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Express Stop puts convenience in the palm of your hands! Whether or not you are a member of our loyalty program, this is your app for getting deals and more at our stores.

• Deals – Save money with deals at Express Stop stores in Michigan
• Places – Find all of our locations for more savings and rewards.
• Rewards – Track your Express Stop Points rewards wherever you go.
• Feedback – We value your feedback! Give in-app feedback directly to the people who make the decisions

But this app offers more than savings and free stuff. It’ll help you discover your next favorite restaurant or hotel. Or that roadside attraction the kids will always remember. We've made it easy to search, map, and learn—as well as save—all in the same app.

We think you’ll enjoy it so much you’ll want to tell your friends—so we made it easy to share info on deals and rewards through Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Download the Express Stop app today!

Note: Savings and reward content is available at Express Stop Convenience Stores in Michigan.

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