Super Abs in 30 Days

Super Abs in 30 Days APK - Super Abs in 30 Days

Super Abs in 30 Days is a unique highly effective abs routine for abdominal muscles. It is 6 Pack Abs Workout or even 8 Pack Abs Workout for 1 month.
You need to do only 4 exercises each day and the number of reps for each exercise will be increased daily. Workout every day and in 30 days your abs will get perfectly toned!

* Quick and effective abs workout routine
* Only 4 exercises with steady load increase
* Pictures and video for each exercise
* Workout schedule for 30 days
* Workout diary
* Workout calendar
* Nutrition advice
* Nutrition program for 3 days
* FAQs

This workout for abs is equally good for home and gym. The routine was designed for those who want to build abs quickly and see a sixpack in 30 days. It is recommended for both men and women. Use this app as your personal trainer and the best 6 pack builder. Detailed and clear workout schedule is included.

Proper healthy nutrition during the workout period is crucial so we’ve also provided nutrition advice and a reference nutrition program.

NOTE: This workout routine is not recommended for children under 13.
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