad

Are you ready to gather your sky strike force to kill all the alien invaders and protect the sky? - Become the greatest Captain of the Galaxy now!


►CLASSIC SPACE SHOOTER GAMES : Top-down perspective, old school graphic, 1942 game and superb gameplay mechanics.

►VARIOUS CANNON EFFECTS: Upgrade your aircrafts, devices,and equipments to become the strongest sky strike force.

►CHALLENGING PvP: Defeat your opponents to become a space shooter champion !

►HD GRAPHICS: Beautiful maps levels with immersive missions to complete.

► ADDITIONAL MODES: Easy, Normal, Heroic. Accessible to beginners, as well as shooter games addicts.

If you are a fan of the Space Shooter, Falcon Squad, Galaga games genre, you should not miss this title!

Welcome to space games: Strike Force - Arcade shooter - Shoot 'em up

Strike Back: Elite Force - FPS

Strike Back: Elite Force - FPS APK

com.brayang.rescusestrikeback - Strike Back: Elite Force - FPS

Welcome to the #1 FPS Experience for mobiles and tablets!

Let’s go ! Prepare yourself with deadly sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine guns and state-of-the-art military gears to join the dire battlefield to save the world.


Be a brave soldier on the battlefield, strikes back the huge creatures in the sky, mutated spiders emerge from the ground or the deadly machines can destroy everything in the combat zone.
Or you can become a silent killer moving through darkness, finding the best vantage points and take the all-important Kill Shot !
Maybe you are the frontline commando or the professional sniper who can carry out impossible missions ? Whoever you are, hear the call of duty in your heart from battlefield

In STRIKE BACK you must face:
- Assault: Basic enemy, use assault rifle.
- Machine: heavy-armed enemy, can throw Grenade and has more HP.
- Sniper: armed with sniper rifles, this enemy attacks from far away and high above, along with RPG skill, they are real kill shot.
- Healer: utilizes shotgun for melee attack, also uses HP-healing skill for themselves and their partners.
- Drone: flying robot, they can freely attack you from above, with super fast machine guns.
- Canon: Automatic machine-gun robots.
- Crab: deadly bomb-carrying creature, prone to destroying themselves and enemies with self-destruct attack.
You will fight many bosses in the war zone. They all make a crisis invasion. Your duty is brave

After accomplishing missions, you will rescue, recruit partners to the team and cooperate with them in future missions. Each squad member has specific position and skill, and they are your effective sidekicks at each battleground against this crisis invasion.
- Soldier Hank: a commando, specializes in assault rifles and an expert in grenade (grenade-throwing skill).
- Soldier Jimmy: a commando, uses machine guns, also an expert in healing ( Skill : Heal HP for all team members)
- Soldier Lena: a commando, use sniper rifle, an expert in RPG, our kill shot (a powerful skill, able to attack ground and air targets)
Build powerful alliance, an elite force, Compete for high scores on your own or with Alliance against opposing Alliances in the modern combat, Your duty is believed to go to the war zone

The specific weapon of the army for modern combat
In STRIKE BACK you can equip weapons and support items:
- Take to the frontline with Sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine guns and secret weapons for kill shot, just for elite force.
- Support items like grenades, RPG, medkit
- Besides, if you are an expert in assassination, equip a Ghost Gun, a weapon that causes fear in every battlefield
- If you like to break out the dead of frontline, here comes the machine gun , a weapon of choice in the frontline.
Arm yourself with the best weapon to fight against this crisis invasion, Your duty is ready.

The government has made a big mistake when they desired to raise the combat capability of the army. They strengthened their soldiers by newly discovered creature from Mars. Things got out of hand at restricted area 47 when this creature had seized control of the strengthened army. That become a real crisis invasion. Let’s join Jones to combat the enemy, doing the impossible missions to stem the tide.

Take the fight to the battlefield and save the world with Strike Back: Elite Force!

Got any questions? Contact us at

MARVEL Strike Force

MARVEL Strike Force APK

com.foxnextgames.m3 - MARVEL Strike Force

In MARVEL Strike Force, ready for battle alongside allies and arch-rivals in this action-packed, visually-stunning free-to-play game for your phone or tablet. An assault on Earth has begun and Super Heroes and Super Villains are working together to defend it! Lead the charge by assembling your ultimate squad, including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Loki, Venom, Elektra, Captain America and Iron Man, as you enter strategic combat against an all-new enemy threat. It’s time to fight! Gather your squad and prepare for the battle to save Earth!

