New Oriental Stir Fry

New Oriental Stir Fry APK

Download New Oriental Stir Fry APK

Congratulations - you found our takeaway App!
Once downloaded it will enable you to order food from our extensive menu.

You will receive emails throughout the order process - 1) when your order has been successfully submitted, 2) when your order has been acknowledged by our team, and 3) when your order is ready for collection or is on it’s way to be delivered.

Useful features include:

– Extensive menu
– Optional extras
– Repeat order functionality
– Delivery distance auto-check
– Pay by card
– Select to pay by cash on delivery / collection
– Loyalty Rewards Scheme

Other helpful information includes GPS directions, opening times and contact details.

We hope you enjoy using our App, please let us know what you think by leaving a review below or popping in to have a chat!

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