Aanavandi APK - Aanavandi

"AANAVANDI" (nickname for Kerala State RTC buses) is an APP that allows users to search for details of Kerala State RTC buses. This is purely an unofficial amateur free App meant for the convenience of public/users who want to travel in Kerala State RTC Buses
Users can search for the following details of Kerala RTC Bus Services
• Service Available
• Type/Class of Services
• Boarding & Dropping points
• Fare
• Helpline Numbers

• Users may kindly confirm & reserve their journey at the Kerala State RTC Portal.
• Data displayed on the App is Courtesy of Kerala State RTC.
• This App is exclusively informational purposes only.

Vaisakh ML for Team Aanavandi


Gym Exercises & Workouts

Gym Exercises & Workouts APK

adam.exercisedictionary - Gym Exercises & Workouts

Join over 500,000 users & get fit and healthy in 2019! Gym Exercises & Workouts is 100% free and adaptable to all fitness levels and workouts!

Create and customize your own workouts or search over 100 predefined workouts to help improve fitness, add strength, get ripped or tone up!

Track your history with the workout log calendar while the workout graphs help identify trends and show how much weight you have lifted this week, month, 6 months or even year.

Browse or search over 120 exercises separated into targeted muscle groups highlighting the activated muscles on animated figures without having to click to an external site or wait for slow videos to load.

Create your own custom exercises to use in your workouts! If you have a unique exercise that isn't in other apps you can add it!

Gym Exercises & Workouts is designed to aid beginners understand the mechanics of each exercise so walking into a gym doesn’t seem so daunting, or refresh a veteran’s memory of training routines they may have forgotten. The movements have been written by a seasoned gym junkie and state level powerlifter with over 17 years’ experience.

All information is stored on a secure private cloud so you can access your data on any Android device!

Summary of Gym Exercises & Workouts features:
🏋️ Over 100 free predefined workouts
📓 Create and customize your own workouts
🔄 Swap, add and skip exercises during a workout
📊 Workout Graphs - check total weight lifted or worked muscle groups
🏃‍♂️ Create and use your own custom exercises in workouts
📆 Track your workout history with a built-in calendar
⏲️ Adjustable rest timer in-between sets during a workout
🔍 Search for exercises
💜 Create a favorites workout or exercise list for quick reference
👍 Facebook integration for quick login
🗳️ Vote on your favorite exercises with other members
⚖️ Regional weight selection – kg or lb
đŸ’Ș Simple, animated figures highlighting the activated muscles during an exercise
📚 Clear instructions how to perform each exercise

Gym Exercises & Workouts does rely on an internet connection to be able to pull the information and images in the app may change.


Private Notepad

Private Notepad APK

aegean.secretnotepad - Private Notepad

* Password protected
* Personalize background color
* Personalize text color
* Change text-size
* Easy to use
* List all entries
* Free ! Notepad with lock

Don't you want to keep a note without using the internet?
Don't trust it online? Secret notepad application can work offline.
This application is offline notepad with lock.
Notepad free app with lock. Notepad with lock passwords for girls and boys. Personal notepad with password.


Cover Fashion - Doll Dress Up

Cover Fashion - Doll Dress Up APK - Cover Fashion - Doll Dress Up

Try your luck as an important fashion designer in this dress up game where you are assigned to take care of some beautiful top models that need a special look and you have to arrange them before the photo shooting. Your mission has a huge impact on the next vogue and you need to understand that influence by creating super awesome outfits for the girls. On the beginning you’ll have one magazine cover and only one girl to look after her clothing, but you can easily unlock the other covers and dolls by waiting the required time for each one, you could also watch some videos while you do that or even reset the first outfit and try to make a new one if you changed your mind about something.

Use your personal assistance skills to make a great outfit, either you’ll choose a combination with a skirt and a top or a fancy dress make sure you get the attire you wish for the girl to be the central attention. Don’t forget about those details you should add, like changing the hairstyle to stand out a little bit, a high nice pair of shoes maybe some jewelry too. Impress with the revolutionary look and try to keep a classy posture. Keep testing your abilities to find new designs and style by unlocking the other items that will make you challenge your creativity.

