Peaceful Sounds

Peaceful Sounds APK

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We all need to unwind and set our minds free. Peaceful Sounds is an excellent app for sleeping and relaxation. Whether you’re trying to fall asleep, soothing your baby, focusing on work, studying or trying to bring peace and happiness to your daily life Peaceful Sounds has you covered.

Peaceful Sounds APP FOR EVERYONE

Some excellent features of the Peaceful Sounds application:

·       Set your mind free and fall into a deep sleep
·       Soothe your baby by lullabies and white noises that remind mother's womb sounds where your infant feels completely safe.
·       Soothe your babies and play some baby sleep music to make them fall asleep easily.
·       Rest your mind after a long and tiring day
·       Concentrate on your work and avoid distractions
·       Make great music with different musical instruments,
·       Turn your ordinary environment into a magical ambiance with romantic melodies
·       Unwind while traveling on a plane (aviophobia)
·       Ignore disturbing noises like neighbourhood noises, snoring etc.
·       Take a quick nap

Lay back and discover the magical world of relaxing sounds and features: 

Ø  Explore the perfect harmony of fire and water (Burning Logs, Camp Fire, Ocean, Rainfall, Waves and more)
Ø  Lose yourself in beautiful sounds of nature (Wind Breeze, Amazon, Under Water, Lightning Strike and more)
Ø  Colour your mixes with amazing sound of Animal World (Dolphin, Birds, Canaries, Crickets and more)
Ø  Soothe your babies and play some baby sleep music to make them fall asleep easily. (Hair Dryer, Kitchen Fan, Vacuum Cleaner and much more)
Ø  Ramble across exotic tribe melodies
Ø  Use the power of White Noise, Brown Noise and Pink Noise
Ø  Create and customize your own mix with the BEST CONTENT in 13 categories with 101 sound effects
Ø  Adjust the volume of each sound to find the right balance for your mix

Create your mix, set the timer, close your eyes and relax. Embrace peace, joy and harmony!


We want to be with you in every moment of your life that’s why we update our sounds frequently. Our editors would be happy to add any melody related to your requests. All you need to do is to send an email to

Peaceful Sounds App cares about you and works hard to make your day better!

About Subscriptions
Here are details on our subscription* offer:
Subscription period is for or 1 month and Renewal subscriptions will be every month. The charge is starting from $12,99 that may vary according to packages you prefer.

• Payment will be charged to your Google Play account at confirmation of purchase.
• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
• Account will be charged for renewal within 24hours of the end of the current period, and the cost of the renewal will be provided.
• Subscriptions may be managed by the user. Auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Google Play Account Settings after purchase.
• No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.
• You can cancel your subscription by entering the following address:

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Weight Loss Tracker & BMI Calculator – WeightFit

Weight Loss Tracker & BMI Calculator – WeightFit APK

Download Weight Loss Tracker & BMI Calculator – WeightFit APK

This weight loss tracker will assist you in weight control and helps you to lose weight or reach your weight goal. The app also includes a BMI Calculator which calculates your BMI and your ideal weight. You can also define your own personal target weight.

Use the following features:
• Track your daily weight
• Integrated BMI Calculator
• Analyze your weight history in various charts and visualizations to gain insights on the way to a better body image
• Set a desired weight and follow your progress
• Take a look on statistics about your weight, i.e. average weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), difference to the starting weight and even more.
• Optional the app will remind you to track your weight in our diary
• Input weights in the metric or imperial unit system
• Sync your weight data with your Google Fit account

Track your weight and reach your desired weight because overweight and obesity are risk factors for diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetes.

If you like our app, please leave a ★★★★★-review!

If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to contact us via email:


Buttocks Workout - Hips, Booty, Butt Workout

Buttocks Workout - Hips, Booty, Butt Workout APK

Download Buttocks Workout - Hips, Booty, Butt Workout APK

Want to burn butt fat? Want to grow your butt?

