GraalOnline Era

GraalOnline Era APK

com.quattroplay.GraalEra - GraalOnline Era

Enter Era and find yourself immersed in modern city life. Fight using assault rifles, shotguns, and more! This 2D adventure pits you against the ruthless gangs that run the streets of Graal. Few can survive the challenge: are you up to it?

Al-Capone-Era with gangs and guns!
Create a gang and take over gang bases!
Dual-stick controls for simultaneously moving and shooting!
Create a house and invite friends!

Recommended for everyone who likes open-world sandbox RPGs with PvP, FPS, trading games, or one of the other Graal online games like GraalOnline Classic, Zone, Kingdoms, Zodiac or Unholy Nation. Graal - the holy grail of online games!


Battle Destruction

Battle Destruction APK

com.battle.christ.royale - Battle Destruction

Play on mobile and build your own way to the victory! Huge map to explore, fast-paced non-stop action, simple controls, fantasy enviroment! Loot rare and legendary stuff, shoot yo' enemies, gather resources and survive!
Make it to the top of Battle Destruction! Good luck!

- Summon mount anytime
- Huge snow map
- Day and night mode
- Exquisite masks


Iron Bat 2

Iron Bat 2 APK

com.BrainFreeze.IronBat2 - Iron Bat 2

We present to you the new and improved version of The Iron Bat. Iron Bat 2 t is a new fighting adventure game in wich you are the most awesome crime fighting hero in the city. In the dark night of the city, you have to destroy the evil mutant infestation. You have at your disposal a light blade that can annihilate a mutant with just one hit and that can also turn into a powerful gun. For defense, you have your iron bat suit that can heal and provide you with shields. Your mission is to survey the city rooftops and annihilate the mutant threat. You can also charge up your superpower with coins that you can find all over the place. The coins are very useful when it comes to unlocking new characters. Try to see if you can be the best at cleansing the city and putting your name on the top of the leaderboard.
Cool features
- Two iron bat suits and one joker
- Multiple enemy tips
- Easy controls
- Addictive gameplay
- Tons of power ups
- Mind blowing environment and effects
- Stunning game music and 3d graphics
- Fun to play for all ages

Enjoy this great game!


Tornado Robot Transforming: Future Robot Wars

Tornado Robot Transforming: Future Robot Wars APK

com.brilliantgamez.robot.tornado.transform.war - Tornado Robot Transforming: Future Robot Wars

Welcome to Tornado Robot Transforming: Future Robot Wars with a blend of superhero & robot transforming games features. Robots wars have commenced in this tornado simulator which is giving you a new taste of war robot games. Futuristic robot battle is not a new thing in robot shooting games where future robot wants to demolish country peace. This robot simulator game has a mech warrior and robot tornado to vindicate superhero fight & robot attack in tornado games. Robot transformation games with multi robot transform techniques & superhero simulator can give you a new experience of robot superhero games. Do you have any skills of robot shooting games where a mech warrior fight against mech robots? US Police is not able to agitate against enemies in flying robot games. Robot transform in mech battle city is going to be in danger, so upgrade your superhero into new robots for the futuristic robot battle in best robot games. The future robot is coming to crusade versus mech robots and crazy robot tornado fight with real robot simulator. Space robot warrior wants to destruct city peace in warrior robot battle games with superhero simulator and tornado attack. So jump into futuristic robot transforming games for robotic battle and robot transformation with extreme fun of war robot games and future robot shooting games 2019. Multi robot is coming to ruin the country so be ready for superhero fight with the monster robot to demolish their city crash evil plans in this robot transforming games.

The US army is always fighting against robot fighter and flying robot simulator for the country peace to demolish real robot attack with a win. In this Tornado Robot Transforming: Future Robot Wars, you have to agitate attack with evil robot against super robot attack. Transforming robots with mech robots in transformed robot fighting games along with robot tornado simulator is ready to penetrate against futuristic robot wars using robot simulator. Robot transforming games are willing to get over in the real muscle robot transformation games. So get ready for extreme robot action superhero games 2019 with a super robot attack in war robot games. We are introducing the best robot games with superhero fight for transforming robot action game with the fun of transform robot flying games & future robot transforming games instead of other robot transformation games. Next century super robots will rule the world of transforming robotics in tornado games. Become a super robot as X robot shooter with space robot transformation, superhero simulator, flying robot hero and mech warrior if you vanish all the enemy robot for future of your country in future robot shooting games and multi robot simulator.

