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Have you ever needed directions to the hospital? How about information on patient care and facilities within a chosen hospital?

The Hospital Info app provides all of this and more. It has been designed and developed in collaboration with the team at NSW Kids & Families and the Wollongong Hospital Paediatric Ward.

Hospitals listed in this version:
Mona Vale
Royal North Shore

The app features easy navigation and engaging design features, including a smart search function, meaning one app for all of your hospital information needs. The inclusion of an interactive map removes the need to find the address. It also provides key information about the Children’s Ward and factsheets on childhood illnesses by ‘The Sydney Children's Hospital Network’.

The 6 month testing period was essential in delivering this app. The feedback from both staff and parents of patients has been incorporated, ensuring the app is relevant to the public.

The app’s functionality has been rated highly on multiple parameters in our in-hospital trial run.

Hi App is Built By Penguinwolf Pty Ltd to Service Hospitals in NSW

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