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Treat yourself to a meal from Medina Delights LTD - Order online using our branded app. Medina Delights LTD is a takeaway located on 2 Walford Road, Sparkhill and offering a wide range of dishes such as Pasta , Panini or Wraps. Take a look at their menu and choose a favourite. Give these guys a try and see what you think.

The app will:

- Cashback on every order
- Book a table with seats and baby seats count
- Order history and re-order from history
- Order status notification: Accepted, In Kitchen, Ready for Delivery and Delivered
- Show full menu with prices and photos (if added by the restaurant)
- Offer discount vouchers (if added by the restaurant)
- Show restaurant branches on Map and your location too
- Check if delivery can be made to your address
- Show reviews posted by other customers based on their order experience
- Show opening and delivery hours
- Show contact details
- Show order history and order status

tag: com.apps.medinadelightsb11uk | U3VwZXJtZWFsIFVL | Y29tLmFwcHMubWVkaW5hZGVsaWdodHNiMTF1aw | QXBwcw | Rm9vZCAmIERyaW5r
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