Super effective butt workouts help you get a perfect butt faster than other workouts! Just a few minutes a day, in just 4 weeks, you will make your butt even more beautiful!

Training Plans for Different Goals
⛱️ Booty fat burning - for those who want to reduce butt fat, get a toned and firm butt.
👙 Booty growth - for those who want to grow their butt. It focuses on building a round and lifted butt fast without growing the thighs.

Each training plan has two difficulty levels, and all plans are designed by professional fitness coach. Beginner friendly, easy to get started and suitable for both beginner and pro.

No Equipment Needed
Varied, short and effective workouts every day to make you sweat, and keep daily training simple and fun. No equipment needed, no gym, just use your body weight to work out at home or anywhere anytime.

Workout with Music
Workout with music to increase your motivation by up to 35%! You can work out with featured music or music from your phone.

Customize Training Plan
Create your own daily workout routines from hundreds of workouts. You can replace exercises, adjust the exercise order, set rest time, etc. With workout reminder, you'll be more disciplined and won't forget your daily exercise.

Coach Tips and Demo Videos
Animation, video and detailed instruction guide you through the exercise. Perform in the right way and achieve optimal results. Just like having a personal workout trainer in your pocket!

Other Amazing Features
- Quick and effective workouts for a good looking booty
- Burn fat, tone butt and get a tight and round butt
- Warm-up and stretching routines
- Increases exercise intensity step by step
- Track your weight loss progress and calories burned
- Lose weight with your personal trainer
- Buttocks workout, butt workouts, fat loss workout, burn fat workout, weight loss fitness workout, fitness for weight loss app free for women

Fitness Coach
All workouts are designed by professional fitness coach. Workout guide through the exercise, just like having a personal fitness coach in your pocket!


Importance Of Love In Life.

Importance Of Love In Life. APK

Download Importance Of Love In Life. APK

Want to boost your mood and cut your risk of cancer, heart disease, and other health hazards? No, the answer isn’t in a magic pill — it’s between your sheets. That’s right: A little loving can boost your overall health in many surprising ways.

Here are some awesome health benefit tips to boost your mind.These intriguing tip for people who do not have a committed partner: Self-pleasuring can offer health benefits, especially those specifically related to having a good health.


Start Running. Couch to 5K

Start Running. Couch to 5K APK

Download Start Running. Couch to 5K APK

Planning running sessions with the highest efficiency have never been easier with Start Running. This jogging tracker app provides you with some workout routines in different levels to make sure you are getting fit while enjoying running and walking and jogging.

Start Running, the free coach for beginners app comes with a clean and neat design and the interface is so user-friendly that you’ll get the whole idea browsing through the menus for a couple of times. After that, you just need to focus on training and leave the planning, timing, and tracking to the experts.

So, if you are looking for a versatile running training app and have access to the free built-in pedometer, workout statistics, and charts (to find out how much you’ve trained in different sessions), professional training plans for running and walking, and accurate calorie burnt counter, you’ve come to the right place. Give this running coach app for beginners a try and explore all the features for free.

Track Covered Distance and Receive Detailed Statistics
When it comes to running, finding out the distance you’ve covered and having access to easy to learn statistics matter the most. This free running coach app delivers full and detailed statistics about each training session separately. You get to see the route you run or jogged in the map, as well as the number of calories your burnt, distance your run or steps you walked. The statistics are really easy to understand, so you get to easily track your performance over time.

Ready-to-go Training & Running Plans for Beginners
For now, there are 4 workout plans in 4 levels and with different goals. Each level takes 4 weeks with 3 runs per week and after finishing the entire 4 levels you are expected to be well-trained, fit and healthy. Each training session, consist of different sets of walking and running to make sure you are getting the most out of your training.

