Chhota Bheem-Shoot the Leyaks

Chhota Bheem-Shoot the Leyaks APK

com.greengold.ShootLayeks - Chhota Bheem-Shoot the Leyaks

** This Game is Free and can be played both on phone or tablet **

This game is based on the Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali movie.

In the Bali movie, even monsters called Leyaks try to take over the island of Bali and Chhota Bheem tries to rescue the island by destroying the leyaks.

Help Chhota Bheem by playing this game and destroying the Leyaks.

This game has two themes (day and night) and each of these themes has 10 exciting and challenging levels.

So enjoy these 20 levels of non-stop fun and action.
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