You need to look at these interesting features this game shows:
- Embrace the fashion design with the international gossip magazine’s cover
- Multitude of characters to unlock and great items too
- Make new and unique designs for each girl you take
- Pretty accessories and lots of colors to use
- The possibility to try a total makeover
- Beautiful girls to dress up and different outfits to create
- Relaxing atmosphere and peaceful music
- Free to play
- Unlock things for free
- Amazing graphics and many famous covers to represent


Drawing games

Drawing games APK

aladin888.dessin - Drawing games

Just a simple drawing pad for the kids,to make them write,doodle or draw anything from their imagination and have fun.

☆☆☆☆☆ If you love the app, please make a good review.Thank you!☆☆☆☆☆

Note: To save your favorite color, press on the circle in the middle.


Ankara Dress

Ankara Dress APK

ankara.styles.african - Ankara Dress

In this Ankara Dress App, We have greatest Collection of Trending African Dress Designs.


Looking good and African fashion is all about developing a style that flatters your figure and brings out the beauty and salient features in you.

Check out these great looking Ankara styles that we can’t stop looking at in the gallery

There are a lot of things than can be addictive, and the-same is true when it comes to fashion, we as Africans are so much in love with our “Jeans”… Jeans is a western fabric whose roots and continual adaptability over time is amazing.

The Ankara fabric is an obsession of ours and it’s only right that we obsess over the fabric that showcases the depth of our culture as Africans. While there are about a million and one ways you can style your Ankara, sewing an Ankara top and pairing it with your favorite denim makes you look fabulous.

Ankara + Jeans is indeed the perfect casual combination don’t believe me? Then take a look at this photo’s that prove that you can style your Ankara + Jeans in the most refreshing of ways

Latest African Ankara Dress designs 2018

Gone are the days when fashion was only focused on the European and the American countries. Over the years, other countries in Asia and Africa have learned to incorporate their culture more into fashion and come up with stunning fashion creations.

Africa has turned out to be a favorite of fashion designers and big fashion houses thanks to their high level of creativity when it comes to style and fashion trends. One of the revolutionized fashion statements in Africa is the Ankara designs.

The designing and wearing of Ankara design was mostly in the western part of Africa, but with time it has spread to other parts of the continent and become a widespread trend in international fashion runways. The Ankara fashion designs have turned out to be a favorite fashion statement to many people; in fact, it is more common for one to find: Ankara designs for men, Ankara designs for women and Ankara designs for children.

Africa Dress still has fresh ideas when it comes to fashion, and many people in the mainland now use this locally sourced talent and ideas to come up with explicit Ankara designs. The beautiful fashion styles that come from the African continent have been praised globally for being among the latest Ankara designs. Since Ankara has turned out to be a fashion statement and a household name, it’s crucial that you have all the Ankara designs you can have for you and your family. Thanks to the Ankara and chiffon designs, Africans have been given a golden chance to be the trend setters in the global fashion industry when it comes to Ankara designs.

Ankara dress designs affordability The interesting thing about Ankara is that it’s very affordable and can be worn by everyone. Since the Ankara prints are produced in Africa, most of them are very affordable, and even the local lady across the street can own several Ankara designs in her wardrobe. One only needs to get an Ankara print or fabric and then look for a reliable tailor who will then make them their desired Ankara designs. You don't need to get worried about having a look-alike design with another person. Ankara allows for one to implement creativity to a maximum level and that’s why each year the global fashion industry is presented with a new set of Ankara designs. If you want to stand outlook for the latest Ankara designs, or you can look for an Ankara design in the previous years that will impress you.

Despite being traditional African wear, the Ankara design has turned out to be a global sensation in the fashion industry. Are you clueless about what Ankara is? Ankara refers to a printed fabric that is from Africa and was prevalent among the African natives. Over the years the evolution of Ankara has seen many people enhance their love for Ankara beyond just clothes.


My Location: Save & Share, GPS Navigation Maps

My Location: Save & Share, GPS Navigation Maps APK

appinventor.ai_kayipkayik.gps_map - My Location: Save & Share, GPS Navigation Maps

GPS and Navigation Maps
The easiest way to know where you are.

The maps of the whole world, exact GPS.
Try, you will like it.

+ Live Coordinates
+ Current Address
+ HD Street Views
+ World wide maps
+ Your Latitude and Longitude
+ Address, street, postcode, city, country, USA

Go somewhere or do you want to know where you are right now? With this map app you can rely on and be sure of your real-time GPS location.