Recruit your strike force and form a squad of powerful MARVEL Super Heroes and Super Villains like Iron Man, Captain America, Loki, Elektra, Dr. Strange, Venom and more.

Outfit and upgrade your Super Heroes and Super Villains to become stronger than ever before.

Who you bring to the fight matters. Pair up specific Super Heroes and Super Villains to perform combo moves to take out enemies. Expert in-fight tactics in 5v5 battles give you the power to vanquish the greatest villains of the Marvel Universe.

Experience groundbreaking gameplay cinematics, as your heroes unleash dynamic chain combos with a single tap.

Play one of the most visually stunning mobile game experiences that has ever been released. Your Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains look as close to life-like as possible on your phone!

By downloading this app, you agree to our privacy policy and terms of use, available at and

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Eliminate Terror Attack Waves 3D

Eliminate Terror Attack Waves 3D APK

com.creatic.eliminateterrorattackwaves3d - Eliminate Terror Attack Waves 3D

Eliminate Terror Attack Waves 3D Game in 2018, welcome to Eliminate Terror Attack Waves 3D mobile game and combat skills game. The city is facing terrorist threats the delta anti terror strike force deployed for counter terrorism. You are a trained anti terror SWAT Special counter terror force agent, your job is to Capture the suspects by a counter terrorist skills strategy attack right now. A highly trained sniper fury commando will plot the anti-terrorist operation. In Eliminate Terror Attack Waves is a counter terrorist strike FPS shooting game in which a commando shoot terrorists it is a top free games in 3D. The game is about counter terrorist missions, counter anti terror strike on enemies to destroy enemies and Capture all terrorist through counter attack with rapid raid redemption, hand grenades and other weapons. As a SWAT commando, Army skilled agent with a soldier support in combat anti strike action against terrorist during the anti-terrorist operation, your job is to protect the city, and counter the terrorist attacks.

Eliminate Terror Attack Waves & counter terrorist missions in counter terror cases an anti terror operations. Go eliminate terror game and counter terrorist plan to eliminate enemy. Eliminate Terror Attack Waves war shooting along counter sniper shooter team to end terrorism with Soldiers team. Counter terror 3d shooting and fps shooter game is fun shooter to destroy rebel camps with swat force strike on global counter attack. Fittest army action and army soldier terrorist action games 2018 .Commando counter terrorist attack eliminate the terrorist in this sniper arena in the battlefield army with commando group Eliminate your enemy, do not let them Escape. Hit them with gun bullets like hit-men. Take action with army training games, Exterminate shot bravo shooting man. Ranger bots ready to fights among you. Earn Cash and buy news ranger, collect life powers, collects new weapons during war, fight along modern war bots, build modern army for next mission.

Eliminate Terror Attack Waves and survival games, forces of evil are fighting with armed soldier in modern warfare in Eliminate Terror Attack Waves army 3d Game. Counter attack like action hero. Eliminate terror beast taking furious shots, its modern war fare. You are a secret agent, Execute enemies by counter terrorist strategy. Show your Eliminate Terror Attack Waves skills learn in the anti terror force training, be a brave soldier fight for your country like super shadow hero.

Game Features:
Realistic 3D simulation and challenging missions to accomplish
Realistic action environment
Enemies extermination
Addictive game play and environment

Real Modern Air Warfare 3D Tank Jet Fighter Strike

Real Modern Air Warfare 3D Tank Jet Fighter Strike APK

com.real.modern.air.warfare.jet.tank.fighter.strike - Real Modern Air Warfare 3D Tank Jet Fighter Strike

Real Modern Air Warfare 3D Tank Jet Fighter Strike - Aces PvP Skies Warfare transfers you to the world of modern ace war planes and supersonic jet fighters. Join forces with millions of aces from around the world in ultimate online PvP plane combat for air domination. Military aeronautics at it’s finest on a huge variety of aircrafts and ace planes.

Real Modern Air Warfare 3D Tank Jet Fighter Strike - Aces PvP Skies Warfare is absolutely FREE to download!

You will fight on all the best jet planes and aircraft interceptors of modern generation, as well as war prototypes of leading air forces. The best flying wargame presents you a jet fighter simulator filled with lit action. Take-off from aircraft carrier to meet your force squadron and engage in dogfights team PvP and solo PvP. Our wargame jet simulator features PvP modes, solo campaign with different missions, HQ raid and survival. A war thunder is roaring, spread your wings, commander!

