Navi Browser

Navi Browser APK

com.speedupbrowser4g5g - Navi Browser

Navi Safari Browser is an extremely speedy browser for any android phone running . Enjoy the speed of like a safari leopard.

- super fast browsing speed
- Tab function
- Your favorite websites available in one click
- Constant and modern updates
- Full privacy

Disclaimer1: Navi Browser is a internet browser based on webkit and equipped with a great number of users across more than 139 countries and regions. This product is currently available for most android version

This app is based on Lightning Browser, and licensed under the Apache License.
Apache License, Version 2.0:

Privacy Policy Consent
By installing this app you agree to the following Privacy Policy


Dame MP3 - Multimedia free browser

Dame MP3 - Multimedia free browser APK

com.dmp3.browser - Dame MP3 - Multimedia free browser

DMP3 is a powerful multimedia browser created with the latest technologies that make it one of the safest and fastest in the market.

Using our browser, listing music, watch videos or viewing your favorite images has never been so easy and fast.

Based on the free WebKit project, we have managed to add numerous features that give you more speed when browsing, more security with SSL protocols and much more.

Listen to music like never before with our custom codecs. DMP3 supports most types of audio files like: MP3, MP4, WAV, MIDI, AC3, FLAC, SUNAKO and many more.

DMP3 incorporates a very powerful download manager, with which you can download any file 5 times faster than any other browser.

The browser itself has a format converter so that your music, video or images can have them in MP3, MP4 or any other format that you prefer.

Enjoy the best multimedia entertainment with DMP3, the best site to browse your favorite pages with the speed and security you deserve.


Rocket Browser

Rocket Browser APK

net.rocket.browser - Rocket Browser

Rocket Browser is full featured web browser that makes web browsing faster and easy. Support many features like Built in Ad Block, Incognito Browsing, Rendering Mode, Reading mode, Themes etc...


Faster - Rocket Browser is great load WebPages faster than your default browser.
AdBlock - that blocks ALL annoying ads, malware and tracking.
Reading Mode - Read contents in comfortable environment.
Incognito - Prevent webpage’s prying on your privacy.
Proxy - Built in proxy support for anonymous surfing.
Rendering Mode - Save Battery as well as protect your eyes.
Bookmark Import/Export - You can import bookmarks from your stock browser.
Search - Rocket browser support many search engines and can choose your search engine.
User Agent - Set your custom user agent or select from list.
Auto fill by Fillr -Fillr fill forms faster and easier in secure way.
Clean UI - User friendly.
This Browser is based on the open source project Lightening Browser under Apache License.

Landing Page:


Hermit • Lite Apps Browser

Hermit • Lite Apps Browser APK

com.chimbori.hermitcrab - Hermit • Lite Apps Browser

Fast, Tiny Web Apps with awesome Android integration

With Hermit, you can replace your large native apps with Web-based Lite Apps.

Browse faster, save data, block ads, protect your privacy, browse in Night Mode, Reader View, and customize your Lite Apps with over 20 different settings for every Lite App! All in a 3 MB app.

Free Forever: No limits, no ads, no tracking, no payment!
Premium: Get access to current and future Premium features with a ONE-TIME purchase:
Read More:

Subscribe to use all the newest features before everyone else!
Read More Why:

We respect your privacy, so we don’t collect any personal information or sell your data. You are our only source of support for many more years of innovative feature-packed updates. Thank you!

Hermit speeds up your browsing while also protecting your privacy.
No Ads. Not even in the Free Version.
Ad Blocker: Makes all web pages lean, tiny, and beautiful again.
Popup Blocker: Prevents unsafe and deceptive sites from opening new tabs or vibrating your phone.
JavaScript Blocker: makes most pages load faster.
Data Saver Mode: Speeds up browsing by reducing image size.

Privacy Focused: No ads, no behavior tracking, no personal information collected.
Phishing and Malware Protection: Hermit blocks any attempts to install native Android apps & integrates Google’s Malware Blocker.
Incognito Keyboard: Any site URLs you type will be marked private by your keyboard, and not used to personalize auto-completion.