In Tornado Robot Transforming: Future Robot Wars aim to shot with futuristic robots war for superhero fight. Take the legal action with a strategy of multi robot wars against robot transformation with transform robot in transforming robot games. Play a big role as mech warrior to defeat dead enemies with a forced strike because the crash of robots is essential for US army robot transformation games. It's your duty to vanish robot strike and space robot superpower from the earth with the help of robot warrior and tornado simulator in transform robot war games. There are different multi robot transforming games like muscle car robot transform, flying car robot, autobots robot games, transforming robotics, and robot superhero games but flying robot games from robot transformation games is one of the best multi robot action games 2018.

Tornado Robot Transforming: Future Robot Wars Features
- High quality graphics with war sounds in Tornado Games
- Realistic ultimate war robot environment
- Extreme high-quality real robot battle levels
- New robot models with tornado robot features


Street Death Drift Racing 3D

Street Death Drift Racing 3D APK - Street Death Drift Racing 3D

Show the real skills, use your smooth drift skills to prove to the world who is the strongest king of drift!
In this endless drift arena, launch a fierce speed competition!
Win more sports cars and keep yourself invincible!
Enjoy amazing adventure games, beat other competitors, perform stunts and show off your best extreme car drift skills. In the game, players can drive the most cool racing cars in the moment, giving a super-real experience, satisfying the player's pursuit of rapid experience, giving players more different feelings.
Great gaming experience
The new 3D design, exquisite scenes and racing cars, vivid stereo sound, real reproduction of the wonderful interaction between the car, the environment and the runway! Gravity sensing, button-click dual operation mode, let you enjoy the race and enjoy the car!

Come play, your game, you are the champion!


Awakening of Heroes: MOBA 5V5

Awakening of Heroes: MOBA 5V5 APK

com.cofagames.aoh - Awakening of Heroes: MOBA 5V5

Join the weirdest everyday heroes in a new free-to-play 5v5 MOBA game that’s trespassing on hilarious. Dominate the fairytale town arena of this breathtaking mobile MOBA with amazing graphics! Fight together with your friends against real opponents from around the world in real-time 10-minute matches.

On top of the dynamic MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) gameplay, Awakening of Heroes brings you more teamwork, new strategy, worthwhile jungling rewards, and wacky power-ups.

Heroically download Awakening of Heroes for free and start rising through the ranks today!


- A unique objective-based 5v5 MOBA
The gloves are off! Experience the thrill of 10-minute PvP matches on a 3-lane MOBA map with astonishing graphics. Defeat guardians (they are not your ordinary monsters!) to get tangible rewards for the whole team and jump straight back into the mobile 5vs5 MOBA game battle with real opponents (not zombies). Destroy towers with the groundbreaking touchdown-with-a-bomb play.

- The most dangerous heroes
Awaken the hero within! A police officer, a thief, and a chimney sweeper walk into a brawl. No, this is not a joke. There are heroes among us, as weird as they come. An angry bingo champion granny who bakes a killer cake. Boom! A warm-hearted math professor turned butcher skilled in close combat. Chop! A mime artist with a love of birds and an imaginary hammer. Bam! A grumpy old-timer in his own invention - a speeding wheelchair equipped with lots of guns. Bang!

- Gear upgrades and ranks climb
There are only two kinds of heroes: those who use their gear wisely and those who lose! Collect and upgrade cards to reach new levels of your hero’s armor, speed, and damage. Put on a soda can ring (what?!), it's as fatal as it's silly! Meanwhile, a chicken breast armor (what, what?!) will give you the best protection. Gather trophies to progress through 15 arenas as you climb to the world top league!

