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AE 3D MOTOR :Racing Games Free APK - AE 3D MOTOR :Racing Games Free

AE 3D Motor - Racing games free, the best racing motorcycle games for Android.

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Let's Race!!!

Eye popping beautiful 3D graphics, realistic scenes and motocycles, addictive and crazy gameplay, extremely smooth tilt control, best racing moto with various styles as well as awesome vivid sound, which will give you a real motorcycle racing car games feeling!

Two angles of view, give you two fantasy driving games feelings. Wow! So thrilling, best games!

Sunshine bay, cactus desert and gorgeous bridge, three attractive scenes formed first road. And cliff driving, snowmobile, ice age, sunset overdrive... so many best scenes in later road trip: Coastal Highway, Going to the Sun Road, The Road of Fury & Frozen Fantasy.

Need for speed, be a highway rider... come on to select your own racing moto, crazy taxi, be the traffic racer and hit the road.

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AE 3D Motor, Racing games free -- The best games ever free.

!!!Ride me, baby!!!


Real Car Driving Experience - Racing game

Real Car Driving Experience - Racing game APK - Real Car Driving Experience - Racing game

The new Real Car Driving Experience is here!

The most real sports cars await for you to drive in a huge open world. Drift the asphalt in the city, climb a hill of dirt in off-road or race and perform illegal stunts in the airport.

The creators of the mobile top racing game Extreme Car Driving Simulator, have upgraded
its realistic racing physics engine. Drive fast at max speed, drift on the road, or perform extreme stunts like burnouts, but don’t crash into the furious traffic!

Real Car Driving Experience game features:

- Many vehicles to drive, including sports and off-road cars.
- Realistic car damage. Crash your car!
- 3 huge environments including city, off-road and airport, with a traffic simulator engine.
- Upgrade your vehicles (engine, brakes and suspension) and race on the asphalt.
- Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed.
- Realistic racing physics simulation.
- Different cameras including cockpit

Real Car Driving Experience is a game from AxesInMotion.


Extreme GT Racing Turbo Sim 3D

Extreme GT Racing Turbo Sim 3D APK

com.aim.racingmgt - Extreme GT Racing Turbo Sim 3D

Extreme GT Racing Turbo Sim 3D is the best car simulator of 2014, thanks to its advanced real physics engine
Ever wanted to try a sports car simulator? Now you can drive, drift and feel a racing sports car for free!
Be a furious racer on a whole city for you. No need to brake because of traffic or racing other rival vehicles, so you can perform illegal stunt actions and run full speed without the police chasing you!

Drifting fast and doing burnouts had never been so fun! Burn the asphalt of this open world city!

Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed.
ABS, TC and ESP simulation. You can also turn them off!
Explore a detailed open world environment.
Realistic car damage. Crash your car!
Accurate physics.
Control your car with a steering wheel, accelerometer or arrows
Several different cameras.


Driving Zone

Driving Zone APK

com.avecreation.highwayracer - Driving Zone

Driving Zone is a car racing simulator game with realistic physics and with wide choise of cars and tracks.

You can choose between four tracks: city and three suburban tracks with different weather conditions, from winter to hot sunny desert. The game has built-in system of dynamic day and night cycle. Due to this the environment of each track is changing in real-time mode, as in real life.

There are nine cars at your disposal. Cars are different in nature and characteristics - from small low-power cars to racing sportcar, american muscle car or a huge SUV. High detailed exteriors and interiors will make your gameplay more realistic and will give you the feel of full presence.

In Driving Zone you can choose your driving style. It can be calm and safety for driving in traffic flow or extremely racing. There are a lot of settings, that allow you to set the physics realism as you need, from arcade and easy to very realistic and hard, in which you will need to show your driving skills.

Game features:
- Modern beautiful graphics;
- Realistic physics of cars;
- Change of time in real time;
- 9 vehicles well designed inside and outside;
- 4 tracks with different weather conditions;
- A third-person view / view from the driver's seat.

Caution! This game is quite realistic, but it is not designed to teach you the street races. Enjoy virtual car racing, but please observe the traffic rules and be careful on real roads, and always fasten seat belt.


Drift Zone 2

Drift Zone 2 APK

com.AwesomeIndustries.DriftZone2 - Drift Zone 2

Over 30 different racing tracks are ready for the ultimate sports car driver to burn rubber and compete for gold in the best android racing game . Stunning graphics, Wide range of unique sports cars especially designed to achieve a realistic driving experience and challenging missions that require both real racing skills and xtreme coordination.