The wargame is one of the best shooting action simulators of 2019!

Real Modern Air Warfare 3D Tank Jet Fighter Strike - Features:
Stunning Graphics: - Magnificent graphics, as in PC wargames on steam: fully-featured 3d realistic models of military force jet airplanes

Online PvP: - Online wargame and fights against ace pilots from all around the world: US, UK, Germany, Russia, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan and many others

Tons of jets and warplanes: - More than 25 types of combat aircrafts: real-world planes used in real force operations and 3 prototypes of the 6th generation capable of almost star spacecraft aerobatics (like x-wing and tie-fighter): Falcon, Raptor, SU, Mig, Raven, Blackbird, Nighthawk and many more

Military jet sky combat: - Each plane with unique characteristics and capabilities has its own secondary weapon

Equip your plane: - More than 30 various arsenal, from rockets, missiles, to machine guns and heat flares

Upgrade your combat jets: - Improve your plane armor, speed, damage, reload time and other features with epic upgrade system. Become the ace with the best combat jet!

Aircraft combats as you like: - Both Online and Offline wargame modes: Solo Campaign, HQ raid, Survival, battles with enemies on the ground, in the water and in the sky

Amazing battlefields: - Stunning locations: mountains, hot deserts and ice wastelands filled with aircrafts, supersonic jet fighters and crossfire of missiles and bullets

Daily bonuses, achievements and non-stop play: -Shoot modern jets as long as you wish, as wargame doesn’t have energy! Login daily to receive epic bonuses to expand and improve your hangar of combat jets. Variety of achievements with cool combat rewards.

Easy controls: - Full combat jet control: in simulator you can control the speed, missiles, guns, heat flares. Perform landings and take-off from aircraft carrier, become a wargame ace!

Online PvP ranking: - Battle ranks: from a rookie dogfighter to a general of military Air Force. Think strategically and equip your plane with the best combat weapon: tactical atomic missiles, swarm missiles, guiding rockets and much more

Customization: - Customize warplanes: more than 26 camo suitable for any wargame mode and map: snow, pixel or bright as explosion

Action with friends: - Non-stop action: select a deathmatch or team battle, go for a solo operation or create your own wargame to ally and battle with friends! A great aircraft combat wargame if you like shooters, speed or wargames!

From the time of cold war and pearl harbor all nations improve their Air Forces: modern warplanes are the war machines on any battlefield! Take control of fast and deadly aircraft to destroy opponents in a direct warfare combat! Be like a thunder in a war with rival aces, it’s time for blitzkrieg!

Next-level airplane wargame combat shooter. Regular updates and new elements are waiting for you in online PvP wargame of 2019. We love hearing from you! Keep sending us feedback for awesome mobile gaming experience.

Secret Agent Counter Terrorist - Spy Game

Secret Agent Counter Terrorist - Spy Game APK

com.brilliantgamez.secret.agent.stealth.mission - Secret Agent Counter Terrorist - Spy Game

Step into Secret Mission with US Army Commando Girl

Welcome to US army secret agent's world game Secret Agent Counter Terrorist - Special Force where spies operate under the radar of warfare group in new games 2019 and complete spy stealth challenge of spy games & critical strike missions with some US army sniper shooting and military shooter skills, moving to locations around the world to complete superhero army rescue strike missions in one of the best army fighting games. Agent Maya you have been recruited to be a elite agent of spy agent stealth games and military shooter by US army secret service agency to ensure the border security of your nation. Be US Army frontline commando of army game & spy control unit and operate under the radar, complete secret agent frontline missions, hit harder or get arrested in challenging superhero ranger super hero game. Train yourself as army ranger superhero spy games & and survival escape for rescue missions, exhibit quickly move and sneak skills to destroy counter terrorist unit base. Plant the bomb and move from Shadow to Shadow to strike terrorist unit with deadly force. Be a us army superhero and complete the spy agent stealth games and rescue missions as a us army hero, think yourself as a war shooter as kill strike of us army games in this superhero war and army shooting games 2019 in battle arena with commando girl.

