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Dear Vizagites, this is the best app for you if you want to know what is going on in and around Vizag! Be it parties, the latest gadget releases or discounts at your favourite stores, we will keep you updated about them all and ensure that you won't miss out on any single event in our beach city. Just download the app and have all the latest info about Vizag right at your fingertips! So here is how this app works. Once you download this app, you will receive notifications about every event in the city and you have the choice whether to check them or not. No irritating messages at odd hours of the day or intrusive phone calls. We promise!

Shopping is easier now more than ever we're not just talking about bring able to shop from the comfort of home.You can now check for the latest prices in multiple catalogues, availability of products, comparison of prices, special promotions, discounts, review and lowest prices on your smartphone.

Wait no More .....

Here in Ok Vizag! you get to know the best deals around you. The Hot & Happening Deals of all time.

Ok Vizag lets you join forces with other savvy shoppers to find the best prices for anything.

The Source Code of the app is now live at Evanto Market - Codecanyon. Those who are interested can go through the link down below...

tag: com.okvizag.ctrlplusu | Q3RybFBsdXNV | Y29tLm9rdml6YWcuY3RybHBsdXN1 | QXBwcw | U2hvcHBpbmc
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