Start Running: Jogging Tracker Main Features at a Glance:
• C25K alternative Run/Walk/Run training plan
• 4 levels of training sessions
• Custom workouts
• Accurate built-in pedometer
• Calorie burnt counter
• Detailed statistics and easy to understand progress charts
• Clean and neat design with the user-friendly and fresh interface
• Set up running schedules
• See your route on the map for every training session (using GPS)
• Enable voice feedback for providing instructions and saying the remaining time
• Customize app’s theme (Blue, Red, Green, Orange, and Black)
• Useful for beginners

So, Smart Running delivers everything you should expect from such jogging tracker and personal coach apps and it even sets the bar to a higher level by offering fresh interface, easy to understand statistics and charts, accurate pedometer, easy to follow training plans for beginners, calorie burnt counter and a lot more.

Download Smart Running for free and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests or any other suggestions. Stay tuned for a whole new set of features to enjoy your work-out sessions even more.

Join us running and have fun being fit and healthy.

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Bodyweight Workout at Home

Bodyweight Workout at Home APK

Download Bodyweight Workout at Home APK

Build an ideal body with bodyweight workouts.

Strength Workouts (Challenges):
• 50 pull-ups
• 50 hanging leg raises
• 100 dips
• 100 burpees
• 150 push-ups
• 150 bench dips
• 200 sit-ups
• 150 lying leg raises
• 250 squats
• plank for 500 seconds
• 1000 jumping ropes
+ You can create your custom exercise

Each workout routine is designed for training 3 times a week for 1 year.

Circuit Trainings:
• Upper Body
• Abs Workout
• Lower Body
• Street Workout
+ You can create an individual circuit training

Lose some weight, build muscles, achieve outstanding results or just be fit.

Train at home, on the street or go to the gym. Make the phone your personal fitness trainer.

• automatic choice of the training program according to your level
• flexible workout schedule
• reminders won't allow you to miss the workout
• detailed statistics of your achievements
• сalories counter
• the interface is simple and easy-to-understand
• adjust the internal timer to have a rest between sets and exercises
• input your results manually
• sync with Google Fit
• backup your data to Google Drive
• choose your color theme
• optimized for blind and visually impaired people that use Talkback

It's time to train!

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Daily Mudras (Yoga) - for health

Daily Mudras (Yoga) - for health APK

Download Daily Mudras (Yoga) - for health APK

Daily Mudras (Yoga) app assist you to perform Yoga Mudras - hand gesture exercise to improve your physical, mental & spiritual healthy life.

App features:
• In this Daily Mudras (Yoga) application, you can access 50 important Yoga Mudras, their benefits, specialties, steps to do descriptions, beneficial body parts etc.,
• We have provided step by step hand gesture procedure with photos for easy practice.
• In this app, contents are provided in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi & Tamil languages.
• This application will suggest you list of Mudras according to your age, gender and profession.
• Mudras are segregated by body parts and by benefits to get complete rejuvenation from diseases. For eg; Mudras for eyes, heart, kidneys, obesity, hair loss, relaxation, stress, constipation, asthma, thyroid, self confidence, menstruation, sperm & much more.
• In this application you can find treatment for 100+ diseases.
• No matter if you are searching Mudras for healing or Mudras for health or Mudras for peace of mind, this application has the answer.
• Quick practice workout session.
• In work out session, various meditation musics are provided to keep the mind and soul in meditation state.
• Alarm & bookmarking facilities are also provided.
• Text font size can be adjusted for better readability.
• Search option is available for easy access, you can search here for Mudra's name, bodyparts, benefits and also other discomforts like appetite, acne and much more.
• This app is fully FREE!
• Most importantly it works offline as well.
• This app is ads supported. You can remove ads with affordable price (optional).
• Mudras for health. All with the purpose to help you feel fantastic and to feel perfect.

About Mudras:
Mudra is a Sanskrit word which means posture or pose. In the word Mudra 'mud' means joy and 'ra' means produce. It produces joy and cheerfulness. Mudras originated from Hinduism and Buddhism. 200 Mudras are used in Bharatanatyam and 250 Mudras are in Mohiniattam, 108 Mudras used in Tantric rituals. In other term Mudras are silent language of self expression and consisting of hand gestures and finger postures.