Battle Arena of Pacific Battle
Become a superhero war agent with army sniper & war shooter skills in spy games and remain out of sight from enemy games and cams in spy Stealth game. In secret army game the enemies are planning for something big, you will be our undercover superhero secret agent to execute them by destroying their base with their deadly weapons with some critical strike. Us army Training special missions over now show elite spy game and join US army squad to stop them from extreme crime. Save fellow spies from getting dishonored by nation. The intelligence office want you to kill all possible threat with zero civilian casualty by all means necessary. Now you are A US army superhero to complete different special missions by destroying different extreme crime targets like enemy helicopter, trucks, buildings and their command center and to be trained for survival escape missions. US Army war Rescue missions are depending on you. Without a super hero, it’s almost impossible for them to perform the critical strike operation in this superhero war game.

Real Battleground of US Army Secret Mission
As professional us army superhero power ranger spy trained get ready to execute dangerous operations in enemy base, keep absolute silence anyone sees you the alarm will blow and special missions get failed. You are not any flying superhero so you have to complete army game missions on the ground level. It’s an impossible mission but the secret service agency want to complete this us army mission by the best secret agent superhero spy in this stealth mission action game. For sure! You haven’t seen such delightful challenges even in secret agent rescue games 2019 or superhero game. So let the excitement of spy games 2019 and superhero game begin by downloading SECRET AGENT STEALTH MISSION and retaliate by destroying the enemy base and shadow survival rescue missions.

Secret Agent Counter Terrorist - Special Force Game Features:

* Amazing gameplay army game for a real spy who love to play secret agent 3D rescue missions games.
* Realistic 3D Graphics to show the real life of secret agent spy games.
* Sneak your way through the levels, in different stealth game missions. And stay out from watch guards eye.
* Be a Swat Spy with a task to destroy all the targets with c4 explosives
* Modern battle field envoirment in this US army fighting games
* Be the best us army SuperHero Secret Agent in this critical strike

Army Men Strike

Army Men Strike APK

com.hts.ams - Army Men Strike

Play like a kid, fight like a man!

Army Men Strike is the strategy game that puts you in command of a miniature green army. Take toy soldiers through tower defense battles in your house, using real time strategy and tactics to win the little World War.

Time can change many things, but not your childhood. Travel back to your youth, gather your green army men and continue your unfinished adventure in this real time strategy game!

Lead your green army soldiers, remote-control planes, rubber ducks, transformers and many other toys in RTS combat. Defend your bedroom, hallway, living room and backyard against the invasion of the Evil Legion and put your strategy to the test! 

Experience a great war game, combining real-time strategy, tower defense, resource control and simulation gaming into a single mobile experience! Recruit your toy soldiers, build fortifications and compete for territory and glory.

Your green army is waiting for you. It’s time to lead them to toy glory!


Toy Tower Defense

• Wage miniature RTS war in your home – every piece of houseware has a unique function in this toy world!

• Build a headquarters in your bedroom, use the moneybox as your treasury, transport resources with your little train, and collect metal with magnets. 

• Fight enemies in the kitchen, the living room and even the bathroom! 

• Adventurous and playful battlefields make war interesting and fun! 

Build Your Army 

• Recruit the elite toys as heroes to lead your army and let the toy war commence! 

• Use strategy to build the best army for each battlefield

• Upgrade and promote your green army soldiers to flamethrowers, snipers, tanks, artillery units and many more!
• Design and assemble strategic bombers to strike at your enemies!

Take Your Forces to War

• Compete against other players to expand your territory, build greater power and earn prestige. 

• Gather resources to upgrade your army, guns and base.

• Build your tower defense with fortifications to keep invaders at bay and increase your odds of survival. 

Real Time Strategy

• Choose your targets and plan your conquest.

• Put your skills and strategy to the test against players around the world in RTS combat.

Test Your Strategy to Win

• Patience and strategy are key to each battle. Build and deploy your troops wisely. 
• With a good strategy, you can defeat any enemy! 

• Outwit your foes with intelligence and timing rather than brutal force. 

World War Game

• Chat with players from all over the world anytime and anywhere.

• Form alliances and make new friends. 

• Compete or cooperate with other alliances. Diplomacy or war, it’s up to you! 

-Your Toys Are Waiting For You!

Return to your childhood with the toy soldier game you loved. Join us in the toy world and make it a better place!

It’s time to return to the toy battleground! Download Army Men Strike now! 

-Over 3,000,000 Downloads!- 
Thanks to your support, we’re now sharing the happiness and joy of toy games with millions of players all over the world! 

PLEASE NOTE! Army Men Strike is free to download and play. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

Under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 12 years of age to play or download Army Men Strike.