Scriptlets: Run your own custom extension scripts! In-built support for Google Translate, Lite Pages, QR Code, and many others.
Reader App: Read Articles from any browser/app using Hermit’s article extraction technology.
Night Mode: View any web site in Night Mode with a dark background and light text.
Estimated Reading Time: See how long an article will take to read, and jump to Reader View.
Multi Window: Use two Lite Apps at once on Android Nougat and above.
Text Size: Increase/decrease text size to improve legibility.
Double Back: Ever got stuck because the back button takes you to the same page? Try Hermit’s Double Back feature!

Direct Share: Share text & links from any Android app to Hermit Lite Apps.
Add Home Screen Icons: Other browsers merely add an icon and forget your settings. Hermit makes it into a true Lite App. Compare for yourself:
Tab Reuse: Hermit doesn’t open new tabs if your Lite App is already open, just like native apps.
Atom/RSS Feed Notifications: Get immediately notified when a web site publishes new content.
Web Monitors: Feeds not supported? Hermit can monitor any specific part of any web page and notify you when it changes.

No other browser lets you customize as many settings as Hermit, and they’re saved individually for each Lite App.
Custom Icons: Pick any icon for your Lite Apps, or create a custom monogram!
Color Picker: Create your own theme.
Text Size: Change and save settings individually for each site.
Desktop Mode: Load desktop sites instead of mobile sites.
Frameless Mode & Full Screen Mode: You’ll have to try these out for yourself!
Orientation: Choose whether you want a Lite App to always open Vertical or Horizontal.


Exsoul Web Browser

Exsoul Web Browser APK

com.exsoul - Exsoul Web Browser

Exsoul Web Browser makes your browsing faster and richer and has usability which ensures the comfortable Internet use.

- Go back or forward across several histories at once.
- Search contents on several search engines. - Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Twitter, facebook, YouTube.
- Search suggestion.
- Open in another browser.
- Translate contents.
- Add favorite links to Speed Dial.
- Buttons are arranged in a way to enable users to use with one hand.
- Can see a desktop websites using a quick user-agent switching.
- Import bookmarks from the default browser.
- Work in 21 languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.
- After installing, users can start the internet without any initialization.
- Clear cache and history on exiting.
- Save pages as PDF.
- Support Adobe Flash Player on Android 2.2 and up.
- Open in background tab.
- Change volume button action - Page up/down, tab switching.

Check out

*Exsoul Browser has advertisements under the navigation bar and bookmark menu which can be removed by license key for our continuous development. We appreciate your understanding.


Web Browser

Web Browser APK

tools.browser.webbrowser - Web Browser

Web Browser is fast, secure, and easy to use. Web Browser design for both phone and tablet, you can have the best web surfing experience for using Web Browser.

- Tabbed Internet Browsing
- Incognito Mode: Private browse the web without saving any browser history
- Security: Keep your browsing safe & private
- Quick to start up, quick to load and render pages
- Supports Homepage, Bookmarks, History, Small Footprint and Full-screen mode.
- Multi-touch Pinch Zoom
- User Agent settings
- Easy to add bookmarks

This app is based on Lightning Browser, and licensed under the Mozilla Public License v.2.0.
Refer to for more details.
Mozilla Public License v.2.0:


Aloha Browser Lite - Private browser and free VPN

Aloha Browser Lite - Private browser and free VPN APK

com.alohamobile.browser.lite - Aloha Browser Lite - Private browser and free VPN

Try Aloha Browser Lite - it is a fast, free, full-featured web browser that provides maximum privacy and security.

๐Ÿ† Award winning private browser has a lightweight version now ๐Ÿฅ‡

⚡️FAST as a lightning
๐Ÿ“› No Annoying ads
๐ŸŒŽ FREE unlimited VPN
๐Ÿ”‘ SECURE encrypted connection
๐Ÿ”’ LOCK app or private tabs
⚖️ LIGHTWEIGHT because sometimes size does matter
๐Ÿ™ˆ PRIVACY: we don’t log any of your activity and will never share it with anyone, because we have nothing to share

Lightning fast browsing with no compromises. Browser is built for entry level devices and Android Go and will work as fast as possible with less battery drain.

