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Use this app to easily manage your Reception HQ Receptionist Answering Service, including receptionist greeting settings, call divert settings, and messaging settings. If you don't already have an account, the app lets you create a Free Trial account - choose a Toll Free phone number and one of our friendly receptionists will answer your calls and either transfer the caller to you wherever you are, or take a message which is sent by email and/or SMS, according to your selected preferences.

Our premium answering service will ensure all your calls are answered professionally and promptly! Calls can be transferred to you wherever you are or the receptionist will take a message if you are unavailable.

Message Express
This is Reception HQ's budget priced message service. We take a message from your callers and send this to you via email and SMS. We operate 24/7 so you never miss a call!

Message Centre
This is a complete unified messaging solution providing Voicemail to Email and Fax to Email. Choose from local numbers nationwide and have your voicemails and faxes sent straight to your Inbox.

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