Terms of Service:

Official Facebook Page:

Counter Terrorist - Strike Shooter

Counter Terrorist - Strike Shooter APK

com.rcgames.counterterrorist - Counter Terrorist - Strike Shooter

Fast paced modern 3D strike combat - FPS counter terrorist strike shooter game to play for Free!

Take part in battle to strike hard with many guns to choose and counter terrorist. You can enjoy FPS game for free with many terrorist shooting combat and critical shooting experience. First person shooter - modern shooting game combat!

Play the most tactical FPS game with counter terrorist mobile game online for free!

Solo and team battle on combat battle to kill your opponent and contract kill. You can experience one of the best shooting game on mobile for free. Air force shooter war battles, fly helicopter and kill your enemy from sky. Play on of the best helicopter games to operate machine gun from gunship helicopter. You'll find rare helicopter games on mobile gaming, destroy shooting with a machine gun and end the gun war as quick as possible.

Are you ready to become air force strike shooter? Let's play!

Game features:
✪ Kill clans
✪ Various guns and weapons
✪ Beautiful graphics with special effects
✪ Easy & intuitive controls
✪ Zoom the target and kill enemy from distance
✪ Awesome mobile experience
✪ Free to play & kill the shooter
✪ Realistic elite soldier
✪ Most strategic & become an unbeatable soldier

Metal Hero Shooter Adventure , games online

Metal Hero Shooter Adventure , games online APK

com.kawin.metalheroshooter - Metal Hero Shooter Adventure , games online

Get your weapons ready for this ultimate action choose your own adventure game. Human beings with intelligence and developed science have produced a variety of modern weapons and organisms, as well as robots for life superhero and protection people on earth. It is found gun out that the whole island has been occupied by a Robot team gunshot sound. Immediately one squad of elite warriors armed with the most modern equipment is sent to the island with the mission of destroying the Robot’s base.

Your mission her in this game is to play the role of the warrior to penetrate into enemy’s place and destroy them. The war has started, held a gun to fight the hostile forces, you have to kill enemies and complete the mission of the hero z games strike force shooting. The commando starts hitman sniper with only a simple handgun farm heroes super saga hidden object adventure. When a new weapon is found, it replaces the previous one. You will deal with touched enemies, shoot them down before they come closely.

Jump in to battles to conquer these epic bosses that make scenes. You lose gun crafter a life if you gets touched by enemy or an enemy bullet or falls airsoft into the bottom dc superheroes of the screen when there's no visible platform. Metal Marines Force from border seas invaded home country, attack - it is your chance to reclaim territory land and gain back glory of old days! Soldier, save your people from suffering and be a hero game of your own nation.

Mobile gamers now have the pleasure of joining in some gamer's misery now that strike force is back to test your limits. Rambo is simple game and best game about shot and running game. Each screen is a challenging game that requires you to really ingenious and plucky. Held a gun games for free, heavy machine to fight the hostile forces, you have to kill enemies and complete the mission of the almost a hero shooter metal soldier.

In this legendary Rambo dwarf game, gun bros you will be playing a soldier firearms with a gun crafter, a knife, a boom and skills to run, jump, and so on. You are a rambo hero burst into the forest where the enemy occupies and strictly protect them to destroy them with their equipment. Run and gun shot sounds your way through gorgeous 3D environments as you embark on a mission to rescue your kidnapped girlfriend from the Forces of Evil. Guns of boom, grenades and an assortment of other tools of destruction are at your disposal, and you'll need every last one of 'em.

Get yourself into a Battle Tank, a Power Mech or even a Helicopter to battle the rebel forces throughout 15 challenging missions. Be careful though, the rebels got some serious new equipment. Engage into amazing tank battles or in ground-to-air tank-helicopter combats. There is a lot of shooting to be done with the new vehicles and enemies. This game will take you through series of classic levels, various enemies and boss battles with amazing experience of side scrolling platformer games.

Sniper Strike – FPS 3D Shooting Game

Sniper Strike – FPS 3D Shooting Game APK

com.mgs.sniper1 - Sniper Strike – FPS 3D Shooting Game

Intercept, eliminate and extract. It’s time to engage the enemy!

Sniper Strike is a high-octane sniper experience that pits you in battle across three gameplay modes and hundreds of missions. Experience a AAA rated sniper game like never before on mobile.

