Web Browser for Android

Web Browser for Android APK

explore.web.browser - Web Browser for Android

Web Browser for Android is the free web browser. The Web Browser is fast and easy to use, with the latest security and privacy features to help you stay safe on the internet.

- Tabbed Internet Browsing
- Incognito Mode: Private browse the web without saving any browser history.
- Security: Keep your browsing safe & private.
- Fast: Get to the internet faster, with quick start-up and page load times
- Supports Adobe Flash Player
- Supports Homepage, Bookmarks, History, Small Footprint and Full-screen mode.
- Super easy copy/paste
- Quick search: Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other default search engines
- User Agent settings
- Advanced Gesture feature
- Sharing: Super-easy and intuitive ways to share mobile contents through social media channels.
- QR Code Scanner
- Advanced Settings
- Uses the Native JavaScript and WebKit Engine So file size is smaller


HD Video Downloader & Browser

HD Video Downloader & Browser APK - HD Video Downloader & Browser

Smart Video Downloader
Multi Tabs Browser
Bookmark , History and more ...
Simple Browse video site in simple UI and easy to use .
no limited download
Downloads Video Formats : Support all download videos formats like FLV, MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG, WMV, 3GP, MKV and mpeg.
Free to download all your favorite videos from all sites .

detect downloadable videoswhile your browse through the web .

How To Use Video Downloader
automatically detect downloadable videos while your browse through the web just Follow these steps :

- use the browser or search bar to find video .
- start play the video you like .
- automatically detect downloadable video
- the downlod button will show immediately in bottom .

► Press dwonload button .
► go to "Download" section and enjoy with downloading .

Thanks for downloading .

☆☆☆ Try the App and Rate us to Help us , Thanks .

IMPORTANT : Downloading Files that are Protected by copyright is prohibited and regulated by the laws of the country .

IMPORTANT : This app is Not Support Youtube Downloading due to their Terms Of Service .


APUS Browser - Fast download & Private & Secure

APUS Browser - Fast download & Private & Secure APK

com.apusapps.browser - APUS Browser - Fast download & Private & Secure

Small, fast, safe, private, APUS Browser is one of the best web browser apps for Android mobile phone and tablet. You can not only search and navigate as usual but also download with high speed.

Less than 10 MB, this free internet explorer browser provides a large number of useful features and add-ons, Flash Player, Speed Mode, Full Screen Mode, Incognito Mode, No Image Mode, etc. It makes APUS Browser the best free, full-featured, private browser for Android.

Key Features
• Boosted Speed - Faster browsing speed and no more waiting
• Fast Download - Super-fast & smart download
• Automatic Protection - Protect your phone with URL safety checking
• Incognito Mode - no history, cookies etc. leaved when you start from search.
• Lite APK - Tiny size with large content
• Multi-Tab Manager - You can easily navigate several sites in different tabs at the same time
• More to explore - TELL US WHAT YOU WANT

Learn more about APUS Browser

► Boosted Speed
This fast browser can smartly predict your browsing needs and accelerate page loading speed, giving you the most fluent and intuitive browsing experience for Android phone and tablet. And this Internet browser compresses data to save precious MBs and speed up navigation for you. The browser can be even faster in Speed Mode and No Image Mode.

► Fast Download
Speedy and stabilize download are realized in APUS Browser. You can manager all of your downloads (documents, APKs, pics, etc.) in the browser.

► Automatic Protection
It keeps your phone safe by showing warnings to you when you attempt to navigate to dangerous sites or download dangerous files.

► Incognito Mode
We do new thing on incognito mode that is when you started search, you could choose incognito mode that makes no history, cookies traces, cache, etc. left. Incognito Mode makes the browser perfectly private and secret.

► Multi-Tab Manager & Desktop Site Mode
This web browser allows users to switch between tabs and browse website in PC browser & mobile browser mode.

► Fast search (comes with in-page search)
This browser app provides powerful search engine list. Even better, the in-page search helps you find whatever you need within website pages.

We do not provide the service/content for any minors under 16 years old (or equivalent minimum age in relevant jurisdiction). If you are a minor meeting the above conditions, you must read the terms of User Agreement and use this app under the guidance of your guardian, and confirm that your guardian agrees to your Use of this app.