✪ If you are a drift racing enthusiast – This is the game for You!
✪ Just One rule – You can only score if you are driving sideways

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com.baklabs.speed.parking - PARKING SPEED CAR

Try this new addictive driving and parking game. Most of the parking games require precision driving skills. This one is no exception! You have to drive fast but carefully to avoid traffic cones, road barriers and other obstacles at the backyard. Parking needs skill driving as well. You have to park precisely in the center of the parking space. To complete levels, you must pass all the checkpoints and stop into the parking spot. In some levels there are reverse parking spots. In this speed car game every racer will find something interesting.

The 3D environment is unique and looks very realistic - much better than in most car games. There's traffic behind the fence which makes the city looks real. This is one of the best 3D speed car simulator game that will develop your parking skill. If you like real car games this parking simulation is just for you. Get into your fancy sport car and become the best parking driver.


- Superb quality graphics
- Detailed 3D environment
- Real physics
- Different camera views
- Addictive gameplay
- Easy steering controls (steering wheel, tilt, arrows)

Get PARKING SPEED CAR. It's FREE now so start your own parking mania!


NOS: Street Racing

NOS: Street Racing APK

com.balalaika.rd - NOS: Street Racing

NOS: Street Racing is the only street racing game where high speed, fast rides, addictive story, nitro and dangerous opponents are mixed in explosive mixture, creating a game that is so addictive, that you simply can’t stop playing it.

The action takes place in a city ridden by illegal street racing. You have to test your car on narrow streets and highways, to show everyone around who is the real racer and the city owner. As they say in that movie, "There are no limits in this city".

ADDICTIVE STORY! (I've seen the briefle that started the same way!)
Your brother went away from the city and left you the keys to the Skyline – the car, which is respected by all lovers of high speed and street racing. Then you drove with other drivers around the city and you met Lea. You asked her to join you... What happened next - you will know in the game.

Lucy, Taya, Caroline, and many other girls from the neighborhood will be begging you to take them with you on a street race. Choose wisely - one better to swim on the waves, while another would prefer beating on the rocks, but every girlfriend is good in her own and real street racer will be in relationships with everyone at once.

You can play as you want! Charge is free and game purchases are not required!

Skyline, Mustang, Supra and other legendary cars preferred by high speeds and street races lovers await you in this game. There are no limits in the selection of cars (Except for the lootboxes and paid DLC, of course).

Install upgrades of the engine, turbo, transmission, tires, and much more. You can even swap the engine! Do all your best for achieving high speed, because racers respect only it!

Tired of listening to boring soundtracks? In our game you can listen to your music! Just create a "Music" folder in the folder "Android/data/com.balalaika.rd/files/", copy there your tracks and at next load they will appear in the in-game player! Just number the files for the player to be able to load them (1.mp3, 2.mp3, 3.mp3, etc.)


Go To Town 3

Go To Town 3 APK

com.biceps.gtt3 - Go To Town 3

You were alone in a dangerous island, you have to collect materials to build a boat and get to the city. But in the island you are waiting for different difficulties. In the city you can earn money and buy different cars. The "Go To Town 3" game allows you to roam around the grand city. Admire the beauty of the big city, Football field and the others buldings. With this game you can drive specific street cars around the city. Ride a motorcycle, quadrocycle and admire the great beauty of the city.

Key features:

- Easy control
- Fantastic graphics
- Specific cars
- Monster truck
- Motorcycle riding
- Quadrocycle riding
- Motorboat riding
- Buying a car
- Auto salon
- Wild island
- Animals
- Control of the third person
- Grand Street
- Grand City
- Beautiful town
- Fantastic car physics
- Fantastic people physics
- Football field


Corrida Livre Multiplayer DEMO

Corrida Livre Multiplayer DEMO APK

com.corridalivredemo.espiral - Corrida Livre Multiplayer DEMO

Jogo de corrida aonde você é livre para dirigir, modificar e correr com seu carro jogando sozinho ou com outros jogadores em um mapa aberto.
REQUISITOS MÍNIMOS: Somente para dispositivos com uma boa capacidade de processamento e pelo menos 530MB de memória RAM livres no momento da criação ou entrada em um servidor ou o mesmo fechará automaticamente, verifique nas configurações do seu dispositivo.
Nessa versão demo somente 1 veículo é liberado pra uso, no máximo 2 jogadores por partida além de 1 veículo por jogador, basicamente é para ver se o jogo roda no seu celular sem problemas e se o estilo geral do jogo te agrada antes de comprar a versão completa.