Scout through immersive environments, engage in rapid-fire combat and build the ultimate super-soldier as you customise their state of the art gear.

Team up with Wolf, Jackson and the rest of Strike Force as you target hostiles and take down the evil Elite Order. Go head to head with friends in online combat and shoot to the top of the leaderboard.

● Wipe out Elite Commanders and their henchmen with satisfying kill shots!

● Buddy up with allies to cover Delta Team and rescue hostages.

● Seek out online friends (and foes) and challenge them to LIVE sniper duels!

● Join forces with Clan friends to smash missions, and prepare for the ultimate showdown with the Elite Order.

● The more you win, the better you play – upgrade and engage in harder, faster challenges that will send you flying up the leaderboard!

Whether you're engaged in live PvP sniper duels, rescuing hostages with breach specialist Wolf, or fighting to be the last man standing in arena mode, this is one epic FPS experience that you don't want to miss!

Modern Military Force - Counter Terrorist Game

Modern Military Force - Counter Terrorist Game APK

com.awsomeactiongames.modern.military.force.counter.terrorist - Modern Military Force - Counter Terrorist Game

Gears up to play the modern military force the most existing counter terrorist game of 2018. You are a mercenary and your mission is to eliminate the terrorist from all over of the world. SWAT team got the intelligence terrorist are planning a huge strike on your country. As an US army elite shooter, you have been chosen to allot this glorious counter terrorist mission under this critical condition.

Your task is to counter the terrorist and destroy enemy territory. Elite commando your enemy terrorists are dangerous, well trained and fully armed. Terrorist abduct innocent , brain wash, and use them for their evil. Rescue your innocent citizen and protect motherland from your squad rivals. Enemies are in numbers, skilled and dangerous. SWAT commando you have arsenal of weapons, through which you have the chance to defeat your enemy and eliminate their presence from your arena.

Modern Military Force - Counter Terrorist Game Features:

- Simple and smooth Controls.
- Advanced AI.
- Incredible sound track and high quality (HD) 3D graphics
- Can play anywhere and anytime.
- Have close and distance combat according to mission mode and level difficulties.
- A large number of advanced and powerful weaponry.

Zombie Hunter 2019 - Fps Sniper Attack Games 2019

Zombie Hunter 2019 - Fps Sniper Attack Games 2019 APK

com.extremegames.zombie.hunter.fps.sniper.attack - Zombie Hunter 2019 - Fps Sniper Attack Games 2019

When the evil virus spreads out over the world, you become one of survivors. You need to become stronger when you face more and more vicious evil in zombie assault. You don’t have any kinds of plan b. Keep hunting zombies is only way to save your friends and save yourself in zombie hunter 2019 fps sniper attack games 2019.

A dangerous vaccine has developed a virus that mutates humans into zombies in zombie games & combat games. This best offline zombie survival games online lethal virus spread out causing zombies outbreaks and people are in immediate danger of a gory death in offline zombie survival games and counter mission game using fps camera and zombie camera. Human survivors must fight in a war to death...

Turn yourself into a zombie games 2019 or zombie hunter, make streets your battlefield by fps commandos and make your way through ultimate sniper challenging levels in sniper shooting 2019 game and turn into counter legend! Kill target in counter gun game & eliminate frontier in zombie games world with zombie survival games multiplayer and protect yourself from zombie attack. Achieve best fps counter to counter hunter gun strike in best offline zombie games in the world on fps battle!

Challenge yourself inside a zombie hunter apocalypse world in counter games 2019 by zombie survival early access! Train your special forces strike skills as a survivor in fighting for zombie survival in zombie ultimate epic battle simulator: enhance counter attack or counterattack and face sniper strike zombie shooting strategy in zombie hunter city on zombie underground as an elite zombie evil hunter with best guns and missione rifles in zombie killing games with extra lives by zombie games with shooting!

This lethal battlefield war has one target in zombie new games 2019, stop zombie apocalypse in fps 3d shooting game. Trigger with fps local multiplayer to go on zombie quest in mad zombies offline zombie games!

zombie hunter 2019 fps sniper attack games 2019 is fps game which can let you hunt kinds of zombies by kinds of weapon from evil dead zombie game and best fps shooting games offline game with zombie fps multiplayer. You can get special fps zombie shooting game city survival skills when you carries gun in dead evil zombie war and sniper strike fps 3d shooting games which is best zombie shooting games of 2019 on fps display using zombie sniper by fps special forces.