Any feedback, comments, criticisms or suggestions are welcomed, please connect us:

LIKE APUS Browser to get the latest news about us:



Anti Porno Browser - Block Porn & Parent Control

Anti Porno Browser  - Block Porn & Parent Control APK

com.browser.antiporno - Anti Porno Browser - Block Porn & Parent Control

Anti Porn Browser can blocks access to porn websites, We are really anti-porn browser for android. Don't hesitate to DOWNLOAD
The best way to surf online without being disturbed by porn websites and adult apps
We allow you to protect your children against the danger of pornografia..
We have blocked millions of porn pages and porn app lists we are working to secure it more.
Google Safe Search automatically turns on !
App Lock build-in can be used to lock unsafe apps.

No more access to all major xxx websites that include xxx videos and sex photos.
We are the best Content Filter Web Browser.
You can give your cellphone or tablet to all the members of your family and keep your mind relax.

Porn is dangerous, please get away from it with our application. We constantly update the list of porn websites that are created on internet.
We can't block 100% of sexual content but 99%.

Anti Porno Browser has the following features:

★ Anti Porn, Anti Adult content website
★ Anti Abused Drugs including Marijuana
★ Anti online game to block the popular game related website
★ Anti Violation, gambling or gun related website or forums
★ Anti social networking to block popular website like and
★ Anti spyware and virus web site
★ Anti anonymous proxy web site to bypass firewall or parental control software
★ Anti spam web site used to sending most of the spam email in the internet
★ Anti porn for android client
★ Anti por n broser and antiporn app
★ antiporn android browser apk
★ block porno and antporn
★ porn website and porn apk list from offical site
★ antiporn video download and anitporn sex images

Don't hesitate to send us an email if you find a website that wasn't blocked by our system.

With Anti Porno it's really simple, no setup, just enjoy the web.


Smart Browser - Free, Fast, Secure Private Browser

Smart Browser - Free, Fast, Secure Private Browser APK - Smart Browser - Free, Fast, Secure Private Browser

Swipe Browser is a free web browser for android devices with Fast Download, Data Saving, Ad-Block functionality, and helps you access music, video, cricket information with smooth experience. You can visit many cricket sites to support your team, and watch cricket live stream, and check out match scores on Swipe Browser. You can also check your train status, train ticket booking, seat availability, and other train enquiry on Swipe Browser.

Browse Faster:
★ By removing trackers and ads, Web pages may require less data and load faster. Browse like no one’s watching. The new Swipe Browser automatically blocks a wide range of online trackers.

Beautiful Themes:
★ Swipe Browser includes a variety of colorful "Swipe" themes to match your desktop or personality, with exciting new themes coming soon.


Browser for xkcd

Browser for xkcd APK

com.floern.xkcd - Browser for xkcd

This browser for xkcd is a Comic Viewer for the Webcomic of and a Reader for Articles at

xkcd Comics:
* Shows Comic's Title, Image, Hover Text, etc.
* Offline Storage, Download All & Offline Mode
* Notification for new Comics
* Archive: List of all Comics
* Random & Search Function
* Favorites & Comic Ranking
* Integration of

What-if Articles:
* Read Article including images and TeX formulas
* Offline Storage, Download All & Offline Mode
* Notification for new Articles
* Archive: List of all Articles


Ninesky Browser

Ninesky Browser APK

com.ninesky.browser - Ninesky Browser

Ninesky is the most suitable browser for Android mobile.

It is smarter and faster than other browsers. Ninesky pays more attention to your Internet security and protection of personally private data.

Speed Dial and Smart Address Bar can help you more conveniently and fast type the URL on the mobile.

You can use Cloud Bookmarks functions share your bookmarks in different mobile devices. You do not need worry about losing the bookmarks when you lose your mobile or change it. That is because as long as you sync the Cloud Bookmarks to your new mobile, you will get it.

There are three wonderful search engines in Ninesky browser. You can select your favourite search engine in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

It can support all the HTML5 and WWW web pages. You can use it play FLASH on the online video websites.

More improvements are about content sharing, easy using and user experience mode. We hope you will love Ninesky browser and help us improve it. Let us create a wonderful mobile browser together.

