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Important information:
A valid access to the editorial system (DMS) of Outdooractive GmbH & Co. KG is required.

Mobile management of tourism data with the DMS App

Our Outdooractive DMS allows you to easily enter and manage complex outdoor and tourism content. For example, you can currently edit and maintain your tours including their history in the map, texts, images or POIs in our web-based system. Even touristic point data such as destinations, accommodations, offers, events etc. can be easily entered according to standardized categories.

With the DMS App you are now able to edit your content with a mobile device. The recording of the data can be carried out comfortably on site, pictures can be entered directly with the smartphone and the course of tours can be taken over by means of track recording or routing function.

Depending on the order, the scope of functions included (currently available modules):

For the German-speaking countries, the detailed outdoor active maps are available in summer and winter style, including all available thematic route networks. Attractive OSM maps are available worldwide.

Own tours, favorites management of own content, tour planner, tour recording

Administration of your own DMS profile

Your contact to Outdooractive GmbH & Co. KG:

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