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Join the Sanalika'da and immediately start playing free!

Are you ready to discover a whole new world by playing fun games with new friends?
Thousands kinds of clothing, hand objects and furniture await your creativity
With combination of clothes you can create a new fashion, show yourself!
Everyone's dream! With the right start, your café may become the most popular and everybody's favorite venue.

★ Auto profanity and inappropriate speech filter
★ Complaint System
★ Block User
★ Game moderation with online support team
★ Email and cell phone confirmation system
★ VIP Cards
★ Crafts

Downloading and playing Sanalika Friends is free😱, yet some items or features in the game can also be purchased with real money.
If you do not want to make any kind of payment with real money, please make sure to disable in-app purchases from the settings of your mobile device.

Sanalika Friends developed by Oyun Stüdyosu Inc. are published free of charge on the app stores.

Please contact our support department for questions and comments from the address

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