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Character design is not that simple as it looks in cartoons, movies, and animations. It takes long hours of designers to create a character for a particular story.

Anime is a unique genre of drawing in pencil. Characters drawn in anime style have a distinct shape of eyes and face. For anime art, it will suffice to draw a rough shape of the face and eyes. Anime characters wear bright simple clothing, which also helps ease the drawing process. Make sure you add a lot of contrast to your drawing, virtually without pastels. In this beginner's lesson.

Drawing initial contours of anime boy's figure. When drawing something step by step, it is important to estimate the contours of your future drawing in the early stage.
There are drawing anime step-by-step using 2 pencils:

Step 1: Drawing initial contours of anime boy's figure. When drawing something step by step, it is important to estimate the contours of your future drawing in the early stage. Therefore, we must begin by drawing the basic contours of our anime character, which might be easier to do using rectangular shapes that represent different parts of his body. The first rectangle is for the head and another one right below is for the neck, from which you need to extend two arched lines for the shoulders followed by two more lines for the arms. The circle in the middle is the elbow. Another rectangle in the end of the arm is the hand. Remember to apply light strokes of the pencil at this stage. Then work on the tentative outline of your character's clothing.

Step 2: Drawing the facial contour anime-style. Anime character's face is shaped like a rectangle connected to a triangle, which is exactly how you can draw it except smooth out the connection between these two geometrical shapes. This technique will give your character the distinct shape of the face with a narrow pointy chin. You can also add some detail to clothing at this step.

Step 3: Adding more details to your anime drawing. Now erase all the extra lines and work on finalizing the contours. Begin with the face. For the hat, draw an arched line above the face connected to a round base on top of the head. Next, draw the ears and the triangles next to them for hair. Draw firm contours of the arms. Then you need to draw the collar and work on outlining the legs. Our character will be holding his friend in his right hand. Draw a circle for this creature's head and a rectangle for his body. After checking for correct proportions, it is safe to say the hardest part is over.

Step 4 : Final steps in drawing an anime boy. At this stage, we'll work on emphasizing the details of our anime character, mainly the face and the eyes. Thus start with the face, making the eyes wide with big black pupils. Add a tiny nose and an upside down triangle for a mouth. This particular technique of drawing a face applies only to anime. Moving on to clothing, add buttons, pockets, and belt. Don't forget to add a t-shirt. Draw gloved hands out of the rectangles in the ends of arm lines. Work on the hair by drawing individual strands within the rectangles behind the ears.

Step 5: Color in your drawing with colored pencils. Here work on giving your drawing a high degree of contrast and color. Bright clashing colors are one of the distinct features of drawings in anime style. If you decide to stick to 2 pencils, you must add light and dark contrasting shades throughout your drawing.

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