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Have you ever wanted to build a sky high tower? You can do it in this game.
The main goal that we had is to make a dynamic idle/clicker.

--You can build the tower by clicking on the screen. Building by yourself remains relevant during the whole game.
--You can hire workers to build the tower instead of you. The workers could be upgraded.
--After building of every floor you will get some money. And sometimes even crystals and treasure maps.
--There is a system of micro tasks in the game. Due to it, you will always have an aim.
--Built floors could be leased out that will increase your income. Many idle games limit themselves by doing only this part of the game but we've advanced much further
--There are lots of upgrades in the game. You may upgrade workers, improve the tower and there are also many upgrades that speed up the tower construction
--There is a system of prestige. The tower could be destroyed and built from the start again. As a reward you will get special crystals that could be invested in the improvements. What's more the crystals by themselves help you to increase the income from every tower floor.
--You can search treasures. By the treasure hunting you will get money, crystals, but above all - artifact details
--You can make artifacts out of details and upgrade them. Artifacts give a big bonus. In addition to that, if you upgrade artifact to 5 or 10 level, they will give you one more special powerful bonus.

Enjoy our idle game!

tag: air.air.TowertoSpace | SGlnaFRyZWVHYW1lcw | YWlyLmFpci5Ub3dlcnRvU3BhY2U | R2FtZXM | Q2FzdWFs
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