Confused by many apps that actually do nothing? Apart from nice names like map maps mapps app location gps tracker speedometer navigation navigator or even navigater compass these apps offer nothing?
Try our little app now, which takes up little space and is therefore battery-friendly. Experience the GPS maps difference.

Navigation, traffic, transit and details to millions of places live on GPS MAPS.
usa truck driver, taxi driver, spedition, everyone who is driving or searching for a address needs this fastest map app.

GPS MAP App covers all countries and maps of the entire world

Europe; Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vatican +++

North America; American Samoa, Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba,El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, USA, United States of America +++

South America; Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemela, Guyana, Paraguay, Patagonia, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela +++

Australia; Australia, Fiji, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu +++

Asia; Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, North Korea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam +++

Middle East; Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen +++

Africa; Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Lybia, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Seychelles, South Africa, Sahara, Zambia, Zimbabwe +++


Bharat Ke Veer

Bharat Ke Veer APK - Bharat Ke Veer

The brave soldiers of Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) fight a daily battle to safeguard India’s external and internal security. Protecting the hostile boarders in the west with Pakistan and in the north and east with China; and facing the threats generated by the militants in Jammu and Kashmir, insurgency in the north-east; and Maoist extremists in central and east India, to keep us safe. One soldier loses his/her life every third day and one is permanently incapacitated.
Bharat Ke Veer mobile app is an initiative for the citizens to pay homage to the bravehearts in Central Armed Police Forces who laid down their lives in the line of duty. Using this app, individuals can contribute directly into the bank accounts of the braveheart’s kin, or to the “Bharat Ke Veer” corpus.
To ensure maximum coverage, a cap of 15 lakhs is envisaged per braveheart and the donor would be alerted if the amount exceeds Rs 15 lakhs, so that they can choose to either decrease their contribution or divert part of the donation to another braveheart's account, or to the “Bharat Ke Veer” corpus.
“Bharat Ke Veer” corpus would be managed by a committee made up of eminent persons of repute and senior government officials, in equal number, who would decide to disburse the fund equitably to the braveheart's family on need basis. There is no limit to contribution to “Bharat Ke Veer” corpus.
Payments through this app is powered by State Bank of India
The CAPFs under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, comprise of the following forces :
1. Assam Rifles (AR) engaged in border guarding along Indo-Myanmar border, as well as in counter insurgency operations in the North East.

2. Border Security Force (BSF) guards India's borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh, and is also deployed for anti-insurgency operations.

3. Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) provides security to the key sectors including Airports, Metro systems, important industries in the public and private Sector, heritage monuments, Government buildings and security to protected persons.

4. Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is the primary force for internal security including anti-naxal operations, counter insurgency duties in J&K and North East, and Law & Order problems.

5. Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) guards India's borders with China. Specially trained to operate in high altitude mountainous terrain, it is also engaged in internal security duties from time to time.

6. National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) is for specialized response to natural and man-made disasters, saving lives and livelihood and prepares communities in disaster resilience and disaster risk reduction.

7. National Security Guard (NSG) is a Special Force mandated to conduct counter-terrorist, counter-hijack, and hostage-rescue operations as well as provide `mobile security' to designated protectees.

8. Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) with the motto of "Service Security Brotherhood" is primarily mandated to guard India's borders with Nepal and Bhutan. The force is also performing internal security duties and is deployed to deal with LWE / Counter-insurgency in many states.


George Österreich

George Österreich APK - George Österreich

Go for: Easy transfers of money. Quick overviews on your finances. Intelligent management of your transactions. And personality. Austria’s most mobile banking has a name: George.

George-App features:
• Simple as it should be: Own, domestic and SEPA transfers – easy, fast and Go!
• George knows them all: Faster transfers powered by Autosuggest. You bring the name, George remembers the IBAN. Or use your templates!
• Scan & Pay & smile please: Easy transfers by cam. Now available with IBAN-Scanner.
• Accounts, cards and more: Get the overview on your finances. Live and colourful.
• Go faster: Shortcuts in your list view bring you straight to the main features.
• Control your cards: lock your BankCards and credit cards, increase the limits, edit the card payment features or increase the available amount.
• Search to Go: Find your transactions as easily as you spend money.
• Go and get your money: Generate and send out QR codes including your account details, amounts etc.
• Easy Going: Fast and secure admission to your finances via Easy Access and the lock provided by your phone (e.g. fingerprint): Your password is needed only for transfers.