Zombie hunter 2019 fps sniper attack games 2019 is counter new and shooting action game in which you have to survive from undead disaster in zombie gun shooter game. Defeat virus of shot to kill zombies before infection spreads all over on fps hunting games and kill zombies with sniper to zombie hunter sniper gun game. Align shot of weapons in fps best games, obvious for fps commando adventure and take action games for free by trigger with zombie shooting games online multiplayer in offline zombie shooting games 3d game. You have to be a real zombie hunter in fps force game in zombie fighting games to army shooter.

Zombie hunter 2019 fps sniper attack games 2019 game is zombie sniper shooter game in which you can use your war game strategies in zombie games free techniques to eliminate with gangstar strike mission in zombie defense games. You have to hold sniper with fps games online multiplayer

You have to stay alert in zombie highway and equipped with best games 2019 weapons to kill dead people in free zombie games 3d games & zombie escape games. You have to fps survival games in military games and shoot enemy them in zombie crisis with counter multiplayer offline. An offline zombie shooting games for free curiosity in which you have to be free shooter of new game 2019 in zombie hunter 2019 fps sniper attack games 2019 and fps games offline. 

Zombie hunter 2019 fps sniper attack games 2019 features:
- Free fps app
- Zombie hunter game graphics
- Weapon in zombie 2019 new games
- Lots of zombie strike zombies
- Exciting boss fight in zombie 2019

US Army Sniper Force : FPS Shooting Games

US Army Sniper Force : FPS Shooting Games APK - US Army Sniper Force : FPS Shooting Games

Get Indulged in non-stop action in US Army Sniper Force : FPS Shooting Games adventure, where you as sniper hero or pro sniper shooter from free fire game will experience realistic modern war action filled thrilling gameplay from sniper shooting games in battlefield environment. In this first-person shooter game, become army soldier or trained war commando shooting hero of 3d shooting games and accomplish army sniper missions from ww2 strategy games or best shooting game to gain success in the battle.US Army Sniper Force : FPS Shooting Games feel thrill of realistic modern war from sniper shooter games and eradicate all enemy soldiers of army shooting games with exceptional sniper shooting from new shooting games or inflict deadly strikes to fulfill critical strikes offline duty with allied soldiers on thrilling shooting missions of gun games 3d along well-known war based missions in a modern world war.

Aim and shoot all your opponents in US Army Sniper Force : FPS Shooting Games adventure with modern war action filled gameplay from sniper shooting games as sniper hero or pro sniper shooter from free fire game & accomplish all army sniper missions of army shooting games in realistic battlefield environment. Are you fan of playing free fire shooting games or highly engaging ww2 strategy games then this gun games 3d will fulfill your unique requirements In this first-person shooter game, step in to the shoes of army soldier or trained war commando shooting hero of 3d shooting games. In this new shooting game gain success in modern war of sniper shooter games to fulfill critical strikes offline duty with allied soldiers from best shooting game using sniper shooting skills or instant kill abilities with deadly strikes in thrilling shooting missions of gun games 3d along well-known war based missions in a modern world war.

- Highly colorful HD 3D graphics from best sniper shooter games.
- Soothing Sound effects with shooting missions animations from ww2 strategy games
- Engaging action packed missions from best sniper game of 2019.
- Customized controls for instant killing critical strike from fps shooting games.
- Highly addictive sniper games based play mode.

Police K9 Dog Training School: Special Force

Police K9 Dog Training School: Special Force APK - Police K9 Dog Training School: Special Force

🐕 🐕 Police K9 Dog Training School: Special Force 🐕 🐕

Join the best k9 dog training squad in police dog simulator training school with jumping, running and chasing concept. This police dog training offers you special training of the k9 dogs with elite commando. In this special force course, here you will learn don’t let the gangster escape after the crime. You are the best US police dog hero of the NY city. Learn how to rescue the people who are in danger and catch the grand gangster from the city of crime and hit them hard with your strike as a US commando dog.

Learn to master the k9 dog in striking, running, jumping and attacking skills. Train your US police dog simulator for the alert situation in the megacity. Remember one thing that your trained dog is a hero of the whole city. Here you will get the basic combat training. It's required in order for you to become a special force dog simulator in the training course school. The basic course is designed to be highly intense by following commando instruction. Cross and jump over all the hurdles and get your required target as a brave US police dog.

