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Chemical engineering is a branch of engineering that applies physical sciences (physics and Chemical), life sciences (microbiology and bioChemical), together with applied mathematics and economics to produce, transform, transport, and properly use chemicals, materials and energy. A chemical engineer designs large-scale processes that convert chemicals, raw materials, living cells, microorganisms and energy into useful forms and products.

The subjects covered in the book include:

Chemical Engineering Basics
Mass Transfer
Fuels and Combustion
Nuclear Power Engineering
Polymer Technology
Mechanical Operations
Process Control and Instrumentation
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Chemical Engineering Plant Economics
Environmental Engineering
Heat Transfer
Fertilizer Technology
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Process Equipment and Plant Design
Refractory Technology
Fluid Mechanics
Petroleum Refinery Engineering
Chemical Process
Materials and Construction
Furnace Technology

Chemical engineering involves managing plant processes and conditions to ensure optimal plant operation. Chemical reaction engineers construct models for reactor analysis and design using laboratory data and physical parameters, such as chemical thermodynamics, to solve problems and predict reactor performance.

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Chemical engineering design concerns the creation of plans, specification, and economic analyses for pilot plants, new plants or plant modifications. Design engineers often work in a consulting role, designing plants to meet clients' needs. Design is limited by a number of factors, including funding, government regulations and safety standards. These constraints dictate a plant's choice of process, materials and equipment

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Plant construction is coordinated by project engineers and project managers depending on the size of the investment. A chemical engineer may do the job of project engineer full-time or part of the time, which requires additional training and job skills, or act as a consultant to the project group.

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