Optimised for visually impaired users.

There you Go: George will be enhanced constantly with new and innovative features. Stay tuned, stay George.

In order to enjoy George, you need an account with Erste Bank or Sparkasse in Austria as well as an active George access. Go and get George on




Das bietet die ÖAMTC-App:

Persönliche Übersicht:
Die Funktion „persönliche Übersicht“ bietet aus allen Inhalten Informationen in Ihrer NĂ€he sowie Favoriten und persönliche Einstellungen.

In Mein ÖAMTC können Sie alle Ihre Produkte, Fahrzeuge, mitgeschĂŒtzte Familienmitglieder, Newsletter und weitere Daten verwalten.

Billig tanken:
Alle Tankstellen Österreichs auf einer Karte. Finden Sie die billigsten Tankstellen in Ihrer Umgebung. Zudem finden Sie die Standorte hunderter österreichischer Elektrotankstellen.

Sie haben eine Panne? Als ÖAMTC-Mitglied können Sie direkt aus der App die ÖAMTC-Nothilfe in Anspruch nehmen. Langwierige TelefongesprĂ€che ĂŒber den Aufenthaltsort haben ein Ende, da die App auf die GPS-Daten Ihre Smartphones zurĂŒckgreift. Auf dem Status-Bildschirm sehen Sie daraufhin, bis wann Ihr Pannenfahrer eintreffen wird.
ZusĂ€tzlich können Sie nun auch Hilfe anfordern, wenn Sie im Ausland sind und einen Schutzbrief haben. Hier wurde eine vollstĂ€ndig neue Art der Konversation eingefĂŒhrt.
UnterstĂŒtzend finden Sie ebenfalls wichtige Telefonnummern und ein Wörterbuch in der App vor.

Multimodale Routingfunktion
Die multimodale Routingfunktion bietet neben Routingoptionen aller wichtigen Verkehrsmittel auch umfangreiche zusÀtzliche Informationsmöglichkeiten wie Abfahrts- und Ankunftszeiten der öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel in Ihrer NÀhe.

Informationen ĂŒber Staus, Baustellen und andere Verkehrsmeldungen sowie Verkehrsflussdaten und Verkehrskameras in ganz Österreich direkt auf Ihr Handy. Auf der Karte sehen Sie sofort, wo Sie gut vorankommen und welche Stellen Sie besser meiden. Bei der Suche haben Sie die Möglichkeit nur Verkehrsinformationen anzuzeigen, welche sich entlang einer Route befinden.

Sie haben einen Stau, StraßenschĂ€den, falsche Beschilderungen oder andere Verkehrsprobleme entdeckt? WĂ€hlen Sie einfach den MenĂŒpunkt Verkehrsstörung melden und melden Sie das Problem direkt an uns.

Mit der Parkgaragen-Funktion erhalten Sie alle verfĂŒgbaren Informationen zu mehr als 600 Parkgaragen in ganz Österreich wie zum Beispiel Preise, Öffnungszeiten, Stellplatzanzahl, ÖAMTC-Mitgliedervorteil und vieles mehr. Die ĂŒbersichtliche Darstellung ermöglicht das Vergleichen der Garagenpreise an ihrem Zielort und hebt ÖAMTC-Vorteilspartner farblich hervor.

Geld sparen mit der ÖAMTC-App. Die App bietet Ihnen einen Überblick ĂŒber die rund 1600 Vorteilspartner-Filialen in ganz Österreich. Sie haben die Möglichkeit eine Benachrichtigung zu aktivieren. Die App erinnert Sie, sobald Sie sich in der NĂ€he dieses Vorteilspartners befinden.

Bei Problemen, oder wenn Sie VerbesserungsvorschlÀge haben, schreiben Sie uns bitte eine Email an:

Wir können auf Rezensionen im App Store leider nicht antworten und haben dadurch keine Möglichkeit, mit Ihnen in Kontakt zu treten, um das Problem zu lösen.
Hinweis: Die fortwÀhrende Nutzung von GPS im Hintergrund kann die Akkulaufzeit stark verringern.

