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Night Light (Pick-A-Color Night Light) is an easy-to-use night light and sound machine. In three simple steps, you can turn on your night light and add a little safety, security, and comfort to any room. Here's what to do:

Step 1 - Choose Your Night Light Color: Use the color picker to select your favorite night time color. The color picker allows you to select every possible color!

Step 2 - Choose Your Sound: Pick-A-Color Night Light's sound machine has six HD sound loops, including plain white noise, rain, storm, waves crashing, crickets chirping, and a heartbeat.

Step 3 - Start the Night Light: It's as easy as pushing a button.

Settings: Pick-A-Color Night Light has multiple settings that you can customize:
- Show a digital clock on the night light screen
- Show an analog clock on the night light screen
- Screen Saver Mode: Turn off the night light after a user-specified time
- Sound Saver Mode: Turn off the white noise sound machine after a user-specified time

Pick-A-Color Night Light is ideal for everyone from children to adults. See the screen shots below for ways to light up your baby's nursery, or turn your bedside table into an elegant light display. Leave the night light on in the bathroom or hallway to ensure that you can see without fully waking yourself up at night time. Check out the screen shots that show what the night light looks like if you fold a piece of paper and put it over the device -- it looks really neat!

For best results, turn your device to maximum brightness and keep your device plugged in. This night light has a "wakelock" feature that keeps your phone on through the night, but the light will drain your battery if it isn't plugged in.

Pick-A-Color Night Light has been translated into several languages. Contact the developer if you'd like the nightlight translated into your language!

Why pay money for a nightlight when you can use this nightlight for FREE? This nightlight app is ad supported. Upgrade to Night Light PRO to remove advertisements.


Lady Driver Passageira

Lady Driver Passageira APK

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Somos a primeira empresa do Brasil com apenas motoristas mulheres para trazer igualdade de gênero a este segmento, atender as necessidades do universo feminino, e atuar como ferramenta para alavancar sua independência financeira. Após o cadastro, você receberá as instruções para instalação do aplicativo. O próximo passo é simples, basta planejar seus horários e locais para atender as solicitações das passageiras.


Pão de Açúcar Mais

Pão de Açúcar Mais APK

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O App Pão de Açúcar Mais oferece ao participante do programa acesso a benefícios exclusivos, como ofertas personalizadas.

- Meu Desconto;
Resgate de prêmios quando atinge desafios de gasto mensais.

- Meus Prêmios;
Além de outras funcionalidades que completam uma experiência de compra diferenciada.


1.000 Obras | O app da reforma e construção

1.000 Obras | O app da reforma e construção APK

Download 1.000 Obras | O app da reforma e construção APK

Vai construir, reformar? Precisa fazer algum reparo na sua casa? Então baixe agora o 1.000 Obras e encontre os melhores profissionais da construção civil e as melhores lojas de material de construção mais perto de você! Não importa se sua obra é grande ou pequena. Com o aplicativo da reforma e construção você faz pedidos de orçamento, busca por profissionais, e o melhor, sem pagar nada, diretamente do seu celular. Receba orçamentos, compare e decida qual é a melhor indicação!



かまちょ-暇人とすぐに無料でトーク!!人気チャットアプリ APK

Download かまちょ-暇人とすぐに無料でトーク!!人気チャットアプリ APK

しかも匿名だから何も気にせずフリートーク! !

1タッチで挨拶メール送信!! 簡単操作のチャットアプリ!
学生や主婦に大人気のアプリ!? 完全無料で暇つぶしで会話ができちゃう!
悪質ユーザー徹底排除! 安心安全にチャットできるからより多くの暇つぶし




テンポ良い 動作も軽くテンポよくメッセージが送り合えます。




Spelling Master for Kids Spelling Learning

Spelling Master for Kids Spelling Learning APK

Download Spelling Master for Kids Spelling Learning APK

Spelling Master is for Kids to learn common spellings. Lean spellings with picture. If kids enter wrong spelling it will display it in red with sad smiley. You can remove wrong spelling by clicking on it. Tap on image to speak it sound.

Kids will also learn how to pronounce words as we have included text to speech engine.

1. Thirteen spelling categories are included.
2. Learning Alphabets spellings.
3. Learning Animals spellings.
4. Learning Fruits spellings.
5. Learning Vegetables spellings.
6. Learning Body Parts spellings.
8. Learning Numbers spellings.
9. Learning Flowers spellings.
10. Learning Birds spellings
12. Learning Transportation spellings.
15. Learning Shapes spellings.
16. Learning Colors spellings.
18. Learning Three letters words spellings.
19. Learning Four letters words spellings.
20. Learning Five letters words spellings.
21. Learning Six letters words spellings.
22. All thirteen categories of spellings are free.
23. All categories have high quality images.
24. You can change spelling by using next and previous arrow keys.

More spellings will be added soon.

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