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Mehndi Designs 2019 - Offline APK

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This application contains the latest Mehndi Designs of 2019. Mehndi Designs holds a lot of cultural significance in subcontinent traditions. Be it weddings, Eids, karva chauth or other celebrations mehndi is considered as important part. This app contains the new styles and designs of Mehndi Designs which you do not find anywhere. You can select any design of your own choice zoom in for clear view and share this app with your friends.

:::: Features of the application ::::

- More than 200 pictures of Mehndi Designs including hand, foot, bridal, arabic and body designs.
- Updated monthly with new Mehndi Designs images.
- Share design ideas and images you like using Whatsapp, Email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
- Zoom in, zoom out for all images.
- Quickly scroll through images.
- You can share all images to others.
- Application is optimized for mobile and tablet screen.
- Download design to mobile gallery to share and save to other devices.
- Easily scroll between images by sweeping left or right.


Disclaimer: All the trademarks and copyrights are reserved to the respective owners. Contents are compiled from various internet sources.
If you have the feeling there is a copyright or trademark violation direct that does not follow Within the "fair use" guidelines , please kindly contact us via the email below.

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