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Photo art frame a picture puzzle app on Art frames very beautiful and romantic, with more than 40 frames to be carefully selected users are satisfied with the small size easy use tremolo.
With Photo frame, you can combine the new frame image of your favorite, to decorate the outside of the image for a richer and more romantic, in addition to applications always edit the photo frame love, photo frame flower, wedding photo frame, you can stitch the photos in your mobile phone.
Photo frame is adorned and editing photos will help you with the photos together to manage more easily.
- Over 100 frames loving and brilliant colors.
- Combined with your images and photo frames.
- Cut image more in line with the frame size.
- Move photos each position and zoom in, zoom out, rotate your images to fit the frame.
- Automatically save the image to sdcard / Framesphotoart / and displays them in the collection
- Supports most devices
- Share photo collage with your friends

tag: com.anhttvn.framesphotoart | SHVuZ0FuaA | Y29tLmFuaHR0dm4uZnJhbWVzcGhvdG9hcnQ | QXBwcw | UGhvdG9ncmFwaHk
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