Ravenhill®: Hidden Mystery

Ravenhill®: Hidden Mystery APK

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A game nominated for the prestigious IMGA award! Seeker, the city of living legends is eagerly awaiting your visit. Explore the mysteries of Ravenhill and get rewards!

In this new and exciting game, you have to solve the mysteries of a once flourishing city that suddenly became a ghost town. Where did all its residents disappear to and who or what is behind it? To find answers to these questions, set out for Ravenhill, a city full of secrets and mystique, and plunge into a whirlwind of breathtaking events! You'll find yourself in Ravenhill, which still has some residents, and start unraveling a tangle of enigmatic incidents. In fact, a mission to prevent an unknown catastrophe is entrusted to you!

Unlock new locations, search for interesting objects, find items, and assemble rare collections. Use all kinds of boosters to speed things up, solve puzzles, and read your diary to keep track of the story.

Main game features:

- SERIAL PLOT STRUCTURE. Intriguing episodes and unpredictable turns of events.
- FANTASTIC GRAPHICS. Picturesque locations, animations, and live scenes that will fascinate you with their realism.
- ENGAGING CHARACTERS. Each with their own striking individuality.
- CAPTIVATING QUESTS. Not only can you search for hidden objects, but you can solve fascinating puzzles too!
- SPELLBINDING MUSIC will immerse you in the game's unique atmosphere.
- INTERESTING MODES AND ANOMALIES. Confront insidious anomalies and challenging modes!
- VALUABLE REWARDS that will be a testament to your achievements.
- SHOULDER TO SHOULDER. Connect with friends, help each other, and lead your own guild!

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Cooking Diary®: Best Tasty Restaurant & Cafe Game

Cooking Diary®: Best Tasty Restaurant & Cafe Game APK - Cooking Diary®: Best Tasty Restaurant & Cafe Game


Welcome to the world's culinary capital Tasty Hills! Just like any capital city, there's lots happening: restaurant critics write bombastic reviews, chefs create new masterpieces, and competitors cook up evil plans.
Dive into this whirlwind of events and etch your name into the history of the city of haute cuisine!


Test your cooking skills in this game's many colorful and fun levels! Make dozens of amazing dishes to win the hearts of the gourmets of the culinary capital of the world!


Join a culinary guild or create your own to take part in thrilling competitions. Invite friends, play together, and win fabulous prizes!


Open new restaurants and decorate them to suit your taste. Change the wallpaper, flooring, curtains, and pictures on the walls! Upgrade your kitchen, put in a TV, sound system, and new furniture to ensure that your customers keep coming back for more!


Be the most stylish and elegant chef in the city with HUNDREDS of different article of clothing and accessories. Grow a beard or mustache, change your hairstyle, the color of your eyes, or even the shape of your face!


- Open the restaurant of your dreams with a unique design and utterly unsurpassable cuisine!

- Decorate your restaurant however you like!

- Shake up your character's appearance using more than 300 articles of clothing and accessories!

- Participate in competitions between chefs' guilds!

- Play and cook with your friends!

- Regular free updates!

Create your character and set off on a grand culinary adventure!
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Seekers Notes®

Seekers Notes® APK - Seekers Notes®


Set off on an incredible journey to the cursed city of Darkwood! Its dark streets hold many secrets that will only reveal themselves to the chosen one, and it's you who are destined for the role. You are the Seeker, the owner of a powerful artifact—the Magical Map! It's your fate to save the city from the oppression of the Curse. Don't waste another minute—start your battle with evil right now!

What awaits you in Seekers Notes:

- Gorgeous graphics, striking characters, and picturesque locations
- Free updates: new quests, fabulous locations, and unique prizes await you every month
- An awesome plot and fascinating storylines with unexpected twists and turns
- Spellbinding puzzles: Treasure Box, Haunted Lights, Mosaic, and Ancient Cards
- More than 6,600 exciting quests
- You can assemble over 840 amazing collections
- Enchanting music that will plunge you into the mysterious atmosphere of the game
- Craft unique items with the Fortune Teller, Blacksmith, and Inventor
- Trade useful items with the residents of Darkwood
- Banish dangerous monsters and placate magical creatures
- Play with your friends!
We're already 3 years old! Thank you for being with us!

Seekers Notes is a free game, but some game elements can be purchased with real money. If you don't want to use in-app purchases, please disable them in your device's settings.

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Dogs Space

Dogs Space APK - Dogs Space

В учебниках истории пишут о том, что Белка и Стрелка совершили орбитальный космический полет вокруг Земли. На самом деле, собаки-космонавты проделали настоящее межзвездное путешествие. Узнайте правду об этом увлекательном приключении в потрясающей аркаде Dogs Space!

- Проведите собаку-космонавта сквозь космос, пробиваясь через астероиды и заброшенные спутники;
- Собирайте звезды и бустеры, которые помогут вам достичь самых крайних уголков вселенной;
- Делитесь результатами с друзьями.



Среди работников компании разработчика мобильных игр MyTona, был организован Мини-Хакатон. Задачей конкурса являлось создание простой игры за определенное время и выпустить в Play Market. Всего участвовало 5 команд, по 7 человек. В командах состояли художники, программисты, QA, гейм-дизайнеры, которые объединили свои усилия и за несколько часов кропотливого труда создали замечательные игры.

Это игра команды номер #1:
Петр Гоголев
Егор Пахомов
Иван Корякин
Игорь Чернинов
Айал Олесов
Николай Баишев
Мария Яковлева
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