With free unlimited VPN, Aloha Browser is taking your Internet freedom and security to the next level. Free VPN is available anywhere in the world, just one tap away. Hit ๐Ÿ›ก icon to turn VPN on and off.

Password protect application or private tabs only. Fingerprint is also supported on some devices.


We are a group of enthusiasts whose main concern is the current lack of Internet privacy. That’s why we have created Aloha Browser. Our mission is to keep you safe, and make your web browsing as private as you want it to be.

Aloha Browser Lite is a lightweight version of Aloha Browser with limited functionality. We have made the Lite version especially for Android Go phones and for those who cares of small app size.

Discover more:
Feedback & Support:
Privacy policy:
Terms & Conditions:


Sleipnir Mobile - Web Browser

Sleipnir Mobile - Web Browser APK - Sleipnir Mobile - Web Browser

The one step browser that once you try you can't let go of, made in Japan!

【3 advantages】

★ Gestures adjusted by the millimeter for speed and precision

★ Tabs with lightning fast "Open" "Close" "Switch"

★ Customization to cut your daily browsing into a third

【Characteristic functions】

・ Gestures
Tab switching, refreshing, displaying bookmarks, full-screen, all in 1 step.
・ Hold And Go
Open pages one after another by holding down on links.

・ Custom button / Custom panel
In the freely customizable User Interface, you can arrange your desired functions, settings, bookmarks(bookmarklets too) where you can find it in just 1 step.

・ Autofill forms
(※ From top bar long press menu)

・ Offline viewing
Open tab content is automatically stored so that even after you close the app you can instantly restore data. (※ Disabled by default)

・ Automatically unloading old tabs
Save memory and stable tabs by limiting tab loading

・ Scroll grip
Quickly scroll down to the area of the page you want to view by touching the scroll bar.

・ Tab flicking
Flick tabs downwards to close, up to manage groups, and up and then right to open.

・ View mode
When opening specified pages and sites, you can have them automatically switch user agent and open in another app. (※ From top bar long press menu)

・ Extensions
Layout of pages can be changed, and special functions can be added using extensions. Download from the Extensions Gallery ( ). Installing extensions can be completed by simply tapping the install button.

・ Fenrir Pass
This is a free cloud service that can be used to automatically sync bookmarks with Sleipnir on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Windows Phone, and also use a number of Web services.
Supported services: Twitter / Facebook / Google+ / LinkedIn / Tumblr / Flickr / Readability / Instapaper / Pocket / Dropbox / Evernote / SkyDrive / Google Reader

【Other functions】

・ Ad-block
・ Optimized design for smartphone and tablet devices
・ Customize the UI to what you like
・ Protect tabs by double tapping
・ tab groups to manage tabs
・ Various site search engines are available
・ "Usual Sites" for quickly accessing your favorite sites
・ Download and manage files
・ Full-screen mode
・ Sort bookmarks
・ bookmarks editing mode
・ Manage FenrirFS bookmarks with labels
・ Backup tabs, bookmarks, settings
・ Close application by holding down back key
・ Open with other browser (※ From top bar long press menu)
・ Search in pages (※ From top bar long press menu)
・ Copy title, URL (※ From top bar long press menu)
・ Open one level above URL (※ From top bar long press menu)

【About Sleipnir Mobile】

Sleipnir Mobile for Android is the one step browser that once you try you can't let go of, made in Japan! It features gestures adjusted by the millimeter for speed and precision, tabs with lightning fast "Open" "Close" "Switch", and customization to cut your daily browsing into a third. You can use it on your smartphone or tablet device.

・ Product page: (Kindle Fire HD version from here)


Mojotheapp Microwork Browser

Mojotheapp Microwork Browser APK

com.mojo.theapp - Mojotheapp Microwork Browser

Mojotheapp is a microwork platform for remote workers, consultants and freelancers to work.

Microwork is a series of small tasks which together comprise a large unified project, and are completed by many people over the Internet. Microwork is considered the smallest unit of work in a virtual assembly line. It is most often used to describe tasks for which no efficient algorithm has been devised, and require human intelligence to complete reliably.