Mudras involves the entire body and looks as a closed electrical circuits which can pass energy throughout body. The physical body is made up of five elements. The Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring and Little finger represents Fire, Air, Sky, Earth and Water respectively. Imbalance of these five elements interrupts the immunity system and causes diseases. When a finger representing an element is brought into contact with the thumb element the disturbance is brought into balance, therefore the disease caused by the imbalance is cured.

Usually from 5 to 45 minutes is required to practice everyday by using appropriate Mudra with proper pressure and touch including sitting position and breathing.

However the effectiveness of the Mudras not only depend on the practices but it also depends up on the eating habit, diet and the lifestyle of a person.

Speciality of Mudras:
• Mudras are used extensively in Yoga, meditation and dance.
• It does not need any money or special ability to be performed but it just needs some patience.
• There is no age limit to perform Mudras, people of age group 5 to 90 can perform it.
• If you want to stay healthy by physically, mentally and spiritually it is recommended to practice the Mudras daily.
• Mudras helps to release stress. It helps to give calmness, mindfulness & inner peace.
• Breathing exercise which help you to relax.
• Keep Yoga daily with Daily Mudras.
• Daily Mudras (Yoga) & meditation can be a life changer.

For any comments, feedback, additional information or any support, kindly contact us at

If you like this application, kindly share with your family & friends. And also kindly rate this app with 5-star rating to serve you better with more updates.

Wish you all a happy and healthy life!


Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary, Food Diary Tracker

Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary, Food Diary Tracker APK

Download Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary, Food Diary Tracker APK

MyNetDiary is your personal weight loss, diet, and nutrition assistant. It is the most sophisticated and friendly food diary, calorie counter, and exercise tracker. Download the app, track your diet, and be healthy for life!

Rated #1 mobile diet app by American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Recognized by The New York Times as “simpler… quicker… also, it looks nicer” comparing with other similar apps.

Also featured in ABC, USA Today, Fox, Consumer Reports, Chicago Tribune, and The Wall Street Journal

● Over 9 million members.
● Average members lose a 1.4 lbs each week
● Members demonstrate 27 lbs or over 12% body weight loss within the first 7 months

● Set a weight goal
● Enter a target date ( vacation, wedding, or reunion )
● Get a calculated Calorie Plan
● Log daily meals and exercise
● Follow daily Calorie Budget
● Reach your goal and live healthy

● Advanced recommendations suggesting diet tweaks
● Weight Forecast shows whether you are on target
● Autopilot keeps you out of a weight plateau

● Focus on your Macros, Low-Carb, or Keto Diet
● Plan meals in advance to hit your Carb and Protein targets

● The best food database with restaurants, grocery stores, special diets, and ethnic foods.
● Catalog consistently expanded by user contributions.
● Snap new foods with PhotoFood tool and we will enter food's Nutrition Facts for you.
● Verified and updated daily.

● Scan the food package for easy calorie and nutrients entry.

● Timely notifications to log meals, enter weigh-ins, sleep, and blood pressure.

● Track up to 40 nutrients, more than any other app.
● Follow traditional or new USDA Nutrition Facts.
● Choose how much energy comes from fat, carbs, and protein.
● Select a target for every nutrient, and the app will provide feedback on your nutrition.
● Get insight into your dietary intake of saturated fat, sodium, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

● Find best foods with a glance.
● Each food comes with an easy to read rating.
● Use it with barcode scanner for a perfect food shopping companion.

● Plot your weight loss journey.
● See how your body reacts to your dieting and exercise.
● Visualize your calorie counter and macro statistics.
● Paint a big picture or zoom into your daily food log records.

● Fastest calorie counter.
● Remembers foods and servings for quickest entry.

