Cooking Hot Diggity Dog

Cooking Hot Diggity Dog APK

bwebmedia.cookinghotdiggitydog - Cooking Hot Diggity Dog

Have you ever made your own hot dogs before? In this fun cooking game, you'll go through all of the steps to cook your own delicious hot diggity dogs with fresh buns and tons of toppings. Go through all of the steps to prepare everything, but make sure to do it before the timer runs out. This exciting food game will leave your mouth watering once everything is cooked and you'll be ready to eat!

● Mix together the ingredients you need, including bread flour, salt, and water.
● You'll be responsible for making every part of your hot diggity dog including the bun and the hot dog.
● You'll even get to add your own toppings when you put it all together.
● Hurry to make sure that you do each step before the timer runs out or you'll lose the game.
● When you’re done, you’ll be able to enjoy your delicious hot dog with a drink.


Horse Pet Salon

Horse Pet Salon APK

air.bwebmedia.horsepetsalongame - Horse Pet Salon

If you love caring for horses, then this fun salon game is perfect for you. You'll style the hair of your pet horse. Create fun hairstyles that are filled with creativity and change them any time you'd like. You can also try out new styles that you might have not considered before as you play out this fun salon game. Turn your horse into a stylish beauty!


· Wash your horse with lots of soapy water and get her cleaned up before the makeover.

· Decorate your horse with accessories.

· Spend hours making your horse look cool.

· Finish washing your horse to unlock the next level to try out new accessories!


Ironing Princess Dresses

Ironing Princess Dresses APK

air.bwebmedia.ironingprincessdresses - Ironing Princess Dresses

Now you can really have fun while doing house chores with this princess dress up game. Here you can sort the toys and clothes, wash them, iron the clothes before dressing up in a nice clean outfit. With so much cleaning and ironing fun to be had, any princess will look their best after doing her chores with this funny game.

Place all your laundry and toys into the basket before sorting them into their different piles.
Wash and rinse all the clothes and toys so they’re nice and clean.
Iron all the clothes and fold them into straight piles ready for putting in the closet.
Dress up and accessorize your new appearance to look great and ready for your big day out.
Show off your new style to all your friends before redoing the washing again.


Dress Up Angel Avatar Anime Games

Dress Up Angel Avatar Anime Games APK - Dress Up Angel Avatar Anime Games

Angel Avatar is a game where you get to dress up an angel. You can change her looks in many different ways by clicking on the icon that indicates which part of her you want to change. It may be her hair, her clothes, her face or something else.

So if you love dressing up then you’ll love the Angel Avatar game which will give you lots of hours of fun dressing up this beautiful angel in many different ways.


Hair Styler Salon

Hair Styler Salon APK - Hair Styler Salon

Whether you like your hair short or you prefer long hair with curls, you can experiment many styles with this hair styling game. The Hair Styler Salon game is a fun hairdresser game that allows you to design hairstyles with unlimited imagination. The hair game works by simply clicking on each item at the bottom of the screen as they appear, and drag them to where the arrow is pointing on your character. As you work along each section you will be able to wash, dry, cut, style, colour, and decorate your characters hair in many different and fun ways.


Horse Grooming Salon

Horse Grooming Salon APK - Horse Grooming Salon

Have you ever wanted to own and look after your own horse? Well now you can with the horse grooming salon game! Here you will be able to easily choose your own horse and do all the things that need to be done when owning and looking after your horse. Here you can clean out her stall, swat all the annoying flies, as well as wash, dry and brush her to make her look pretty. You can also change her horse shoes and remove any dirt, while also feeding her, watering her, rubbing her down and giving her vaccinations. Once done you can easily accessorize by using a bridle, saddle, and headpiece to prepare her for her day out riding with this fun horse grooming game.

Game Features:

- CHOOSE your very own horse to look after

- CLEAN up all the poo with the broom

- SWAT all the flies before they bite your horse and cause sores

- WASH, rinse, dry and brush your horse ready for her grooming session

- CLEAN her teeth to give her a beautiful smile.

- CHANGE her horse shoes so she can ride without pain or discomfort

- CLIP her hair to make it look nice and straight for her big debut

- VACCINATE your horse so she can be around other horses

- FEED and water your horse so she is ready for riding

- RUB all her good spots to show her you love her

- ACCESSORIZE with a saddle, head piece and bridle

** version 3.0.0 LATEST UPDATE

- play levels you want with our contextual level menu, button is located on the top right corner

- earn coins to unlock new horses

- added new horses

- faster game play


Bike Wash

Bike Wash APK - Bike Wash

Riding a bike can be great fun for everyone to enjoy. With this bike cleaning game you can easily get your new bike prepared and fixed ready for your big day out at the park. You get to choose your very own bike to wash, rinse, and dry to make it all nice and clean when out and about. Repair the front tire and add a patch to the hole before pumping it up! Once done why not customize your bike to your personal favourite colours! By adding your very own custom basket to finish the look you can easily create the perfect bike that belongs to you.