Rechtliche Hinweise:

FĂŒr die technische VerfĂŒgbarkeit, inhaltliche Richtigkeit und ZuverlĂ€ssigkeit der verschiedenen Services wird keinerlei Zusicherung oder Garantie abgegeben. Die Services können jederzeit, auch ohne vorherige Benachrichtigung der Benutzer, geĂ€ndert oder eingestellt werden. Der ÖAMTC und die OpenResearch GmbH ĂŒbernehmen keinerlei Haftung fĂŒr jegliche SchĂ€den, welcher Art auch immer, die aus der Benutzung der Services entstehen.

Jeder Benutzer kann sich als Sprit-Preismelder anmelden. FĂŒr Diesel und Super 95 sind keine Preismeldungen möglich, da diese von der E-Control ĂŒbermittelt werden.

Der ÖAMTC und die OpenResearch GmbH ĂŒbernehmen keinerlei Verantwortung fĂŒr die Richtigkeit der Preismeldungen und behalten sich das Recht vor, falsche Meldungen zu löschen. VervielfĂ€ltigung, Veröffentlichung und Verarbeitung der Daten sind nur mit Zustimmung des ÖAMTC gestattet.



MyTransLink APK - MyTransLink

The official MyTransLink app is the perfect Queensland travel companion. Travellers and commuters can intuitively plan with real-time public transport information for South East Queensland, Mackay and Cairns whether travelling by bus, train, ferry or tram.

- Our new app also makes it easier to personalise travel information and favourite frequently used stops. Other new app features and benefits includes:
- Easily find nearby stops for all public transport via the home screen
- Plan trips in real-time by seeing the next service departing from your stop
- Updated Timetable - Clearly see the frequency of services (in real-time) via the timetable
- Trip Announcer - Get real-time stop alerts throughout trips (while en route)
- Stop Alerts - Receive notifications when you are close to your destination
- Save your favourite stops to be alerted of any travel updates

For more information, please visit

For MyTransLink app conditions of use, please visit

Note: prolonged use of GPS features can affect phone battery life and data usage.


MyEdenred Belgium

MyEdenred Belgium APK

be.mobapp.myedenred - MyEdenred Belgium

L’application MyEdenred est l’application qui vous permet d’accĂ©der en un clin d’Ɠil au portefeuille Ă©lectronique de vos chĂšques-repas, Ă©co-chĂšques, chĂšques cadeaux.

Elle vous permet de :

- ConnaĂźtre votre solde

- Consulter l’historique de vos transactions : vos dĂ©penses et chargements

- Vérifier la date de validité de vos chÚques

- Profiter d’offres promotionnelles

- Localiser les commerces qui se trouvent à proximité

- Contacter le Helpdesk


Vani - Your Personal Voice Assistant Call Answer

Vani - Your Personal Voice Assistant Call Answer APK - Vani - Your Personal Voice Assistant Call Answer

Vani allows you to handle your daily incoming calls using voice commands.
📞 Say 'Hello' to Accept Calls.
☎️ Say 'No' to Decline Calls.
🎙️ Say 'Speaker' to Answer the call on Speaker Mode.
đŸ€ł Say 'SMS' to send a auto-reply message.

You can also customize your own words.
Like - Hello, Sorry, Good Bye, Shut up, Hola etc.

Answer incoming calls without touching the screen while your hands are busy or driving in your car.

Vani is capable of speaking out the caller name and by voice recognition, you can choose to answer or reject the call.

Choose your favorite theme, live wallpapers or add your own photo.
Grant the permissions required and You are All Set!
So next time, Whenever your phone rings, you just have to say "Yes" to pick up the call right after the ringtone (caller name)

Protect yourself from spam and anonymous phone calls with our caller ID feature.
Caller ID - Call blocker function gives you an option to block unknown or spam callers. You can update the database of spam calls in Call Block List. Never get harassed by spam calls.

● Please be loud and clear while speaking the command.
● Grant all the permissions required to allow the app work normally.
● You can customize the words for Accept , Decline or Speaker in Settings
● Enjoy and have fun
● For any issues, Please mail us at



MoodSpace APK

boundless.moodgym - MoodSpace

If you suffer from depression, you are far from being alone: It has been estimated that today, there are over 350 million people around the world living with depression.

Despite this, it can be hard to know where to turn to for help; we want to bring the resources that treat depression to your fingertips.

