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Need to register a domain on the go? Looking for an easy way to manage your domain with just a single tap of a touch screen? Download the 10Dollar Mobile app and find out just how easy we make it!

Now you can get all of the power and ease of the 10Dollar.ca website in a single app:

• Search for the perfect name on our registration page and complete your registration in just a few steps!
• Register .ca, .com, .net, .info, .biz and .org domains, all in one place!
• Manage all of the domain extras included free with our domains, including Whois privacy and advanced DNS Management.
• Perform updates with just a few taps, including domain contact and nameserver updates.
• Access the FREE 3 PAGE SITE included with every domain name!
• Order hosting with our secure gateway! Whether you need a user-friendly site builder, a robust Cloud platform or stand-alone email, we’ve got your needs covered!

The 10Dollar.ca Mobile app gives you everything you need for quick and easy management of all of your domain names! Download our FREE app and get registered today!

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