061 CatSalut Respon

061 CatSalut Respon APK

cat.gencat.mobi.sem - 061 CatSalut Respon

APP 061CatSalut Respon is a mobile application owned by the Sistema d’Emergències Mèdiques (Catalan Health Service), public and free, addressed to citizens and health professionals.
Allows the user, if recording their data (name, surname, ID, health card number, age, gender and address), sending them together at the same time of the call. It offers a service of maximum efficiency and quality since the 061CatSalut Respon knows, at the moment, where is who calls and can access to the patient clinical history, which contains his health information.
The app allows you to watch first aid videos and health tips, locate the nearest health centers, defibrillators and pharmacies, as well as receive health-related notifications.
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