Best Escape Game 549 Toad Rescue Game

Best Escape Game 549 Toad Rescue Game APK

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Toad was laid in a palace while searching for food. While the toad is in search of food, some people have blocked the toad. The toad was placed in a cage inside a house there. That's your duty to save the toad there. Find those clues hidden there to save that toad from there. Those clues are a little harder to find, but it is anxious to find somehow. The sparks in this game are a little hard to find, but somehow it may be interesting to find out. The scores are in numbers or colors. Identify one of those clues and find all the spots in there. Find all the clues that toad swim from there and congratulate you to win the game. This game will get peace of mind. It is a great game for peace of mind. Good luck and have a fun !

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