Mojotheapp is currently extending the variety for jobs for workers to complete and earn.

Mojotheapp is the first stage of Majime Ecosystem.

twitter : @mojotheapp


Parental Control Browser

Parental Control Browser APK

com.ndla.parentalcontrolbrowser - Parental Control Browser

Keep your loved ones away from sensitive content while surfing the Internet. Turn ON multiple filters, set active hours and protect them from internet hazards.

Have total control over what your children are browsing online, prevention is better than cure.

Parental Control Browser crawls entire webs in order to encounter words that match up with the filters and doesn't allow the user to navigate that page.


IAIO Free speed browser

IAIO Free speed browser APK - IAIO Free speed browser

The best free internet browser! So easy, so fast! Get yours today!

Welcome to IAIO, the most effective browser that will allow you to access the Web quickly and easily.

Time and efficiency that add value to your life!

Download IAIO, a new app with everything you need from the WEB on your phone, you can listen music, watch videos, browse and download files.

Visit your preferred sites or navigate your favorite social networks: Twitter or Facebook.

The best multimedia content is just a click away!

A unique system that you can download for free right now!

Downloading files is very easy and fast, with this unique browser that will make your life easier, thanks to its integrated engine of simultaneous downloads, its private browsing mode, high-quality sound engine, integrated search engine and much more.

IAIO is updated with the last technologies including HTML5.

Regarding the music, with IAIO you will be able to listen to it online with the best quality, and it also supports the most used formats of the Web: OGG, MP3, MP4, MIDI, AAC, FLAC, ARS and WAVE.

If you want to watch videos, you can easily play movies and videos from the main pages in the best-known formats: MPG, MP4, MPEG, MOV, AVI and 3GP.

Time is the most important thing in the world! Make the most of it!

Download the app now and have fun listening to music and watching videos.

The app works with the most efficient security systems so that you can navigate in a private and secure way all the time.

Download the app, open it, enjoy it… it is simple, fast and intuitive!


JM Browser - Download Easy

JM Browser - Download Easy APK

io.jmobile.browser - JM Browser - Download Easy

JM Browser allows you to download - from your favorite music videos to the hottest steaming videos - with fast speed and various features including a file manager, reading list, data usage management, ad-filtering, quick dial, and so on. Download best browser app now!

๐Ÿ’Ž Key Features ๐Ÿ’Ž
✔ Download all videos that you’ve watched with a one touch.
✔ Save your cellular data and watch a downloaded video offline!
✔ Avoid downloading Ads with Ad-filtering feature.

๐ŸŒ Main Features ๐ŸŒ
★ Simple video download
★ Fast Multi-download
★ Auto-Resume downloading
★ File management with JM Filemanager
★ Smart Ad filtering
★ Data usage management
★ Powerful Web Browsing Experience
★ Convenient Quick Dial
★ Reading list for any time, anywhere

★ Simple video download ๐ŸŽฅ
You can download a video easily to create your best video collections. Just watch the video in the browser. It will automatically add to the video queue, and you just need to press “Download” button to save them. It is so easy!

★ Fast Multi-download ๐ŸŽ️
Download many videos as you can to enjoy watching them. You can always change the settings to set the number of videos to download at once.

★ Auto-Resume downloading ๐Ÿ›Ž️
Oops, there was a problem with your download. What a terrible message is that!? Well, You don’t have to worry anything about that. The auto-resume feature allows you to download video continuously after it has been interrupted.

★ File management with JM Filemanager ๐Ÿ“
One and only browser app with file manager attachment! You can search, download, and manage all in one JM Browser app.

★ Smart Ad filtering ⏱️
Are you sick of downloading videos...with ADs? Time-filtering feature allows you to avoid downloading videos that are shorter than a certain amount of time to filter ads.

★ Data Usage Management ๐Ÿ“ฑ
Prevent to overuse your cellular data! Limiting usage of cellular data by changing settings to allow downloads only over Wi-Fi is something that everyone has. But the dashboard with specific details of data usage is something that JM Browser proudly provides just for you. You can check daily, weekly, and monthly data usage at a glance to see how much data you are using for downloading videos.