- CHOOSE your design of bike

- WASH, rinse, and dry your bike until it is squeaky clean

- REPAIR the front flat tire and pump it up

- REMOVE the trike wheel and replace it with a new original one

- PAINT your bike your favourite colours

- ADD your new custom basket ready for riding at the park


Dress Up Manga Wardrobe

Dress Up Manga Wardrobe APK - Dress Up Manga Wardrobe

The Manga Wardrobe stylist game allows you to have plenty of fun by creating a wonderful outfit for your character. This clothes game works by simply clicking and holding on each of the separate items in the wardrobe and dragging them across to your character and releasing them. It allows you to easily mix and match different hair and clothing items including tops, skirts, hair, necklace, hair piece, handbag, shoes, gloves, and dresses. Once you have matched an outfit you can simply press the show button at the bottom of the screen to see your character out at the beach.


Paris Fashion Hair Salon

Paris Fashion Hair Salon APK - Paris Fashion Hair Salon

When it comes to exploring the City of Paris what better way to enjoy your day then by having a brand new look. Now you can run your very own Paris hair salon with this great Paris hair salon makeover game. Here you can satisfy your client’s needs and give her a head to toe makeover fit for walking the streets of Paris. You can easily massage, wash, dry, cut, straighten, and curl her hair to make a fun new look. You can also colour her hair and decorate it with all sorts of accessories. Once her hair is complete give your client a fabulous look by doing her makeup and giving her a new and stylish outfit. Now you can have plenty of fun with running your own hair salon with this Paris hair salon game.

Features includes :

- MASSAGE her head to help make her relaxed

- WASH and rinse her hair ready for styling

- DRY her hair until it is all clean and dry

- CUT, straighten, and curl her hair until you have a fun and stylish look

- COLOUR her hair with many different colour options

- DECORATE her hair with choices of bows, ribbons, and jewellery ready for her day out

- CREATE a fabulous look with all different types of makeup

- CHOOSE a complementary outfit which will make your brand new hairstyle and makeup stand out


Lasagna Soup, Cooking Games

Lasagna Soup, Cooking Games APK - Lasagna Soup, Cooking Games

Lasagne soup is a perfect meal for any day of the week and with the lasagne soup cooking game you can easily create the perfect cooking game that will make your insides warm and challenge yourself as a cook! Here you can easily prepare each ingredient ready for cooking including the meat, tomatoes, garlic, chilli, onions and cheese! Cook your ingredients in the finest kitchen until it is steaming and golden brown! Add the extra cheese and basil leaves to the top of your soup and smell the tasty smells as it sits on your kitchen table. The best part of all is you get to eat all your lasagne soup up and get to prepare another one with this fun Lasagne Soup cooking game!


Burger Shop Maker

Burger Shop Maker APK

bwebmedia.burgershopmaker - Burger Shop Maker

Get ready to run a burger shop with this fast food game! Here you get to serve the customers by taking their order, matching the food with the order, and collecting your money. Work your way up in the business until you’re unstoppable. Food serving hasn’t been this much fun in a long time. Try your hand at running a burger shop today!


Take charge of a fast food restaurant and become the owner.
Greet customers and take their order ready for the day.
Once an order is complete take their money and grow your business.
Avoid getting the orders wrong to make your customers happy.


Go Fast Cooking Sandwiches

Go Fast Cooking Sandwiches APK

bwebmedia.gofastcookingsandwiches - Go Fast Cooking Sandwiches

Experience the pleasure of running a business with this great cooking game. Here you’ll take orders and create a burger that will satisfy all your customer’s needs. Work each day and learn the skills to become a powerhouse food serving company. Collect your money and serve your customers as fast as possible to make more money over each day. Learn the ropes and run a business with this great burger cooking game.


Take the orders of your customers and get them right before they leave.
Work each day to reach your target money goal for increased profits.
Serve more difficult orders as the days go by and become skilled with burger shop management.
Make each order before the time runs and achieve satisfaction in a hard day’s work.


Mermaids Makeover Salon

Mermaids Makeover Salon APK

bwebmedia.mermaidsmakeoversalon - Mermaids Makeover Salon

Pamper your mermaid friend like a real salon! You can give her a lovely facial to make her skin smooth, apply makeup, accessorize her new look before showing it off to all your friends. When complete take her back to the salon all over again for a brand new look with this fabulous makeover game.

Give your mermaid a wonderful facial to remove blemishes and pimples for smoother skin.

Apply beautiful makeup to her face to make her look stunning for her day out.

Accessorize her new look with amazing jewellery, new hair, and a wonderful outfit to complete her appearance.

Show off your mermaid’s new appearance to all your friends before redesigning a new look at the salon again.


Princess Fashion Salon

Princess Fashion Salon APK

bwebmedia.princessfashionsalongame - Princess Fashion Salon

Give a princess a royal makeover with this fantastic makeover game! Create a new style she can show off to her subjects as she completes her royal duties. Clean her face, apply make-up and choose a beautiful outfit, hairstyle, and jewellery to really complement her look and bring out her beautiful features. Play the best princess fashion game around with this great makeover game!