Secure and private protection
- Powerful secure protection including detecting security of sites. There will be warnings when dangerous websites are attacking. We will protect you personally private data.

Supports three search engines
- There are three wonderful search engines in Ninesky browser: Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Cloud bookmarks
- You can have your own Cloud bookmarks in Ninesky browser and you can sync your local bookmarks to your Cloud bookmarks. Doing that can more safely protect your data.

Speed dial
- There are eight speed dials on the homepage. Ninesky browser presets two popular websites for you: Facebook and YouTube.

Intelligent typing
- You just need type a few letters or key words of the website that intelligent address bar will automatically match the popular websites, your bookmarks or browsing history for you.

Download and file manager
- You can conveniently use the Ninesky browser download images and files. Download icon will be displayed in the system message bar.

Browsing tabs
- Browsing tabs makes browsing the mobile web as easy as using desktop. Do not need leave your webpage that you can open others website.

- Ninesky browser provides an amazing browsing experience with Multi-Touch Zoom. On the screen, using two fingers can easily make the text bigger or smaller. Meanwhile, double-click the screen can zoom the page.

A variety of “Internet Modes”
- There are three “Internet Modes” can be chosen: Saved traffic mode, No trace mode and Web optimization.

Shortcuts in web page
- You keep pressing the links, words or images in the page when you are browsing, there will be showing some shortcuts: open in new window, save bookmark, share content, save picture, set wallpaper and so on.

Memory release
- Install applications or file to your SD card. Your mobile memory will be saved and will run faster.

View switch
- View switch function is so sweet. You can freely switch your view between computer and mobile. you can switch the view in Android, iPhone Safari, iPad Safari, Desktop Chrome and Desktop Firefox.

If you have any suggestions, please tell me. (


Me Browser

Me Browser APK

com.mebrowser.webapp - Me Browser

Me Browser is a free web browser for android devices with Fast Download, Ad-Block functionality,tab bar, sidebars, incognito browsing and helps you access music, video, cricket information with smooth experience. Customized cricket feature is available on Me Browser.

Great Features
✔Smooth User Experience (pop up blocker)
✔Ad Block (pop up blocker)
✔ Multi Tabs Bar
✔ Bookmarks
✔ Advance Search
✔Desktop Site Mode
✔No Image Mode
✔Night Mode

★Smooth User Experience - No more frozen pages. Enjoy the smoothest Internet surfing. Your search results instantly appear, quick access to socializing, web searching and entertaining.
★Adblock (pop up blocker) – Me Browser is designed with a built-in adblocker to provide an ad-free and seamless browsing experience.
★Multi Tabs Bar - It displays your open tabs, and lets you switch between them by swiping. Let you browse the web as PC Browser & desktop browser.
★Bookmarks – Save Your Favorites url Of Website Using Me Browsers Bookmark .
★Advance Search–Now Search Quickly faster Then Ever.
★Desktop Site Mode –Open Any Website In Pc Mode Without Any Issue.
★No Image Mode–Browse The World Wide Web With less data using no image mode.
★Night Mode - Switch to Night Mode to protect your eyesight and read more comfortably.

About Me Browser
Me Browser Is True made In India. We have a mission to save the web by increasing browsing speed and safety for users, while growing ad revenue share for content creators.

The web has become a different place. With the ad-tech ecosystem out of control, users have revolted and blocking ads has become the new weapon of choice for improving their browsing speed, safety and privacy. Unfortunately, blocking alone results in a race to the bottom where nobody wins. Without the ability for content creators to earn money for their efforts, users could be left with fewer sites to browse, relegated to hand-picked content from controlled sources.

Me Browser aims to transform the online ad ecosystem with micro payments and a new revenue-sharing solution to give users and publishers a better deal, where fast, safe browsing is the path to a brighter future for the open web.