★ Powerful Web Browsing Experience ๐Ÿ”
JM Browser’s lightweight browser is fast and simple with intuitive design. You can always access a bookmark and browsing history for comprehensive browsing experience. The way how watching a video connects to downloading is unbelievable!

★ Quick Dial ๐Ÿ“Œ
Add websites that you often visit to the main page as the Quick dial to visit them immediately.

★ Reading list ๐Ÿ“–
Create your own bookshelf! Save new articles, posts, short stories, and contents in the Reading list so you can always take them out and read whenever, wherever.


๐Ÿš€ Please read! ๐Ÿš€

✔ Youtube and copyrighted sites, illegal harmful and porn sites are not supported.
✔ Un-downloadable Online Video Content cannot be downloaded.
✔ We are not responsible for issues relating on downloading and distributing copyrighted videos.

For more information, please check our Help Center:

Contact us at
Join the Jmobile Facebook page:
Learn more on our website:


Best Browser

Best Browser APK

org.zbrowser.ui.activities - Best Browser

This Browser is the best from other browsers for android on play store.

Smooth and easy Browsing, Personalization and quick dials everything you can ask for Best browser has everything. One of the best browsers for Android, Best browser is fast and smooth, So easy that internet browsing becomes more relaxed and fulfilling.

Our Browser Stands out with its beautiful user interface and feature list. We have everything in browser starting from personalization to safeguard.

This Web Browser is simply the best browser you will find among all the android browsers

We take care of your every interest – clear navigation helps you safeguard your privacy too by giving you an option of cookie clean up . You can save time and increase your productivity by personalizing your speed dials so that you do not have to type in url's to go to your favorite site and browse through.

Best browser for android has all the important Features like:

1. Quick Dials – Save your time to type website names. Comes to Default Hit Sites of yours country. You can Remove and Add your own list to Home Screen.

2. Popular News Sites – Comes with Mega Lists news sites within many Categories like :- General News Sites, Entertainment news Sites, Sports news Sites and sites related to updated health facts and latest medical researches.

3. APP - App’s Area Currently Showing Play Store.

4. Browse Fast – We have inbuilt technology, which makes websites to load faster. This puts our best browser in the category of Fast Web Browsers.

5. Navigation – Clear and Big Buttons which allow Every Size of Finger to use it easily and fast. Without mistakes.

6. Download – Best Browser has in built download feature.

We aspire to make it rocking best with your feedback's and suggestions, so make sure you download it and give us feedback to make it the best . Do suggest if we have missed out on some features or if you want us to develop any important feature that will make our user experience superb.

We count on your suggestions for we want to make it the best and provide you an awesome internet browsing experience to enjoy and learn from internet without any hassle.

So make sure leave your Feedback to help us Improve the Best Browser and fix its bugs.


Coby Browser: Fast & Simple Web Browser

Coby Browser: Fast & Simple Web Browser APK

appinventor.ai_ardacebi1.Browser - Coby Browser: Fast & Simple Web Browser

Coby Browser, is a web browser that you can search everything on the internet using your favorite search engine (Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, Duck Duck Go and more coming soon.)

๐Ÿ‘‘ Features
✓ Dark and Light themes for the night.
✓ Automatic theme selection to choose the theme depending on the time.
✓ Small app size (3MB)
✓ Set preferred search engine to search always with your favorite one.
✓ Voice Search to search with your voice, faster than keyboard.
✓ Immersive mode to hide status bar and focus on your main content.
✓Advanced Options to Ignore SSL errors while browsing the web or Prompt For Permission.
✓ Clearing caches for decreasing the app size.
✓ Easy share button on the browser(main) page to share faster.
✓ Donation page to support the developer.
✓ Dedicated Support page to find answers to your questions immediately.
✓ What's new page to see what's new with the latest and past updates.
✓ Easter eggs for entertainment while browsing.
✓ Material Design icons.
✓ Fast updates to deliver new features always.
Thank you for downloading Coby Browser and supporting us ๐ŸŽ‰.
Please consider a small amount of donation to support my hard work ๐Ÿ’ช.


