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Here are the beauty, skincare, make up, cosmetic products are complex. Many people in Pakistan don’t have any knowledge about the right thing or choice. Also look confused about products and routines, dos and don’ts. We also can’t ignore inflation of fake beauty and cosmetic products and brands.


I’m Memoona Muslima, shortly introducing myself that I’m a naturopath student, had kept deep eye on my profession discovering new and modern health and beauty tips I started my YouTube channel name Memoona Muslima since 2017 and got a big attention of people when I started to review cosmetic and beauty products. My reviews gone controversial, when I highlighted the fake products. I love to explain pros and cons.


I tried to cover health and skincare problems with home remedies. I uploaded tons of remedies for health and beauty, number of people received benefits and they became my fans. I built a huge community of my followers which is surpassing 700k subscribes on YouTube. You can fine me on YouTube by typing “Memoona Muslima”. There are many beauty product reviews, make up tutorials, beauty tips and amazing home remedies for skin


People are crazy for skin lightening or skin whitening they can use anything harmful to get whitening. They do question themselves before mirror every morning, why I’m not pretty and beautiful? They go to cosmetic shops, stores and big malls to purchase skin whitening creams, lotions and many things. This is very critical situation because they spend a lot of their money on these things whereas they know nothing about the ingredients, suitable or not, what is their skin type etc…


So, my aim is to educate them about skin whitening & make up products which are suitable for them. If we talk about skin lightening, I prefer them for using homemade remedies, face masks for these purposes.


So, ease of the viewers I launched this app to keep better contact with them. In this app they can watch my latest YouTube video with notification and also read its content in Urdu language, can direct contact to me along with comment under the post. I replied every comment within 24 hours. Moreover, my website is also live where they contact with me to ask anything.


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