- Hilarious, but deadly power-ups
The thrill of battle royale, the fun of 5 vs 5 MOBA games! Find mystery boxes around the map or when a hero drops them and charge into battle. Use the power-ups to set mousetraps, become invisible or unleash a chicken bomber fleet.

- Teamwork for the Win
One for all! Work together, combine your skills to defeat enemies and become legends. Jungle and the rewards will be beneficial to the whole team. Protect your teammate as he moves slower under the weight of a tower-destroying bomb. Make a diversion so your teammate can go through the black hole (come again?!) and surprise the enemies by unleashing your minions in the enemy jungle.

- MOBA evolved
Tower defense style! Earn gold by defeating enemies, buy weaponized plants and place them tactically. Each plant is specialized to shoot, heal, or serve as a trap or a decoy. Plant your way to victory and reach the stars!

Check out the awards Awakening of Heroes received from our Players’ Mothers’ Committee:

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Goat Simulator GoatZ

Goat Simulator GoatZ APK

com.coffeestainstudios.goatsimulator.goatz - Goat Simulator GoatZ

GoatZ is the latest official addition to the Goat Simulator universe, and is a fine contender for the dumbest thing to come from Coffee Stain Studios yet - GOATS AND ZOMBIES IN THE SAME GAME! Well if you’re not already yelling at your mom to buy the game for you right away, maybe this will impress you a bit more:

* Official new app from the idiots that brought you Goat Simulator
* Mandatory crafting system - Craft anything in the world, as long as it’s one of the half dozen weapons in the game.
* Zombies, zombies everywhere because this is a zombie game, remember?
* A pretty big map with some stuff on it.
* Fully fledged survival mode where you have to eat every five minutes to survive, just like your grandmother.
* Turn humans into Zombies and loot some crates. Just like your grandmother.
* Also a casual mode for people who don’t like feeding their goat every five minutes
* Tons of new unlockable goats with special powers - shrink people’s heads, hang glide, wreak havoc, spit and be a goat. For real.


Iron League - Real-time Global Teamfight

Iron League - Real-time Global Teamfight APK

com.dexintgames.ironleague - Iron League - Real-time Global Teamfight

Welcome to the Iron League, a real-time arena teamfight game!

* Experience the spectacular global battle with users all around the world!
- Iron League is a real-time MOBA game that supports various modes such as Quick match, Rank match, and Beginner's game. Grasp the thrill of victory with your strategy and tactics!

* MOBA of a lower genre barrier with simple and sharp controls!
- Anyone can play easily with basic attack button and instant skill activation. The League always welcomes the newcomers! Decide the fate of battle with your controls and decisions.

* 10-minute-a-round, quick and short teamfight!
- One round in the League ends in about 10 minutes. Overwhelm your enemies with short and breathtaking brawl!

* Explore 5 unique arenas with 30+ memorable star characters!
- To win on 5 different types of arena with unique strategic objectives, you need to be creative. Display your prowess with heroes of distinct class roles: range-dealer, tanker, supporter, warriors, and assassins!

*Now it’s time to play 3vs3 battle!
Experience unique and quick teamfight with 3vs3 teamplay.

*Provide a Cross-platform service
You can play Iron League on other platforms, such as steam, facebook gameroom, and etc, besides mobile.

Iron League awaits your challenge.

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thumbnail APK

com.dimle.hanz -

Become the biggest cowboy in the world! A lot of different skins are available for you! Take part in a battle, run away from bigger enemies, eat as much food as you can. Don't let yourself be caught up in this endless battle!
Fight in the death canyon and forest: break your enemies everywhere, do not let to eat yourself, survive and be number one!
Be as fast as possible, earn money and experience! Buy new skins to be the most trendy cowboy in the world and also upgrade your skins with cool-looking accessories!

Compete with your friends, achieve the best results, set crazy records!

