Deck Heroes: Duel des Ténèbres

Deck Heroes: Duel des Ténèbres APK

Download Deck Heroes: Duel des Ténèbres APK

Construisez le Deck Ultime avec une horde de Héros et de Créatures magiques pour sauver un Royaume menacé. Avec une centaine de cartes à collectionner, tous les Decks sont uniques garantissant des stratégies illimitées. Avec une qualité Graphique Haute Définition, ce jeu vous en mettra plein la vue. Lancez-vous dans des batailles passionnantes, et plongez dans un monde majestueux !

La Guerre est arrivée dans le monde de Deck Heroes ! Les Néantins, Humains, Elfs et Mortis se dirigent vers la bataille. Construisez votre propre faction avec des Héros de toute race et menez-les vers le chemin de la Gloire. N'attendez pas…Commencez maintenant votre aventure dans le monde de Deck Heroes !

✔ Gaming Non-Stop!
Jouabilité Innovante, Bataille sans fin, et tactiques innombrables sont au rendez-vous pour vous rendre accro!
✔ Un Monde en Guerre
Alignez votre Armée avec les 4 factions – Humain, Elf, Mortis, et Néantin.
✔ Une Illustration Visuelle Magnifique!
Des Designs Élégants et Raffinés associés avec des couleurs Flamboyantes, vibrantes donnent vie à vos cartes de Héros et Créatures !
✔ L’Aventure vous Appelle!
Des cartes, des épreuves, des Dédales minutieusement détaillées seront au rendez-vous pour les vagabonds à la hauteur d’un courage et d’une bravoure Épique dans ce royaume fantastique !
✔ Action Mondiale!
Expérimentez le suspens d’une aventure passionnante avec des Millions de joueurs mondialement !
✔ Poussée d’Adrénaline remplie d’actions!
Raids, compétitions, et encore plus ; Le Paradis du Player vs Player… C’est ici que ça se passe !



Starlink APK

Download Starlink APK

Starlink is a tactical real-time strategy game about galactic domination. You start by controlling a star in a procedurally generated galaxy, and each star you control produces ships. You can direct ships to other nearby stars that happen to be connected via hyperspace routes in order to capture them, but beware other hostile factions trying to do the same. Don't let your guard down, or you will quickly find your stars overrun with enemy ships.

If the AI proves to be too much of a challenge, invite a friend (or five) to play with you, and share control of the galaxy with them, or join opposing teams and compete against each other -- it's all up to you.

To make the flow of the game even less predictable, each player can choose from a large list of abilities to take with them into each match that can drastically change the way the game plays. Some abilities are defensive in nature, some offensive, and others are a mix of the two. There are even abilities that let you reshape the galaxy to your advantage, collapsing or creating new hyperspace routes between stars.

And if that's not enough, certain abilities can be used in a sequence for even more devastating effects.

Can your galactic empire prevail and rise up above others? There is only one way to find out...

Brave Guardians

Brave Guardians APK

Download Brave Guardians APK

Brave Guardians is an epic 3D action fantasy defense game that narrates the story of four heroes (Pepo, Tiko, Zagi & Rapu) -- each with extraordinary abilities.

Be prepared for an epic journey to defend your world against nasty fiends. This time you will take control of the brave guardians to lead them to the victory. Because Brave Guardians is not just another Tower Defense game!

★ 2 Game modes (Campaign and Guardian)
★ 4 different worlds (Forest, Desert, Winter, Lava)
★ Over 22 unique levels with beautiful 3D environments
★ 4 Guardians each with extraordinary abilities
★ 6 in-game upgrade levels of the Guardians
★ 4 specialized towers (Arbalet, Thunder, Cannon, Catapult)
★ 6 upgrade levels of the towers in battle
★ 6 in-game upgrade levels of tower's properties
★ Many in-game upgrades of game properties
★ Over 30 different enemies each with their own skills!
★ 3 wizards enemies that will make your life harder
★ Intense boss fight in each world (4 Bosses)
★ Hours of gameplay with over 30 achievements

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Brave Guardians is a graphically intensive 3D game, we recommend at least 1 GB RAM and dual-core processor for an optimal gaming experience.
If you encounter any problems with the game, the most direct way to get a resolution is to email us at


為了誰的鍊金術師 APK

Download 為了誰的鍊金術師 APK

日本APP商店平台暢銷榜TOP 10常勝軍,當地百萬玩家一致好評的『本格派日系SRPG』顛峰巨作《為了誰的鍊金術師》,100%誠意優化中文版強勢登台!