● App syncs Steps, Exercises, Weight, Water, Heart Rate, and more.
● Links with Fitbit, Withings, and Garmin.
● Works with Google Fit and Samsung Health.
● Use an extensive, over 500 exercises fitness database

● Learn healthy recipes, delicious meals, and dieting techniques.
● Read about the latest diet science from our team of Registered Dietitians.
● Collaborate, seek advice, and share experiences with other MyNetDiary members.

● Much more than a calorie counter - a complete health tracker.
● Track Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Blood Cholesterol, Medications, Test Results, Symptoms and more.
● Diabetes tracker to monitor Blood Glucose, A1C, Net Carbs, Carb Count and Insulin intake.

● Adapt it to your unique needs.
● Customize dashboard: choose your nutrients, health trackers, and more.
● Access your food diary from the Home screen with MyNetDiary widgets and shortcuts.

Download MyNetDiary and be healthy for life!

Members that subscribe to Premium plan demonstrate better results, staying on target, and report losing 3 times more weight than free users.

* Independent study conducted by American Journal of Preventive Medicine also included MyFitnessPal, Lose It!, and Noom.


Hebbars kitchen

Hebbars kitchen APK

Download Hebbars kitchen APK

Hebbar's Kitchen - indian vegetarian recipes collection app. First indian food recipe app to offer step-by-step photo recipes with a brief square short video. These videos adapts accordingly to your mobile screen with a beautiful background score.

Hebbar’s Kitchen app has a wide range of recipes from different part of India and their cuisines. However, Hebbar’s kitchen app is not just limited to Indian veg recipes. It also has to offer other international vegetarian recipes and other popular worldwide cuisine. Furthermore, Hebbar's Kitchen is specialised in instant recipes particularly in south indian breakfast and other indian snacks and curry recipes. We also help you to cook traditional and instant recipes, with simple ingredients readily available in your kitchen.

The key feature of Hebbar's Kitchen app is; it contains pictorial representation of recipes along with a beautiful video. In addition, the other unique feature of Hebbar's Kitchen app is, it works offline with contents and step-by-step photo recipe. However, for video's you have to be connected to internet or you can browse from our website -

Features of Hebbar’s Kitchen app:
- New recipes added frequently.
- Notifications, for every new recipe posted.
- With the help of search bar, search through the related recipe list by specifying a search term.
- Most of the recipes are with brief and well-presented videos and step-by-step photos.
- Brief description about the recipe, along with detailed ingredients list and step by instruction. Also followed by notes section on tips and tricks to ease your cooking experience.
- Dedicated section for videos to browse and select playlist.
- Save recipes or Organize or Bookmark your favourite recipes in favourites.
- Browse through the menu via recent posts, recipe categories, courses, cuisines and even recipe time & complexity.
- Instantly, share your favourite recipes with your friends via messages, whatsapp, email or any social networking sites.
- Ask queries in comment section and clear doubts about particular recipe.
- Share your feedback and check other comments posted in Hebbar's Kitchen

Our Kitchen app is divided into following recipes category,
- breakfast recipes
- snack recipes
- sweet recipes
- curry recipes
- rice recipes
- biryani recipes
- pulao recipes
- idli recipes
- dosa recipes
- dal recipes
- roti, naan & paratha recipes
- sambar & rasam recipes
- salad & raita recipes
- and other indian and international recipes

Our Kitchen app has the following cuisine recipes,
- South Indian Recipes
- North Indian Recipes
- Karnataka Recipes
- Tamil Recipes
- Telugu Recipes
- Maharashtrian Recipes
- Gujarati Recipes
- Punjabi Recipes
- Bengali Recipes
- Rajasthani Recipes
- International Recipes
- Indian Street Food Recipes
- Indo Chinese Recipes

Try out our recipes and discover the hidden chef within you. Also do share the recipes posted on Hebbar's Kitchen app with your friends and family. More importantly, do not forget to share and spread the word-of-mouth about our kitchen - Hebbar's Kitchen app.

Contact us at
Website -
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