Feature list:
- dynamic action gameplay
- a lot of awesome skins and accessories to choose from
- multiple maps to fight
- beautiful graphics and energetic country music
- excellent performance on all devices

Download and play for free! Get ready for the battle! Crush enemies and eat all food! Get new skins! Upgrade the look of your cowboy with different accessories!
Take part in exciting battle and start to break into the leaders right now!


Castle Smasher

Castle Smasher APK

com.donutgames.castlesmasher - Castle Smasher

Ready, aim, fire!
Load your catapult and SLING BOULDERS at the enemies' castles on a quest to CONQUER the kingdom.

Castle Smasher for Android is the NEW and UPDATED version of the original web game that started a whole new sub-genre of catapult games back in 2007.

Travel from castle to castle, challenge new tribes and rescue prisoners in this extended version packed with THREE game modes.
Can you master the art of stone slinging?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


- THREE game modes
- 1: "Challenges" - new game mode with 50 LEVELS
- 2: "Arcade" - the classic Castle Smasher game
- 3: "Target Practice" - randomly generated levels for target practicing
- Upgradable boulders
- Castles jam-packed with treasures and bonus items waiting to be plundered
- Free prisoners and recruit to your army
- Rock solid controls
- Donut Games' Collectors Icon #02
- And much more...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Enjoy another Donut Games release!


Ultimate Armed Heist : Bank Robbery Shooting Games

Ultimate Armed Heist : Bank Robbery Shooting Games APK - Ultimate Armed Heist : Bank Robbery Shooting Games

Here you’ve got sequel of our bank robbery missions. Don’t let the police cars crime chase the clown robbers to recover the robbed money of city bank New York. Get the laudable success in armed heist & enjoy ultimate shooting in robbers vs. police battle. Instead of third person shooting game, its utter first person shooting to make the robbery shootout missions more thrilling.

Get the artillery and challenge your reflexes by plunging in the ultimate bank robbery spree. The commissioner received the emergency call of thugs & robbers elimination from the city bank. Jump in & strike to stop the cops and as killer clown bank robbers, rob away the money, diamonds & antiques by loading on armored trucks in first person shooting games. Armed heist on different locations of the city has been your ultimate goal. Unleash the mischievous clown robber from inside to win over the SWAT police squad, enter into the bank, be met with each and every cop & confront them invincibly. Fight as mafia lead, safe the bank cash from vigilant cops of the crime city ny police battle shooting games.

Being the epic robbery hero, beat the American cops, enjoy the armed heist which is action and shooting games and that is in blocky art of ny police chase bank robbery games. Lockdown the area as robbery legends and don’t let the cops & ny police run away and defame the terror of bank robbers mafia in SWAT force robbery games. The clown mafia is getting the nerve by robbing the banks. Don’t let police hero exterminate the fear and face off as the scary clown mafia in the crime city armed heist bank robbery games & tps games. Your mission is to reach on crime scene and cage the bank robbing crime lord clowns from bank ultimate heist in robbery games. Beat the unbeatable ny police cop hero and make them fly off all of them.

Ultimate Armed Heist : Bank Robbery Shooting Games features:

Non-custom high tech weapons including AK 47, stun gun, smith & Wesson and safari land as their duty firearms. Assault rifles, ammo, shotguns & long range snipers also be incorporated in the artillery collection. Change the skins of the guns and make its performance more accurate in clown robbery mission. Get the best out of it kill them all.

Get the robber of your choice & and skin him with clown masks. Grab the funniest and be as deadly as you can, as bad as you can. Showcase your x commando rebel skills to the world. Every clown is different from the others. Live the life of thug gangster and earn the bullet proof jackets wearing clowns to make it difficult for the cops to kill you in action packed immersive gameplay.

Bank ultimate heist polygonal art oriented game is giving you the chance to become the gangster squad mafia clowns in clown robbery bank ultimate heist. Beware of sneaky cops and don’t let them enter into the bank and spoil the clown robbery fun.

Get prepared with full ammo to have ultimate thrill of modern clown robbery missions. Each mission of fps shooting challenge in different than the other. Remember its not low security bank. Fill your armored trucks and make your way out of this bank ultimate heist slay mode. Stay alert and sharp and lay hold of whatever your heist missions say in fps shooting games.