To learn more about Me browser which has a built-in AdBlock, tracking and security protection, and optimized data and battery experience, please go to

Support: If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at


M!Browser – Micromax Browser

M!Browser – Micromax Browser APK

com.micromaxinfo.browser - M!Browser – Micromax Browser

M!Browser is official browser for all Micromax devices. It offers a Light Weight Web Platform for Smart Phones users with advanced functionalities like Browsing, App store and Services.
All the content inside the app is regional based which is based on user preference and location.
User can do many things from this app like Shopping, playing games, browse sites, hear to Music and watch movies etc.
M!Browser is first Indian browser solution providing hyper-regional content covering majoring Indian states. It provides news in all major languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Oriya , Bengali, Malayalam.
Main Features
★ Regional Browser
★ App Store
★ Services
★ Latest News
★ Websites based on states
★ PNR Status, Shopping, Games
★ Smooth User Experience
★ Lighter and Faster

★ Regional Browser
Home page is designed considering complex India demographics (29 states & 23 languages) & consumer behaviors.
Home Page serves three different kinds of data to consumer like India centric, Selected State specific content and Latest News

★ App Store
M!Browser provides top pre-installed apps to users. No need for user to install any of the apps and he can use the apps straight away.
M!Browser uses advanced Progressive webapps concept to achieve this behavior. This concept solves many of the user pain points like limited memory, sluggishness, discovery of apps etc.


Aloha Browser - private fast browser with free VPN

Aloha Browser - private fast browser with free VPN APK

com.alohamobile.browser - Aloha Browser - private fast browser with free VPN

Aloha Browser is a fast, free, full-featured web browser that provides maximum privacy and security.

🌎 FREE Unlimited VPN: taking your Internet freedom and security to the next level
⛔️ AD BLOCK: surf in an ad free environment
🎡 DOWNLOADS manager: save & watch videos, music and other files.
πŸ›£ VR PLAYER: enjoy VR videos directly from the browser
😎 PRIVATE TABS: lock private tabs with fingerprint or passcode and keep it private
πŸ›‘ SECURITY: fast secure VPN connection on demand
πŸ™ˆ PRIVACY: we don’t log any of your activity and will never share it with anyone, because we have nothing to share

Free VPN is available anywhere in the world, just one tap away. Hit πŸ›‘ icon to turn VPN on and off.

You can watch both 360 and VR (Cardboard) videos. Download videos for better experience or just watch it online, right from the browser.

Aloha Browser features powerful downloads manager. You can download videos directly from the media player while watching them online or download music, videos and files as you do on desktop.


We are a group of enthusiasts whose main concern is the current lack of Internet privacy. That’s why we have created Aloha Browser. Our mission is to keep you safe, and make your web browsing as private as you want it to be.

Discover more:
Feedback & Support:
Privacy policy:
Terms & Conditions:


Puffin TV - Fast Web Browser

Puffin TV - Fast Web Browser APK

com.cloudmosa.puffinTV - Puffin TV - Fast Web Browser

Puffin TV is a special edition of Puffin optimized for Android TV users for video watching, music listening and Internet surfing.

A better user experience is made possible by Puffin's wicked fast cloud rendering. Puffin is faster than other browsers or even native apps. The performance advantage is especially noticeable on entry-level Android TV sets.

Puffin TV removes the traditional web browser UI for a fully immersed Android TV experience. Puffin UI is kept as subtle and intuitive as possible. For example, Puffin TV automatically recommends most popular sites for users. It has never been easier to share a page from your smart phone to Puffin TV.

☆ Incredible page load and rendering speed
☆ Optimized video playback
☆ Intuitive app navigation design
☆ Sharing pages to Puffin TV from any devices
☆ Full web experience
☆ Fastest JavaScript engine

===== Limitations =====
* The data centers of Puffin are in the US and the cloud servers can only access public web sites from US geolocations.
* For users outside the US, local contents, especially videos of local interest, may not be accessible from the US due to geo-restrictions in their home countries.
* Puffin is blocked in some countries (e.g., China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates) and by some schools (e.g., in United States).


Private Browser - Smart & Fast Privacy Web Browser

Private Browser - Smart & Fast Privacy Web Browser APK

com.eagle.web.browser.internet.privacy.browser - Private Browser - Smart & Fast Privacy Web Browser

Private Browser is a free web browser for android devices with Fast Download, Data Saving, Ad-Block functionality, and helps you access music, video, cricket information with smooth experience. You can visit many cricket sites to support your team, and watch cricket live stream, and check out match scores on Private Browser. You can also check your train status, train ticket booking,seat availability, and other train enquiry on Private Browser.