Driving in Car

Driving in Car APK

com.crazybingo.CrazyTaxi - Driving in Car

Driving in Car offers you the unique driving experience that you can choose your own driving style. It can be calm and safety for driving in traffic flow or furious racing in illegal extremes.

Barrel through traffic packed streets, hurdle off parking garages, and tear up the streets in the hottest car models now! Drive your car in cockpit view to wherever you want in the realistic city environment in FREE DRIVE mode. Or steer onto the streets, driving reckless and juiced as sparks fly while shuttling customers to their destinations in TAXI mode like an Uber driver.

Game Features:
- First person camera view or third person perspective view
- Stunning 3D graphics and smooth fast car handling
- TAXI mode, FREE DRIVE mode and QUEST mode
- Choose from Low-power cars, sports cars, muscle cars and huge SUVs


Monster Truck Driver 3D

Monster Truck Driver 3D APK - Monster Truck Driver 3D

Play the most addictive physics-based FREE monster truck racing simulator game.
Create total mayhem and chaos on the road, stuck in a Jam? Who would care driving a Monster Truck ?!

Paint your Monster Truck in Garage! Create color Madness!
Dynamic Day Cycle
Real Damage System crash your Monster Truck! Smash and Crash Mania!
Free Ride or Traffic Mode
Accelerometer or Screen Controls
ABS, TCS, ESP options with Manual or Automatic Transmission, are you a safe driver or are you a manual transmission maniac?
Multiple Cameras


4x4 Jeep Racer

4x4 Jeep Racer APK - 4x4 Jeep Racer

4x4 Jeep Racer
An off road adventure of furious race with a simulation of crazy drive.
Welcome to take greatest fun while playing this modern 4x4 jeep driving game 2018. In this modern off-road 4x4 jeep racing free game, we will give a Dubai deserts for your monster new 4x4 off road jeep race competition. Are you ready to take a modern 4x4 offroad jeep driving games challenges? If yes then you’re in the right direction. This real new 4x4 jeep games will give you multiple thrilling tasks on the desert side. You will drive your real monster trucks 4 x 4 jeep in these modern 4x4 games and off road rally 2 game. In the past history, you would have played many crazy new 4x4 offroad games, but this real 4x4 jeep driving games 2018 is best for you. In this real new 4x4 hill climb jeep driving 3d game, we will give you a realistic gameplay environment with its stunning modern offroad legends free jeep race 3d. You will take unlimited fun while playing these modern jeep games 4x4. This a difficult task for you to drive on off road desert and chase your opponent in this modern 4x4 jeep racing free game.
In this modern 4x4 off-road jeep rally game, your duty is to accept 4 x 4 jeep challenges and take a ride on different deserts and uphill mountain off-road tracks. We will give you realistic gameplay atmosphere in this monster offroading jeep parking 4x4. We will give you multiple levels. Every level become more attractive and beautiful with its stunning 4 x 4 jeep racing free game. These real new jeep simulator 4x4 games, initial level are easy to play but gradually upcoming level are more difficult to play. These modern new 4x4 jeep driving games, we will give you a limited time to complete your level. In this modern 4x4 hill climb jip driving game, we will give you multiple thrilling tasks. Every task is totally different from upcoming tasks. You will drive real 4x4 jeep racing 3d on different Real Mountain off road tracks. In the past time you would have played many monster 4x4 off road games 2017 and you must have experience of playing these extreme real 4x4 jeep games 2018. In these modern jeep race 4x4 games, we will give you limited time to complete your real 4x4 jeep race otherwise level will be failed. So drive fast and win the racing challenge in this modern desert 4x4 jeep driving free game. I’m sure you will enjoy a lot while playing these monster jeep games 4x4. This crazy 4x4 games off road rally 2 gives you in-app to unlock new features and to remove ads.
In this modern 4x4 hill climb jeep racing game, we will give you a chance to become a desert race champion by showing off your best 4 x 4 jeep driver skills. These real new jeep games 2017 will give you advanced level featuring graphics. In this real new 4x4 jeep driving free game, we will give you multiple modes to play your expert 4x4 jeep racing game. These expert new jeep driving games will give automatic power gears. In the past history you would have played many modern 4x4 off road games, so these modern jeep games 4x4 is best for you. You will take incredible fun while playing this modern off-road legend jeep adventure 3d game. Now, what are you waiting for? Pick up your android devices and download these modern 4x4 jeep driving games 2018. Good Luck!