日本遊戲商Fuji & gumi Games與DeNA繼《殺戮魅影》再度合作聯手打造新世代『三次元空間戰略』手遊,遊戲操作簡單易上手,掌上型電玩般的既視感等你來體驗!

■ 平面 × 高度 × 方向 × 屬性 × 職業 × 技能 = 戰略∞無限!

== 遊戲特色 ==

★ 日本動畫音樂大師監製 ★
日本知名金牌監製攜手打造遊戲動畫與主題曲,動畫監督-「河森正治」(《超時空要塞》/《創聖的大天使》);主題曲製作-「下村陽子」(《聖劍傳說》/《Final Fantasy XV》)!

★ 日系策略戰棋四人共鬥 ★

★ 多元職業百種英靈養成 ★

★ 地表最強豪華聲優陣容 ★
阿部敦、石川界人、井上喜久子、池澤春菜、遠藤綾、大原さやか、柿原徹也、加藤英美里、かないみか、喜多村英梨、久保ユリカ、小山剛志、斎藤千和、佐藤拓也、洲崎綾、諏訪部順一、種田梨沙、西山宏太朗、能登麻美子、羽多野渉、花江夏樹、早見沙織、日笠陽子、日高里菜、堀江由衣、緑川光、皆川純子、麦人、村瀬歩、村田太志、代永翼… 等多位日本人氣聲優傾力獻聲!

== 官方資訊 ==


Dragonstone: Kingdoms

Dragonstone: Kingdoms APK

Download Dragonstone: Kingdoms APK

Will you send your heroes on new quests or raise armies to march against your friends or will you lead your Guild to ultimate victory over the millions of other players online? In the world of DRAGONSTONE your options are endless!

Explore a HUGE world map with countless adventures to go on, treasures to discover and heroes to collect!

Features include:

☆ a MASSIVE Open-World for you to discover and conquer.

☆ GUILDS that you can create or join with easy-to-use discovery tools.

☆ rule over your KINGDOM and decide how you want to build your city.

☆ LEGENDARY Heroes that you can collect and send on quests and missions.

☆ COLLECTIBLE creatures and other loot for you to find and TRADE with other players.

Choose your adventure today and play DRAGONSTONE: KINGDOMS!

Nun Attack

Nun Attack APK

Download Nun Attack APK

One of the Best Games of 2012 for Android!

- IGN: "Catholicism has never been so hardcore."
- Kotaku: "Bless me, Father, For I Freakin' Love Nun Attack"
- Gamezebo: "Nun Attack is an eye-opener from the moment you cast your gaze upon the icon"

As many of you have requested: we’ve removed the ads but kept the offerwall, a way to earn FREE coins! Keep on playing Nun Attack while supporting us!

We’ve also introduced a new feature that will literally save your life! Avoid death for a small fee: use Instant Revive in the trickiest situations to save your nuns from failure!


Days have gone by uncounted since the power-thirsty Fallen Nun has taken over the mortal world, spawning evil all over. In a world where Evil is taking over and prayers are no longer answered, there is only one type of divine intervention left, and it’s armed to death.

Join the battle of light against darkness. Lead your squad to defeat the Fallen Nun and restore balance to the World in this epic tactical action game!

Nun Attack delivers hours of hellish entertainment through exciting gameplay mechanics, intuitive touch screen controls and tongue-in-cheek character dialogues! Explore multiple worlds, equip your nuns with the most badass arsenal, level them up and fend off waves of enemies and bosses, beating some holy into hundreds of demons.

Not only do you get to play with bunch of nuns with guns, you ALSO get:

- 4 characters to mess with, each with a unique personality and super power
- 40 missions including multiple levels where you can experience more than 150 battles, 3 epic bossfights and a final, climactic face-off with the Fallen Nun
- Over 80 different guns with various effects (Poison, Shock, Freeze, Burn, Stun, Slow, DOT, AoE, Knockback, Fear, and Charm)
- 7 different evil-stomping miracles to cast while playing
- A full shop to get things rocking!

Clash of Lords 2: Clash Divin

Clash of Lords 2: Clash Divin APK

Download Clash of Lords 2: Clash Divin APK

Dans le Top 10 des jeux de stratégie dans le monde entier !
4.6 étoiles! Un des jeux les mieux évalués !
Mise à jour spéciale d'hiver et second lancement !