Special k9Dog Training! 🐶

Coach your dog in this special course training simulator. As a commando, learn your dog how to jump through the hurdle and getting stars from the training school arena within time. Clear commando camp training test in this action filled mission game. You have to complete all the obstacle courses of this boot camp to qualify as a world best k9 dog.
In this combat training, starring from schedule your dog training as you want. You have to be at the ground at the early morning for the initial training of the k9 simulator. Make your mind up to be one of the tough protectors in the city of crime and catch the grand gangster as maximum as you can.

Multiple Hurdle Platform:
In this commando dog simulator, you will get varies hurdle in the training ground that you have to complete within time.

Finding Tasks:
Different finding tasks are waiting for you like find the bomb from the police locker room and red bag from the parking point.

Collecting Stars:
To become a k9 dog, you have to collect different stars from the ground by jumping over the toughest hurdle.

Three Kingdoms Legend-Free Strategy Game Role Play

Three Kingdoms Legend-Free Strategy Game Role Play APK

com.iugame.g1.googleEN - Three Kingdoms Legend-Free Strategy Game Role Play

【Introduction to the Game】

1、Free PVP battle mode. Player can conquer the world or take your own country as a subordinate. Sweep all and overawe the world.

2、Game battleground assembly hundreds of thousands of people. Alliance war, fight for cities, super fierce. All realistic images of three kingdoms battle are in a glance.

3、Collecting heroes and strategists to enhance the lord’s capacity. Experience the excitement of conquering city and destroying enemies with Zhang Fei and Guan Yu.

4、Once being tired of cruel war practice, you may retire as hermit. Plough ground, mining, hunting and play relaxing games to reserve resources.

5、Unique mentor-mentee system, conquer the world together with mentors and men-tees.

6、300+ original portraits of 3 kingdoms hero. Various arrays, unique forces, combination of multiple skills. Experience the happiness of strategic mobile game.

【Introduction to the Game】

《Rule the 3 Kingdoms》in Reality is a mobile game themed around the epic three kingdoms. In the end of east Han Dynasty, heroes arise, the world is divided into 3 parts. Who will run the world? It has rich hero skills, array combination. Player can be lord and lead heroes based on their preferences, sweep away enemies, play their cards right, and rule the world. High definition images restore the city arrangement and alliance war in 3 kingdoms. Players can experience the rise and fall here. During war, will you choose to fight to the end or take one step back, ally with members to fight together? You decide the destiny of 3 kingdoms. Control the situation and win the war. It is all on you!

【Uniqueness of the Game】

*Win by Playing the Cards Right, Lead Force With Wisdom*

The game has both classic and unique strategy system. Various arrays constrains each other. Player can win by arranging arrays and deploying force, optimize the combination of hero and skills. First attack can win extra damage. Lord can study hundreds of strategies with wisdom. Mentor-mentee system can change war situation. Farming and hunting make the game more realistic and funny.

*Training into Top Hero, Unique Force Stand out*

Famous heroes from three kingdoms: Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Zhao Yun and etc are waiting to be recruited. Perfect hero training system: comprehend multiple attributes, fast raising experience by instruction. Brand-new hero system, with optimal force combination can definitely sweep away all enemies. Yuyang strike cavalry, voluntary accompany in Baima, tiger cavalry and lots of unique forces, conquer enemies’ cities, pass hundreds of copies skillfully.

*Magic for Equipment Smelting, Inlaid Gem Win Extra Force*

Show flayer, azure dragon blade and lots of weapons realistically. Brand new system to build and manifest weapons, elevate the attribute of equipment. Gem helps to elevate equipment. Assist in chaos to disturb, immune from attack to reduce damage, ATK DEF stone win extra damage, forcing move win more victories.

*Farming and Hunting Are Relaxing, Easy Way for Resources*

Devoting lives when conquer the world, store food in cease-fire. It not only has passionate battles but also relaxing games. You can deploy heroes do farming to store food. Heroes can raise experience and capacity by hunting. Mining can win money of war.

*Classic PVE,PVP Player Exchange, Build Brotherhood Relation*

Classic PVE Battle: Copies replaying the history, world with vast territory. Innovative PVP mode: War between red and blue alliance. Forming groups and fight for cities. Leading his team, Lord starts at Guanyang bridge and sweep away all enemies. In the world, players build brotherhood relations, students from Imperial college cook the plum wine. Million of force are ready for war. Flames of war are everywhere. The destiny of 3 kingdoms is in your hand!
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