3D Weather Live Wallpaper

3D Weather Live Wallpaper APK

com.lin.season - 3D Weather Live Wallpaper

Dynamic switching weather, day and night, thunder and lightning storm, this is a free 3D live wallpaper,
Night stars, blue sky and white clouds, with it,beautifuy windmill
, you no longer need the weatherbroadcast, it is a scene wallpaper, as the weather changes.
One live wallpaper = Twenty live wallpaper.
    If you have any suggestions, please write in the comments, I will reply and solve it.
If the weather not change, Please check wheather you have open the GPS or NETWORK
If you like the 3D launcher SPA ,Please try it.
Key word: 3D wallpaper;Live Wallpaper ;

If the weather is not right,Please Open the Select Postion ,and Click Use Selft Lat,Select the city with your's


100 Weapons: Guns Sound

100 Weapons: Guns Sound APK

com.weaponsounds.gunsound.arma.weapons - 100 Weapons: Guns Sound

Completely free 100 weapons: guns sound simulator app. Touch or shake the phone to play weapon sounds. Including 100 weapons to choose.

100 weapons: guns sound app main features:
★ Easy to choose different weapons
★ 100 weapons and guns sound included
★ Touch the screen or shake your device to play guns sound
★ Realistic guns sound effect
★ Volume adjustment
★ Share with your friends

Differents types of weapons available and real guns sound, choose your favourite weapon, you may play battle game with your friends and hear different sounds of shots!


Face Reading - Age Face, Signs

Face Reading - Age Face, Signs APK

app.facereading.signs - Face Reading - Age Face, Signs

Face tells a lot about you – your characteristics, your beauty, your love, your health, your wealth, etc

⚠️Help you to avoid bad luck and make the wisest decision.

🌟Face Reading embraces the latest face detection technology, which combines professional machine learning and powerful artificial intelligence to pursuit the accuracy of facial analysis results.
🌟 After scanning every detailed feature of your face, Face Reading will provide you with a customized report to help you deeply understand your personalities, your relationship, and your future. 


👵AGING CAMERA:What will you look like when you’re 50, 70 or even 90?
🧒FUTURE BABY:Want to know what your future baby looks like?
🧙FACE READING:When will you meet your Mr. Right? What is your face telling about your love, baby, career, fortune?
👯‍♀️BEAUTY COMPETITION:Have some fun with your friends and find out who is more beautiful. Get the result now!


What your big eyes tell about you? Face Reading helps you to analyze your characters and your life based on your facial features. Your eyes, your nose, your forehead, your face shape all tell something about you. And detailed report will be offered including analysis about your career, your health, your love and your wealth.

What will you look like when you’re 50, 70 or even 90?

Our reports have some summarized information for certain groups of people but each individual is unique. Please follow your heart to make any decisions. This app can’t guarantee 100% accurate, considering it for entertaining purpose.
Enjoy it and thank you! 

If you have any suggestions, Please contact us:


Sound Effects

Sound Effects APK - Sound Effects

Have fun with realistic sound effects!
Sound Effects is an app which offer hundreds of cool sound effects. This application for Android is perfect to spend some good time with your friends.

The application includes various features:

Enjoy more than 200 high quality sounds.

Quickly find what you are looking for by browsing through relevant categories (such as: animals, horror, disgusting, weapons, birds, etc.).

Use gestures to switch between categories and pick among the many available sounds. We have simplified the app in order to make it accessible to everybody, with a clear interface and big buttons.

Use the keyboard to animate your conversations, stories, videos (streaming) and podcasts.
Quickly access your favorite sounds with the keyboard.

The application is translated in various languages (such as english, spanish, french, etc.), so everyone around the world can use it.

* To learn more about the features, please visit

If you have sound problems, please check the audio volume of your device.



Thank you in advance for your comments.


TV App - Assistir TV Online

TV App - Assistir TV Online APK - TV App - Assistir TV Online

Baixe o TV App - Assistir TV Online e assista TV ao vivo em HD.
TV App - Assistir TV Online é o único com guia de programação dos canais em exibição.
Com isso você vê o que está passando em cada canal.
Programação atual e das próximas horas para saber o que quer assistir.

Você será notificado sempre que algum evento importante esteja prestes a começar. Nossos colaborades enviam notificações para que você não perca nenhum segundo da nossa programação diaria.

Vem Assistir TV Digital HD conosco. Só aqui com grade de programação ao vivo.

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Viewer Dance: All Battle Royale Dances and Emotes

Viewer Dance: All Battle Royale Dances and Emotes APK

com.dreambig.alldances - Viewer Dance: All Battle Royale Dances and Emotes

Download the App and enjoy all the famous Dances and Emotes and have fun with your friends and family


This App Includes:

🔥 All the Battle Royale Dances you know
🚀 Updated list of all existing moves
✅ The list updates over time!
✈️ Multilanguage Support: is translated into several languages

Soon we will be adding more news, options and surprises, so stay tuned as many news come to the APP.

If you enjoy Battle Royale, you will surely enjoy this App in which you will find all the dances you know.

Also, in the videos there are many Skins doing the different moves, choose the one you like the most!

What are Battle Royale Dances?

One of the best ways to differentiate yourself from the entire legion of Battle Royale players is to select your Dances correctly.

You can get them by raising battle pass levels or through the Battle Royale shop, where there is a wide variety to choose from to give the game your own style.

Whether it's after a win or just for fun, you can use these moves to rub them in your opponent's face.

Without a doubt, the best emotes are those that are best known by everyone, such as Make It Rain or, another one also well known for appearing on a series of tv: Fresh.

Whatever you are, you have a lot of dances to choose from and we are convinced that there are a few that will fit perfectly with your style.