Browse like no one’s watching. The new Private Browser automatically blocks a wide range of online trackers — from the moment you launch it to the second you leave it. Easily erase your history, passwords and cookies, so you won’t get followed by things like unwanted ads.

“Private browsing” on most browsers isn’t comprehensive or easy to use. Private Browser is next-level privacy that’s free, always on and always on your side.

• Blocks a wide range of common Web trackers without any settings to set
• Easily erases your history — no passwords, no cookies, no trackers

• By removing trackers and ads, Web pages may require less data and load faster


Turbo Browser: Private & Adblocker & Fast Download

Turbo Browser: Private & Adblocker & Fast Download APK - Turbo Browser: Private & Adblocker & Fast Download

Experience the best free & mini web browser for Android. Turbo Browser is offering a top safe browsing experience with incognito mode, enhanced adblocker, data saver and smooth download speed. What’s more, Turbo Browser brings you daily news without repeat, access the content you really care about.

Main Attraction πŸš€

Trending news
Turbo browser offers 24 hours of non-repeating news, you can easily keep up to date with the latest social news and hotspots in the fastest web browser app. Meanwhile, customizable URL navigation allows you to quickly link to your favorite sites.

Max Data-saving
With Turbo Browser's compressed images, videos, and files, you can save up to 40% of your traffic data without reducing quality. And for its no image mode, it can also help you read articles better, without the influence of images and ads. Turbo Browser did do slightly better in data saving than other Android browsers.

Speedy Experience
As one of the fastest Android browsers, Turbo Browser not only loads webpages fast but also download multiple files (documents, PDFs, photos, videos, and games) in a super high speed. With our optimization technique and browser cleaner, navigate to a website is 30% faster than other browsers.

Powerful Ad-blocker
Turbo Browser has robust ad blockers that protect users from ads, spam, pop-ups, and viruses while searching for information, browsing websites and reading articles. Use the free adblocker web browser to easily enjoy a stable and clean browsing experience.

Identify Malware Website
When you attempt to navigate to dangerous sites, Turbo Browser can correctly detect malicious websites and displayed a warning hint so that you can avoid privacy leaks and computer viruses. This function is built-in Turbo Browser without relying on extensions.

Private Browsing
Turbo Browser includes a private browser, all your actions are anonymous and untraceable in our incognito mode. Whenever you exit the private internet browser, the history, cookies and even cache are completely gone.

Multiple Customizations
For ease of use, Turbo Browser offers multiple convenient customizations. You can open different browser tabs at one single window, toggle between them easily. If you close the webpage accidentally, just recover it from the history. Besides, you can customize full screen, font size, PC version, etc. according to your personal habits to build your unique browsing space.

Smart Searching
With the fastest web browser, there are a variety of search engines for you to choose from, you can quickly find any keyword you want through the "Page Search" feature of the smartest internet browser.

More Surprises

Real-time Weather
Check the local weather and temperature within 5 days from the homepage of the best internet browser at any time.

Varieties of Games
Turbo Browser gives you 500+ online games, you needn’t download them to play with friends. Great tool to kill the time.

Maybe You Want Ask
-How to enter the ad blocking mode?
Turbo Browser is a free adblocker browser app. It has a built-in AD blocking feature and is enabled by default. So once you open it, you're in AD blocking mode.

-How to enter or exit the incognito mode?
Open Turbo Browser > Click on the bottom menu bar of > Incognito/Normal. So best private internet browser it is.

About US πŸ‘€
If you have any issues, suggestions or just want to say hello:
Facebook: Turbo Browser

Now download and update the best adblock & private Internet browser to experience extreme searching, browsing and downloading. Share to your friend if you like us!


JioBrowser - Fast, Lite & Indian Language support.

JioBrowser - Fast, Lite & Indian Language support. APK - JioBrowser - Fast, Lite & Indian Language support.

Experience the Fastest and most secure browser for your smartphone !!
JioBrowser is one of the first Indian browsers that’s developed keeping the Indian users in mind. It is designed to provide a fast and secure internet surfing experience along with some of the most engaging News & Entertainment content available today.