Fast craigslist browser: services-community-jobs

Fast craigslist browser: services-community-jobs APK

com.browser.forcraigslistorg - Fast craigslist browser: services-community-jobs

Fast craigslist browser: services-community-jobs Find a. all in the Fast craigslist browser: services-community-jobs, a real estate properties listings, services, apartment rentals, community classes/events/news, tutoring and other user classified postings on the popular classifieds website in the US

Fast craigslist browser: services-community-jobs easier for you to use. with lot of great added features to make searching,browsing, and posting on Craigslist, easy, effective and it is absolutely quickly & FREE.

Features of Our Fast craigslist browser: services-community-jobs

- Users can post directly from this Quick browser.
- Enables you to find nearby cities automatically.
- Run automated searches on every city in your state.
- Community filtering
- Fast download and great design
- Search for ads and classifieds in Multiple cities.
- Ability to Save Favorite Ads
- Search any ads with given criteria, and prices

If you are looking for Free classifieds jobs sale services?
This application is useful to you.


Locale Browser

Locale Browser APK

com.moomtain.locales - Locale Browser

Locale Browser is a developer tool. It browses all available locales on device , sets selected locale to system locale.
Main features.
1.List all available locales, including those not on the Settings->Language & Input->Language screen.
2.Display the locale list in different display languages.
3.Search locale.
4.Locale detail information.
5.Set an available locale as system locale. (Need android.permission.CHANGE_CONFIGURATION on Android 4.2 and later devices)
6.Set a custom locale as system locale.



RSBrowser APK

com.rsbrowser.browser - RSBrowser

Please Note if you are using marshmallow you will need to give it the contact permission for it to work.

This is a browser based on CAF browser. It is a very fast browser for Snapdragon Chips.

It supports the following features:
AD Blocking
Google Sync
Privacy Badger

Its a pretty cool Browser. Give it a try.

Note: If you are having trouble logging into the Gmail with sync on turn off sync and log in and then turn on sync.

If you are using Android 6.0 give the app the proper permissions using the following guide:


Vikaspedia Browser

Vikaspedia Browser APK

com.cdac.vikaspediabrowser - Vikaspedia Browser

Vikaspedia, a multilingual, multi-sectoral online knowledge platform, is an initiative of Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), MCIT, GoI for providing e-knowledge and using ICT-based applications in regional languages for empowerment of under-served communities. It is presently available in 9 Indian languages, besides English and covers six key livelihood sectors.

The New Version of the application is available here


SNIPES Online Browser

SNIPES Online Browser APK

com.faceappsd.SNIPES - SNIPES Online Browser

Bei dieser App handelt es sich um eine Webbrowser App, die auf den Snipes Online Shop zugreifen kann. In einem schlichten und einfachen Design gibt es die Mรถglichkeit zwischen vielen verschiedenen Kategorien auszuwรคhlen. Als Hintergrund wurde dabei ein dezenter snipes Wallpaper gewรคhlt.
Die Kategorien sind folgende:


Bei diesen 3 Kategorien gibt es nochmal jeweils die 5 Unterkategorien:


Zudem gibt es noch die Kategorie SALE%

Diese App ist KEINE OFFIZIELLE APP VON, es wird lediglich auf den Offiziellen Snipes Shop weitergeleitet.


Indian Browser

Indian Browser APK

com.paradise.indianbrowser - Indian Browser

indian browser is very high speed fast browser. Support all type of data.

This browser have a great functionality and user friendly features, uses smoothly and freely.
Make In India base browser for all things are improve.

Indian Browser Read books, documents and news and images.

Indian Browser is a Smart Mobile Web Browser which lets you explore the internet quickly and easily.

Read hindi English News Quickly with featured websites. Find Friends around yourself using facebook

Indian Browser doesn’t only provides the ease of internet browsing but it also takes care of your privacy and security.

Fast Performance and Efficiency.

Indian Browser Fast Browser is User Friendly.

Thank you ...
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