Below we leave you the list of our favorite dances, make yours and leave it in the comments!!!

Top 10 of our favorite Emotes:

🏆Orange Justice
🥈 Llama Bell
🥉Take The L
⚡️Take 14
⭐️Star Power
⭐️Work It Out

These are our favorites, download the app and discover all of yours

In future updates we will inform you through notifications of new updates from developers so you can hurry and access the Battle Royale store and buy before anyone else the new emotes and be the envy of your squad team.

Examples of Dances you will find in the App

Here we leave you only some examples of what you can find, however, in this APP you will find all the dances of Battle Royale

💜Epic dances 💜

Here you can find all that Battle Royale has described as epic. They are characterized by being the rarest moves launched to date (at the moment there are still no legendary). They are more expensive than the rare and uncommon emotes and tend to have a better visual appearance than the rest.

some of the most prominent can be

Dance Therapy
or Electro Shuffle.

💙Rare dances 💙

Here you can find all the emotes that are considered less special than the epics, but more than the uncommon ones.

Among the most liked are:
Make It Rain
Flippin' Sexy
or Hype

💚Uncommon dances 💚

These are the moves that are considered less special than the epicos and rare, but more than the common ones, as well as the loot or the different accessories that you can find in Battle Royale, these are also accompanied by the characteristic green color.

Some of the most used in this category are the following
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Thumbs Down



4shared APK

com.forshared.files - 4shared

Meet our NEW version! Better and faster!

Free mobile application 4shared for Android is a convenient and fast way to access your account at, including all documents, photos, music, etc. directly from your Android device whenever you wish to.

The convenient public search option allows you to search for and find the file you need within the massive 4shared file database. It’s also simple to define various search filters (upload time, size, type of file, etc.) to get the best results and add the necessary file to your own account at

With 4shared for Android you can easily copy, move, rename, delete, upload and download any files from your account at on your smartphone or tablet and share them with your colleagues, relatives and friends.

4shared for Android enables:

• Fast and convenient access to 30,000,000+ files.
• User-friendly search within massive 4shared database with an option to instantly add the found files to your account.
• A possibility to manage your account at, listen to music and even watch videos directly on your Android device.
• Instant sharing of files from your 4shared account via the app.

Required app permissions:

• Contacts - only used for reading contact list. This enables sharing your files to emails from your contacts.
We do not enable any 3rd-party access to your contact list info.
• Device ID & Call information - only used for reading the status of any ongoing calls. This enables pausing streamed music in the app, when someone’s calling you.
• Photos/Media/Files - enables file upload from Android device (including Camera upload) to your 4shared account and the download of files from your account to the phone storage or SD card.
• Identity - used for the correct sign-in to your 4shared account via the app.
We do not sell or otherwise transfer your personal data to 3rd-party vendors.
• Wi-Fi connection info - only used for reading the state of Wi-Fi connection. This improves file upload and download app features.

Facebook Network Audience:"


US Police Dog: Crime Chase Duty Simulator

US Police Dog: Crime Chase Duty Simulator APK - US Police Dog: Crime Chase Duty Simulator

Disband gangsters and attack thugs by pouncing on them as super police dog in best police dog games 2019. Crime city is under huge threat, play as city police dog and perform security duty in different areas of city like cop dog airport crime chase and city police dog chase in police dog duty sim. US Police Dog: Crime Chase Duty Simulator is specially made for the lovers of dog games.  Play ultimate criminal pursuit and don’t let the city turn into a crime place. Hunt down criminals as you are a trained German shepherd. Cops detective working on streets with canine dogs, pursuit and solve criminal case in crime city real police dog chase which is brand new police dog duty simulation game.

Ultimate Police Dog Chase Simulator
Police dog sim, trained as a professional police dog to sniff around, catch criminals and rescue civilians. People might try to sneak in with their bombs, weapons including banned Russian guns & rifles. US Police dog will be used to hunt down criminals and chase robbers to rescue the city from crime activities in this survival game. Playing as police dog is interesting when you sniff around, chase criminals and pounce on them. Help your partner police cop to catch criminals, gangster & thugs for control in crime. Police dog fighting skills with highly tested in this police dog survival game.

Cop Dog Airport Crime Chase Sim
In police dog simulator, use your sharp sense of smell to sniff out the illegal imports, drugs & weapons on airport, subway and different city areas as city police dog. This police dog sim 2019 is best in the category of police dog games 2019. In US Police Dog: Crime Chase Duty Simulator you have to chase and arrest smugglers, sniff out and prevent every illegal attempt on airport and attack thieves. Keep a keen eye on airplanes to make sure the security of passengers before take-off. After special training, these breeds including German shepherd, Rottweiler & k9 doggy pooch is ready for the job to serve humanity and enforce security and justice.

Different Police Dog Chase Missions
Police Dog Simulator is a perfect police dog attack in prison break missions. Police dog k9 simulator game 2019 is fearless in engaging your enemy with a combination of attacks using your sharp teeth and powerful jaws. Police dog simulator 2019 is about high speed police dog chasing in crime town with fighting and survival training. Attack hard with your ultimate fighting and attack skills. City police dog duty sim will allow your hound to fight and chase aggressively.

Top Features of US Police Dog: Crime Chase Duty Simulator

Chase & catch escaping smugglers & thieves
Different police dog breeds like German shepherd, Rottweiler & k9
Awesome 3D visuals & thrilling gameplay
Sniff out drugs, weapons & other illegal items
Police dog bomb defusing task
3D Open world environment
Subway, airport & city police chase missions
Easy & intuitive controls
Realistic police dog simulator
Best in the category of police dog games
Police dog chasing criminals
Real cop dog to trace mafia
More results...