Une nouvelle ère commence dans Clash of Lords 2. Votre groupe sauvage favori de Héroes sont prêts pour l'action comme le jeu mobile ultime de la stratégie pour continuer de croître! Prenez leurs pouvoirs au prochain niveau avec la découverte de l'Éveil Spirituel! Est-ce que vos héros ont découvert leurs pouvoirs inexploités anciens ?

Clash of Lords 2 est un jeu de stratégie amusant et plein d'innovation. Recrutez plus de 40 héros et leurs armées de mercenaire, construisez une base pour résister à l'attaque, et jouez avec vos amis et contre vos ennemis dans neuf modes PvE et PvP. Préparez-vous pour Clasher !

Caractéristiques du jeu :

✔ Vous contrôlez l'action! Activez la Compétences héroïque de Combat en temps réel!
✔ Combinez le héros et les troupes dans le tout nouveau mode Mercenaire!
✔ Jouez à votre façon! Avec neuf modes de PvE et PvP, il y a toujours quelque chose d'amusant à faire!
✔ Combattez avec vos amis! Un système de Guilde robuste permet de vous combattre aux côtés (ou contre!) de vos alliés !
✔ Jouer gratuitement! Connectez-vous à Clash of Lords 2 chaque jour pour des Héros et Joyaux gratuits! Remarque: Ce jeu nécessite une connexion à Internet pour jouer.

Visitez-nous sur Facebook à cette adresse:

Plus d'aides? Veuillez nous envoyer un mail à avec votre IGG ID, nous vous répondrons le plus vite possible !

This Means WAR!

This Means WAR! APK

Download This Means WAR! APK

Modern combat just landed in the palm of your hand! Launch waves of tanks, troops, helicopters and bombers to destroy enemy armies while simultaneously attacking their bases. This Means WAR! takes a giant leap forward in mobile strategy gaming, putting the entire battlefield at your fingertips: Army-on-Army, Base-on-Base, Mano-a-Mano -- with furious action all around! Play through an epic campaign or go online to challenge your friends. Take on thousands of other foes across the globe and compete for resources, medals, power and glory!

PLEASE NOTE: This Means WAR! is entirely free to play. However, some in-game items are available for purchase with real-world currency. If you'd like, you can disable this in-app purchase feature in your device's settings.


- Simultaneously attack your enemy's base while defending your own with ground troops, tanks, helicopters and bombers - the entire combat chain is yours to command.
- Base-on-Base: Two armies and both their bases mix it up simultaneously in every battle. Watch both bases move the battle line on the screen!
- Army-on-Army: Face off Mano-a-Mano with your adversary’s troops, not just a bunch of defensive towers.
- Regenerating Army: Every soldier deserves a second chance to march to glory! Your troops regenerate with their game faces on, ready to redeploy before the battle is over.
- Expand your powerful army with troops, tanks, helicopters, drones, and bombers - 13 types of units, all with multiple upgrade levels.
- Strategic Base Building: Construct an impenetrable fortress guarded by walls, mines, traps, missile sites and bunkers.
- Challenge your friends to earn valuable Power Cells.
- Fight other players around the world, steal their precious resources, and earn medals - Yoink!
- Test your skill against enemy AI commanders in Campaign Mode.
- Forge Alliances with fellow players and compete in weekly alliance tournaments.
- Build the new Level 10 Command Center to unlock all-new, devastating troops.
- Battle for leaderboard dominance in exciting Raid Events with big payouts going to the top players and alliances.
- Capture Hexium, the game's newest, rarest resource, and build the unstoppable, new Minotaur Tank!

1080p ready for a hi-def gaming experience

Supported on tablets of all makes and sizes




The LINE characters have arrived! A new, easy to play strategy battle RPG with an epic story is here!
Set off on an adventure with Brown and his friends!

A strategy battle RPG that's easy to play!
Summon the LINE characters you love into battle!
Just tap and swipe!
Deciding which character to summon at what time is all up to you and your skills!
Enjoy epic, real-time battles!

An all original story!
Brown and other heroes join forces to recover Cony's lost memories!
Their story unfolds with each new world!
Where will their adventures lead them?
Will they be able to become true heroes?

Enjoy the game with your LINE friends!
Play solo or with your friends! A game that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere!
Play with your friends for double the rewards and double the fun!
Team up to fight enemies or battle each other!
Brown Stories is more fun with friends!
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