Bank ultimate heist is never beatable fps shooting game. Far apart from tps (third person shooting games) this all is dependent upon the right health and movement of your gun. So get the best out of scary clown bank robbery. Shoot distinctively and have a pleasant firestorm.

Download, shoot and have fun!!


Dark Superhero Fly Simulator

Dark Superhero Fly Simulator APK - Dark Superhero Fly Simulator

Feel like a real superhero in the fight against crime on the streets of the night city!


Do you want to have a great time? Completely open world, cool tasks, excellent graphics will capture all your attention and will not let you get away from this game!

In this game you can
- shoot cannons into numerous enemy units
- perform a bunch of interesting quests
- enjoy the smoothness and beauty of 3D graphics

And all this for free!

Do you want to feel real ecstasy right on your smartphone? Then install this game now!


Blades and Rings

Blades and Rings APK

com.games37.yhjy - Blades and Rings

Blades and Rings is a medieval fantasy 3D MMORPG mobile game. In this game, players travel to the wondrous homelands of the elves, dwarfs, gnomes, orcs, cyclopses and more in order to collect 27 powerful rings and save the world! Featuring many unique game modes and systems, such as the free equipment system, where equipment is obtainable only via killing monsters. The free trade system, in which players can freely trade items without price restrictions. A powerful and diverse social system, including Emperors and civilians, masters and apprentices, guilds and teams. Plus a balanced and exciting world boss system where bosses can be found across the world map and refresh all day long.

[Game Features]

——New Era, offline auto-combat
Unique auto-combat system design that even offers offline auto-combat will help you to upgrade and kill bosses when you are busy, creating a win-win situation for both work and play.

——Advancement, exclusive customization system
Featuring a fully customization system, in which you can advance as you see fit, outside the constraints of a traditional class system. Acquire your very own exclusive titles, spectacular skills and featured looks.

——Cool mounts, customizable looks
Dozens of cool mounts including tyrannosaurus, skyfyre and griffins are at your service. Customizable equipment and looks will make you stand out of the crowd.

——Trade freely, buy or sell equipment
In the market of this game, you can freely sell any unused or extra equipment obtained from killing bosses or completing quests. None of your resources or time shall be wasted.

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Beat The Puppet

Beat The Puppet APK

com.hgamesart.beatpuppet - Beat The Puppet

Beat the Puppet is one of the best ragdoll dummy games on the store. Pick weapon and fight him for funny interactive stress relief. Just pick a weapon and beat him up. With every hit you gain coins. With these coins you can unlock new weapons or customise your puppet as you feel like. There are loads of weapons to beat up your ragdoll. You can hit, explode, shoot, destroy, fire, kick, slap, smash, beat, punch, whack your boss puppet. The most interesting part of the game is that you can customize the face of the puppet buddy dude.

- Real physic simulation
- Beautiful Graphics
- 70+ weapons to pick
- dozens of items to equip to puppet
- stress relief
- dismount the ragdoll
- Just tap the puppet


Grand Vegas Crime City

Grand Vegas Crime City APK

com.hgs.gangstercity.streetgang.openword - Grand Vegas Crime City

In vegas crime war city offenders appeared. Use the huge variety of weapons and ammunitions in vegas crime world of real mafia gangsters. It’s time to meet the grand vegas crime gangster city map with tons of vehicles and a lots of adventurous mission.

Become a part of vegas crime city real robbery missions. Follow the rules grand war crime simulator game and start your crime city vegas criminal journey. Snatch the best vegas crime thief car from innocent civilians.

Be fast because vegas crime city police is on your tail. Keep your one eye on city police and other on to complete the grand mafia crime simulator missions in limited time. Be a fearless grand vegas crime gangster otherwise you’ll be in police’s hand.

Download it now for adventure!

-Huge grand vegas crime city with variety of ammunitions.
-Use the vegas crime city weapons.
-Exciting and simple gameplay control.
-Attractive 3D environment.
-Live your thug life as a grand vegas criminal.
-Stunning graphical effects with realistic physics.
-Addictive and synchronized musical sounds.