Key features
• Fast and easy to browse
• Lightweight Browser
• Regional language support
• Latest News and Videos
• Live Cricket score updates
• Quick links for the top search websites
• Quick Share
• Manage downloads and history
• Desktop experience enabled.
• Incognito mode browsing (Private Browser)
• Memory and Battery saver.
• Voice search

Live Cricket score Updates: Now track ball by ball coverage of the all the upcoming Indian Cricket action.
Regional Language Support: JioBrowser supports 8 Indian languages along with English.
Quick access to top sites: JioBrowser has integrated quick links for some of the Best websites, just click the logo of the website and start surfing.
Share with Friends: JioBrowser allows the users to share their favorite articles or videos easily with their friends and colleagues through social media.
Privacy Protection: JioBrowser also protects users with leading privacy and security features such as HTTPS (encrypted data traffic).
Private Browsing: Incognito mode allows you to protect your browsing history and offer a private surfing experience
Share with Friends: Now share your favorite News or Video easily with your contacts on social media.
Manage Downloads & History: Easily manage your downloads and history from the browser
Quick links of JioBrowser

We would love to hear from you. You can share your feedback with us on our play store page feedback section or write to us at
You can access the terms and conditions and privacy policy from the app settings menu.


cl mobile™pro - Browser for Classified listings

cl mobile™pro  - Browser for Classified listings APK

com.mtph.clmobilePro - cl mobile™pro - Browser for Classified listings

cl mobile™pro - Browser for Classified listings is an easier means to access Classified ads marketplaces on your mobile device. Now browse, search and post classifieds on Multiple Classified Marketplaces at once through your mobile on-the-go.

Looking for daily classified ads to search for products, job ads, yard sale, garage sale or car sale? cl mobile is a mobile browser solution for websites like Oodle, Classified Ads ,Laconto, Recycler, Kijiji, Gumbtree and to improve the user's experience and provide easy access to users on those Classified Marketplaces. Some of the largest classifieds marketplace in the world to sell, buy, rent house, furniture, property, new & used stuff etc.

cl mobile™pro - Browser for Classified listings ads makes selling stuff super easy for you by letting you post for sale ads of a garage, yard, furniture, property, used cars or listing homes for rent ads, straight from a mobile app. You can browse the products & services, posted by the neighbors next door or others around. Now let go of things you don’t want anymore & offer them up to make some money.

Our browser app can also be used to find events nearby, upload resumes to find jobs, to join the community of artists, politics, volunteers next door or any other group of people, search for gigs or services related to beauty, computers, finance, real estate etc. Some of the most loved features of the app are:

✓User-friendly search
✓Ability to search multiple cities
✓Account login
✓Add your own home page
✓Add a search engine
✓Ability to save favorite ads
✓Share ads directly from app
✓Post & offer up sale ads directly from the app
✓Reply, call, text directly from app
✓Sort items for sale in the results by low/high price

Because cl mobile is just a browser, we are able to bring all the native things that you love about these MarketPlaces. cl mobile - Classified Ads is an extremely easy-to-use app that allows users to search from millions of classified ads posted every day, and to post ads directly from the app. Optimized for the mobile devices, cl mobile - Classified Ads provides functionalities of the browser version of the Classifieds on mobile devices with easy and usability.

Browse through sections devoted to jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, services, community, gigs, resumes, & discussion forums with more than 80 million new classified advertisements posted each month. cl mobile - Classified Ads lets you post to Hoobly, Oodle, Classified Ads ,Laconto, Recycler, Kijiji, Gumbtree and from within the app and helps you in selling stuff, finding local deals ranging from furniture, property, used cars, to garage sale, yard sale, homes for rent. mobile you can buy items & products, avail services or join online communities present on Multiple Marketplaces.

★NEW!! added UI features:
- Easy access to your account.
- Quick access to your postings for selling stuff easily.
- Easily set & see your alerts on new for sale postings based on your search criteria.
- User login persistence to keep you logged in longer.
- Let go of ads from cl mobile
- Save Searches along with your favorite products or other classifieds. Just perform a search & select the add to favorites button.
- Ability to select multiple cities to search through at one time. Select the cities you are interested in, under the city select option, then use the up & down arrow to change to a different city after your search.

