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The MC eBook allows learning and research to take place anytime, anywhere!
Looking for something to expose your child to a world of new possibilities and learning excitement? Or interesting ideas to aid you in explaining schoolwork to your children? The MC eBook is the solution!

-Interactive digital elements such as games and activities
-Engaging videos and simulations to enrich learning
-Tools for self-assessment
-Bookmark important pages for easy reference
-Customisable by adding your own resources
-Draw and scribble on the page with virtual colour pencils and more!

With these features, students will be able to learn independently. They will be able to identify their own learning needs, utilise the appropriate learning resources and strategies as well as evaluate their own learning progress.

Developed based on the latest syllabus from the Ministry of Education, Singapore, the MC eBook is available for:
-My Pals are Here! Maths (3rd Edition)
-Shaping Maths (3rd Edition)
-My Pals are Here! Science (3rd Edition)
-Maths 360
-Additional Maths 360
-Lower Secondary Science Matters (2nd Edition)
-Physics Matters (4th Edition)/ Chemistry Matters (2nd Edition)/ Biology Matters (2nd Edition)
-Discover Physics (4th Edition)/ Discover Chemistry (2nd Edition) / Discover Biology – GCE ‘O’ Level
-Discover Physics (4th Edition)/ Discover Chemistry/ Discover Biology – Normal (Academic)

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