MoodSpace aims to create a self-help space where you will have the opportunity to experiment with different treatment methods, in the form of interactive mood workouts, to see what works for you.

These mood workouts are designed as short, habit building, self-help exercises that can be completed on your phone, at any time you choose and every workout is based on the latest research into depression treatments.

Using this knowledge, we encourage you to carry out your own, further research into your favourite mood workouts. Your continued learning can build the coping strategies which enable you to beat depression.

Even once you’ve beaten depression, it’s important to carry on using these coping strategies. 50% of people who experience an episode of depression suffer a relapse. Continuing to practice your coping mechanisms will help you maintain your resilience.

Depression is no respecter of status or fortune: there are famous cases throughout history. From King Solomon to Abraham Lincoln, and from Winston Churchill to Buzz Aldrin.

You will never be alone, and we hope this app will provide the self-help tools which guide you to a happier and more fulfilled life.


This application is not intended to be a replacement for treatment nor any sort of medical intervention. Treatment is, by far, the best way to overcome clinical depression. This application will only aid you on the path to recovery. Please speak to your doctor to access the treatment available to you.


Delivery Much - Delivery de Comida

Delivery Much - Delivery de Comida APK - Delivery Much - Delivery de Comida

Somos a primeira e Ășnica franquia de Delivery Online do Brasil!

A Delivery Much Ă© uma praça de alimentação online. Peça sua comida com comodidade, segurança e receba onde estiver. Consulte os cardĂĄpios dos melhores restaurantes e lancherias da sua cidade. Se preferir, vocĂȘ tambĂ©m pode buscar no restaurante. AlĂ©m disso, vocĂȘ tem acesso a promoçÔes e descontos exclusivos.

DĂșvidas? Entre em contato:

Atualmente, a Delivery Much atua em mais de 100 cidades e continua sua expansĂŁo pelo Brasil!
A ExpansĂŁo da Delivery Much acontece como franquia. Ao adquirir uma franquia vocĂȘ terĂĄ auxĂ­lio de uma equipe especializada, alĂ©m de treinamentos para que vocĂȘ leve o app de Delivery para sua cidade. Estes sĂŁo apenas alguns motivos que fazem da Delivery Much sua melhor escolha. :)


- Baixe o App;
- Escolha o restaurante;
- Selecione o produto;
- Escolha a forma de entrega;
- Escolha a forma de pagamento (dinheiro ou cartĂŁo);
- Receba seu lanche no conforto da sua casa.


Site -
YouTube -
Facebook -
Twitter -
Instagram -
Blog -


Fart Sounds

Fart Sounds APK - Fart Sounds

▪ ► We are all immature, farting is human! Give laughs with your friends listening to these strange sounds of farts and show your friends the puns you usually drop. hahaha ...

▪ ► This Application Fart Sounds has 48 sound effects brilliant puns fun for you to enjoy.

▪ ► Easy to use, simple and free!

▪ ► Design super attractive.

▪ Click the icon to play the fart sounds.

▪ ► Available in two languages
▪ Portuguese
▪ English


Cartão de Crédito Porto Seguro

Cartão de Crédito Porto Seguro APK - Cartão de Crédito Porto Seguro

Com o aplicativo do CartĂŁo de CrĂ©dito Porto Seguro, vocĂȘ consulta os principais serviços do seu cartĂŁo com toda a segurança. Confira o que vocĂȘ pode fazer:

Consulta de Lançamentos
Veja quando, onde e o valor das compras realizadas;

Aviso de Viagem
NĂŁo seja pego de surpresa ao realizar uma viagem internacional;

Bloqueio e Desbloqueio de CartĂŁo
Garanta sua segurança ao bloquear o cartão e tenha facilidade para liberar a utilização;

Consulta e Aumento de Limite
Utilize melhor seu crédito com flexibilidade;

Consulta de Fatura
Visualize as faturas do seu cartĂŁo;

Alteração de Dados Cadastrais
Simples e råpido para atualizar suas principais informaçÔes;

Além disso, receba ofertas e promoçÔes. Fique por dentro de diversas parcerias a um clique e economize mais.

As funçÔes do seu CartĂŁo de CrĂ©dito Porto Seguro no seu celular. É mais simplicidade e facilidade para seu dia a dia. O mundo Ă© touch. Baixe grĂĄtis!
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