Post ads to sell items, used cars, garage, yard, furniture, offer up products, rent cars, rent house, buy car, services or find useful stuff nearby on world’s biggest classified marketplace using clmobile™ - Browser for Classified ads

*We are not directly affiliated with Craigslist, Hoobly, Oodle, Classified Ads ,Laconto, Recycler, Kijiji, and Gumbtree, however, we are providing a more convenient way to access Classified Marketplace through a mobile browser experience*


Opera Mini browser beta

Opera Mini browser beta APK - Opera Mini browser beta

Download Opera Mini beta for Android. Preview our latest browser features and save data while browsing the internet. Get your favourite online content faster.

Get a glimpse of the upcoming features of Opera Mini, our best browser for Android versions 2.3 and up, on both phones and tablets. Opera Mini is fast, free and beautifully designed. This is a beta and we want your feedback to create a better browser for you.

Opera Mini beta has been designed with a native look and made more intuitive to use. With less clutter, less hassle and a sneak peek at our upcoming features, Opera Mini’s beta gives you a superior browsing experience. Keep in mind that this is a beta app.
Download Opera Mini beta and enjoy one of the fastest browsers for Android. It’s always free to install and use. So, test the quicker way to browse and enjoy the web on your device.

Thank you for testing the Opera Mini beta!

If you’re looking for our stable, public version of Opera Mini, you can download it here:

Let us know how we can improve Opera Mini. Visit us and give us feedback at
Have questions or need help? Visit
Get the latest news about Opera Software:
Twitter –
Facebook –

Terms & Conditions:
By downloading this application, you are agreeing to the End User Licence Agreement at Also, you can learn how Opera handles and protects your data in our Privacy Statement at


Samsung Internet Browser Beta

Samsung Internet Browser Beta APK - Samsung Internet Browser Beta

Samsung Internet Beta gives you early access to the newest features of the secure, private and optimized mobile web browser.

Security & Privacy
Samsung Internet helps you protect your security and privacy while browsing the Internet.

* Smart Anti-Tracking
Intelligently identify domains which have cross-site tracking ability and block storage(cookie) access.

* Protected Browsing
We will warn you before you can view known malicious sites to prevent you from visiting web sites which may try to steal your data.

* Content Blockers
Samsung Internet for Android allows 3rd party apps to provide filters for Content Blocking, making browsing safer and more streamlined.

* Do Not Track
Switch on the new Do Not Track setting to ask websites not to collect your data or track your browsing.

UI Improvements
* One-Handedness UI
Change UI concept for one-handed usability by following One UI, which is Samsung's new UI concept.

* Save All Images
All images from a web page can be saved at once.

* Reader Mode
Reader Mode allows you to read articles clearly and comfortably. Now you can customize Reader Mode’s appearance by choosing the font, font size and background.

* URL Bar
The URL bar shows a badge for allowing quick access to Reader Mode. Also an Add To Homescreen button which allows installation of Web Apps in a single tap.

* Download Manager
Download files faster with our new optimised, parallel download system. It is also easier to manage your downloads - you can pause, resume and cancel downloads directly from the notification.

* Tab Swipe
Swipe left or right in the URL bar or bottom toolbar, to navigate to your previous/next tab.

* High Contrast Mode
High Contrast Mode can be enabled in the settings of Samsung Internet, for those who require increased contrast to view webpages more comfortably like visually impaired.

More Comfortable
Samsung Internet supports features that make your everyday browsing more comfortable.

* Web Payments
Shopping on the web will get more secure and easier than ever with support for the new Web Payments API, letting you check out and pay securely with only a few taps.

* Amazon Shopping Assistant
Amazon Shopping Assistant can be turned on to enable you to get the best deals when shopping on the web by comparing products with Amazon.

Better integrated with Samsung devices
Samsung Internet aims to provide a consistent and continuous user experience among various Samsung devices.

* You can use biometric authentication for website logins, Web Payments and accessing Secret Mode, on supported Samsung devices.