4x4 Jeep Racer Features:
• Easy to handle your real desert 4x4 jeep control
• Realistic HD graphics with HD jeep background sound
• Multi-angle camera mode
• Wide range of new 4 x 4 off-road jeeps
• Realistic jeep race game play environment
• Multiple thrilling tasks on different desert and mountain tracks
• This game is for all age people
• Endless jeep journey
It’s free to play so quickly download this modern 4x4 jeep racing 3d game.


Vertigo Racing

Vertigo Racing APK

com.dbs.vertigoracing - Vertigo Racing

★ Drive as fast as you can but don’t fall off the road!
★ Win all 100 cups and become champion!

Collect classic cars, upgrade and paint them, drive to win 100 cups - but stay on the road!

★ Collect 10 vintage cars with different handling.
★ Drive in 10 beautiful levels, through snow, ice, dust, mountains and hills.
★ Paint your cars in different colors.
★ Listen to fantastic rock’n’roll and surf-rock music.

No Ads!

The game can save your progress in the cloud (into your Google Play account).


Drift Clash Online Racing

Drift Clash Online Racing APK

com.EasyWays.DriftClash - Drift Clash Online Racing

Drift Clash is the first drift racing game with real-time battles and realistic physics!

Win most wanted cars, burn tyres on track, play with your friends in free-roam and enjoy unique retro style of the game!

Battle with other players in real-time and become drift king!

33 cars are in the game! Unlock these drift legends and burn rubber!

This is the first game ever where you can drift on motorcycles!

Get ready to drive different sport cars on tracks designed precisely for drift racing.
Drift points scoring system is based on car speed and angle. But you receive extra combo for the right drifting path if you drift on clipping zones. That’s why you won’t see manji drifting here. Only pure drift race.

The game has retro style but you should see through the trick. The cars have realistic physics. We don’t have any drift helpers, steering assistants and any other wiles. It still easy to control and play but in this racing game everything depends on you.

Unlock different rims, colors, change camber for front and rear wheels.
This car drift game is still in development and a lot more features are coming.
Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of the game!



Blocky Traffic Racer

Blocky Traffic Racer APK

com.ffgames.blockyracer - Blocky Traffic Racer

Do you have what it takes to drive your cute cartoony car in an endless journey?
Drive fast and overtake the incoming traffic by near missing them. Collect coins and buy new cars.
Enjoy the most colourful arcade racing game with smooth controls.

- Cute 3D cartoon graphics
- 8-bit music tracks
- Variety of cars to choose from
- Lots of traffic cars
- Online Leaderboards
- Achievements

Please rate the game if you enjoy Blocky Traffic Racer and want to support us!


4x4 Russian SUVs Off-Road 2016

4x4 Russian SUVs Off-Road 2016 APK

com.fgs.russuvsNew - 4x4 Russian SUVs Off-Road 2016

We are glad to introduce a new game about our relatives and loved Russian SUVs!

If you too think that one of the best friends of man is his favorite SUV. Or you've always wanted to sit behind the wheel of a powerful Russian SUV? Longed to feel the power of the all-wheel drive off-road? 4x4 - this is what you choose instead the convenience of conventional cars? You are not afraid of dirt roads? Great! It is in our game you will find it! Powerful Russian off-road four-wheel drive with this - fun here!

In our game you'll be able to sit behind the wheel of the legendary Russian SUV. Take the study of our world, get all kinds of interesting places, each of which may have its own history. Bleed your car or buy new cars. All this will help you conquer the roads now!

10 Russian's legendary off-road vehicles, four huge open maps fully open to research and a lot of fun waiting for you! Next for the adventure!


GX Racing

GX Racing APK

com.fungenerationlab.mxr3 - GX Racing

GX Racing is an exciting new racing game loved by hundreds of thousands of players around the world.

Unlock 20 cutting edge motorcycles, choose from stylish characters and apply countless customization features! Defeat your opponents in more than 100 super fun tracks from New York to Tokyo.

Become the greatest racer of all time!

• Compete with players from around the world
• Do insane tricks
• Unlock and upgrade 20 motorcycles
• Choose from countless motorcycle and character customization features
• Progress through multiple leagues to the top

GXRacing Support:
Are you having any problems? Contact us on:

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