Apply facial masks and clean her face to remove any blemishes.
Add a touch of makeup to make your princess look stunning.
Choose a beautiful outfit and hair style to complement her stunning features.
Accessorize with beautiful jewellery to give your princess that sparkle bling look.


Prom Hairdo

Prom Hairdo APK

bwebmedia.promhairdo - Prom Hairdo

Now that it's time for the prom, you get to make your very own unique hair style. In this hairdressing game, you'll get to style your hair just like you went to a real hair salon. You'll also get to do your own makeup to complete your look. With dozens of braiding styles, haircuts, and accessories to choose from, you'll be the most gorgeous girl at the prom!


Before your style your hair, you'll need to add shampoo, wash it, and brush it.

Make sure to blow dry it to remove all of the frizz so that your hair will look great once you’re done.

Braid the hair so that it is neatly gathered and looks sleek.

Add the final touches with makeup and lots of accessories, including clips and pearls.

You'll even get to change your hair color so that everyone will see how beautiful and unique your style is.


Sandra Camping with Dad

Sandra Camping with Dad APK

bwebmedia.sandracampingwithdad - Sandra Camping with Dad

Enjoy the great outdoors with Sandra and her dad as they go on a camping adventure. Help them unpack their items, pitch a tent, fish for their food, as well as cook and eat their meal under the sparkling starlit sky. Camping with your friends has never been this much fun! Go on your next outdoor adventure with Sandra today!


Unpack the backpack and assemble the tent ready for camping.
Give Sandra her safety jacket and fishing rod then catch as many fish as you can.
Help them make a fire to keep them warm before getting ready to cook.
Prepare and cook the fish for a yummy camping treat.
Sit under the stars and eat an amazing meal while enjoying your camping trip with Sandra


Beauty Spa Salon Makeover

Beauty Spa Salon Makeover APK

com.dressupone.beautysalon - Beauty Spa Salon Makeover

Own your own beauty spa salon and give all your customers a relaxing and fun time! This makeover beauty game allows you to easily give your customers an all round makeover treatment with make-up, a manicure, a pedicure and more! Here you can wax your customers face, shave her legs, pop her pimples, massage her back, decorate and accessorize her toe nails, finger nails, legs and arms, while completing the look by applying her makeup to make her look stunningly radiant. Be the best spa salon owner today and work your magic with this beauty salon makeover game while having lots of fun!


WAX your customers face to remove any hair around the mouth and nose

PLUCK her eyebrows to make them neat and tidy

APPLY shaving cream to your customer's legs and shave the hair off before rinsing her legs to make her skin silky and smooth

WASH and rinse her face clean ready for pimple popping

POP the pimples and add a moisturizing mask to make her skin nice and smooth!

APPLY massage oil and moisturizer to her back and massage all the tight muscles before rinsing her off

PLACE the massage stones onto her back in a line to release any stress from the day

DECORATE, accessorize and color her finger nails, hands, toe nails, and legs while giving her a lovely manicure and pedicure

COMPLETE her look by changing her eye color and applying makeup including lipstick, blush, eyeliner, eye-shadow, and eyelash color

EARN money to unlock cosmetics


Clean Up Hair Salon

Clean Up Hair Salon APK

com.dressupone.cleanuphairsalon - Clean Up Hair Salon

Owning a hair salon is an important thing, and when running one you have to make sure it is nice and tidy at all times. With this clean up game you get to put everything back into its place before you let your customers in. Here you get to fold the towels, straighten all the bottles, pick up the chairs, as well as rearrange the picture frame, vacuum the floor, mop the floor and clean the mirrors. With so much cleaning to be done you will have to race against the time so your customers don't see the mess. So if you want to run a hair salon why not try this clean up game today and see if you can get it in fine order before you open shop.


Fold the towels and place them back onto the shelf neatly.

Straighten the bottles and place and lose ones back onto the shelves.

Pick up the chairs and hair machines so they are nice and tidy.

Rearrange the picture frame until it is straight on the wall.

Use the cloth to wipe the mess from the mirrors and back of the hair machines.

Vacuum the floor to help remove an excess dirt and mess on the floor.

Mop the floor to help remove any extra wetness on the floor.


Cosplay Girls, Dress Up Game

Cosplay Girls, Dress Up Game APK

com.dressupone.cosplaygirls - Cosplay Girls, Dress Up Game

Do you like challenges? Well if you do then you will just love this cosplay! Now you can easily challenge yourself by guessing your favourite characters by mixing and matching their outfits. By carefully selected different pieces of clothing and accessories you can create comic character and anime characters! With keen and clever thinking you will be able to time yourself of how fast you can create each of the characters. So if you love a challenge then you will just love this Cosplay challenge and share with all your friends.

- CHALLENGE yourself by creating each of the hidden characters

- DRESS UP, MIX and MATCH each separate clothing and accessories until you have created each character

- TIME yourself to see how long it takes you each time until you are the fastest challenge completer

- ENJOY yourself and have fun with your friends to see who can complete the challenge the fastest
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