Safari Hunting: Free Shooting Game

Safari Hunting: Free Shooting Game APK

com.OppanaGames.Luxury.Safari.Hunting - Safari Hunting: Free Shooting Game

Safari Hunting 3D simulator is an unforgettable adventure for real guys on the African continent, where you will meet face to face the four-footed owners of these places and hunt them.

If you are a hunter - get your gear and go hunting right now in the offroader.
In your garage, a 4x4 off-road is waiting for you.

Grab your hunting rifle, jump into the off-road car 4x4 and get on your way to Safari to hunt various animals: lions, buffalos, rhinoceroses, zebras and many other animals indigenous to Africa.

Game features:
- Best hunting simulator SAFARI.
- A fun, free-to-play game that's a blast to play.
- A new open world Safari.
- Hunting animals.
- Third-person mode.
- Driving off road on off-road car 4x4.
- Beautiful graphics and realistic scenery.
- Realistic animated animals to be hunted.
- Sounds of Africa, enhancing the reality effect.
- Best hunter score table.

Tips for a successful hunt:
1. Be careful, wild animals are dangerous and can attack people.
2. For best shooting results - use the scope.
3. Do not approach your prey too close - you will frighten the animal away.
4. Having shot the prey, do not forget to load it into your trunk. This way your purse will be replenished.
5. The larger the prey, the more money it will bring you.
6. Use the money earned to buy new cars that would allow you to get to inaccessible places full of animals.

Safari Hunting - your best choice!
Have a good hunt and sharp shooting!

Thank your for playing with us, follow the updates, write reviews and leave comments!


Call for War - Winter survival Snipers Battle WW2

Call for War - Winter survival Snipers Battle WW2 APK

com.plattuo.sniper.shooting.counterterrorist - Call for War - Winter survival Snipers Battle WW2

Soldiers, gun and the enemy in the battleground survival winter mountains, complete the glorious mission of world war II battlefield with the old and modern world weapon. Enjoy World War II sniper game mission in "Call of War: Sniper Final Battleground WW2" the epic ( FPS) first-person shooter free action game.

As a US Army super sniper rifle hero, lead the nationwide military warfare and shoot with your advanced super sniper rifles, defend the country from the threat of terrorists and terrorist operations.Follow your mini-map to navigate the enemy, don't get lost in the snow mountains, assassinating terrorists in the woods.

Modern fps shooting game with frontline winter mountain shooting experience in snow. Become a US Army elite shooter in the frontline, world war II where survival of the fittest in battleground win, in this shooting game of 2018 for boy

Military movement & obliteration started on the frontline borders in the world war 2, War on Frontline action fps free game. US army general sent you on the top-secret mission in which high secrecy is required to wreak havoc and destroy the enemies hidden camps on the German soil, this military assignment in held in 1945. WW2 super sniper equipment includes AK47 ammo, MP5 super sniper rifle guns, M4 hand grenades, Dragunov SVD and military area map to locate German enemy base in the mission of world war 2 shooting game for boys.

In FPS Winter shooting, Fog spread in the jungle and trees are covered with snow and enemy and its camps are hidden, Become the world war 2 advanced US army sniper shooter hero by finding the enemy in the enemy hideouts in this frontline fps sniper shooting game!

First person sniper game is the ultimate mountain shooting game, takes you to the extreme wilderness in the forest the last winter, so shoot, hide from enemy soldiers.
"Call of War: Final Battleground WW2" - Features
- Realistic 3D graphics & High-quality Gun shooting sound effects
- Download sniper shooting free game for boys

In Shooting sniper game, find your enemy soldiers in a dense snow mountain forest. So get your sniper rifle and shooting weapons in the top sniper game. Utilize best shooting skills. If you want best first-person sniper shooting game, try the most thrilling mountain call of the sniper shooting game for free. Download "Call of War: Final Battleground WW2" sniper shooting game!