* Place the phone into a Gear VR headset when you are viewing a web page and it will open in immersive Virtual Reality.

* Optimized for desktop browsing with DeX.

* Transfer Quick Access items across devices (where each device has version 8.2+) using Smart Switch.

Engine Upgrade
We have upgraded the browser engine to Chromium 67.

The following permissions are required for the app service.
For optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed.

Required permissions

Optional permissions
Telephone: Used to check device-unique identification information for app analysis information
Location: Used to provide location-based content requested by the user or location information requested by the webpage in use
Camera: Used to provide webpage shooting function and QR code shooting function
Microphone: Used to provide recording function on webpage
Contacts: Used to get the device account information for cloud sync
Storage: Used to store files when downloading from webpages

If your system software version is lower than Android 6.0, please update the software to configure App permissions.
Previously allowed permissions can be reset on Apps menu in device settings after software update.


4G Speed Internet: Light & Fast - Internet Browser

4G Speed Internet: Light & Fast - Internet Browser APK

com.speedinternethd.speedbrowser7g8g9g - 4G Speed Internet: Light & Fast - Internet Browser

Speed Internet HD: Light & Fast - Internet Browser - Super Fast Browser - speed browser, speed internet browser, browser app, 4Gbrowser 2019, 4G web browser, 4g speed internet 2019 is a free app on Android and tablets that have lots of great features will give you a great, safe, light and fast experience. This application will speed up your browser to achieve the quality of surfing on your Internet.

Download and work with the internet browser 4G Speed Internet HD: Light & Fast - Internet Browser - 4g speed browser, 9g speed internet browser, 4g browser app, 4g browser 2019, 4g web browser, 4g speed internet 2019 app every day. Working with the fastest web browser you'll get a lot of pluses.

4G Speed Internet HD: Light & Fast - Internet Browser - Super Fast Browser - Speed Internet 2019 - 4g speed browser, 4g speed internet browser, 4g browser app, 4g browser 2019, 4g web browser, 4g speed internet 2019 for android is a fast, easy, secure and lightweight browser for mobile phones. Web browsers support both phones and tablets. It gives you impressive browsing and download experience.
Web browser is based on Android kernel WebKit.

- A lightweight browser
- Desktop mode, Night mode
- Simple interface
- Watch video content & fast
- Use multiple tabs at once
- Small size / mini
- internet security
- Save memory
- Initial setting, adjust letter size, slider bar
- Quick and smart search
- Add a website directly to the homepage
- Works very well on 3G, 4G, 4.5G network speeds
- Tabbed Browsing Internet
- Privacy: Keep your web browsing safe and private.
- Safe: Access to browse everything on the Internet without saving anything.
- Quick: Get internet faster, with quick startup and page load times
- Adobe Flash Player support
- Small footprints
- Full screen mode.
- Install Font Size.
- Bookmarks
- Home page
- Search suggestions.
- Search on the page.
- Super easy to copy / paste
- Quick search: default search engine
- Set up the User Agent
- Enhanced Gesture Features
- Share: super easy and intuitive way to share mobile content through social media channels.
- Advanced setup
- Use the native JavaScript and WebKit engine. So the file size is smaller
- Setting general browser (adjust font size, slider bar, etc...)
- Advances setting, recovery setting
- Add any websites directly to home page
- Watch video fully & fast

4G Speed Internet HD: Light & Fast - Internet Browser - Super Fast Browser - 4g speed browser, 4g speed internet browser, 4g browser app, 4g browser 2019, 4g web browser, 4g speed internet 2019 is the smart web browser for Android and is compatible with most modern versions of Android for all users and 142 countries.
And many other features on The 4G Speed Internet: Light & Fast - Internet Browser - Super Fast Browser - Speed Internet. Use and enjoy the application of 4G Speed Internet: Light & Fast - Internet Browser - Super Fast Browser - 4g speed browser, 4g speed internet browser, 4g browser app, 4g browser 2019, 4g web browser, 4g speed internet 2019
It's always been faster, faster, lighter and more internet-based than other browsers, other browsers are 3G, 4G, 4.5G!

This produce is made by Top Browser for android: Light & Fast - Internet Browser version 3.1.1 softly with only 3Mb